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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

You really should have a nose on your shower wall. Not your own, but a nose dispenser full of shower gel. Press, goo, done. No cold, no dirt. Perfect.

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser - Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
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24 reviews

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What is this?

The soap nose

written by Hartmut Herr, 20/05/13

I find the soap nose cool and funny, is something different. The nose could be only slightly larger. One should look at the picture carefully and then decide whether the product corresponds to what yo... Read more

dripping noses

written by richie2001, 08/07/13

Unfortunately, this nose, which is optically designed quite well, in terms of function, an absolute flop: it hangs on the wall, the poured liquid soap runs gradually get out and then collects anywhere... Read more

Idea ok - BUT

written by su36862, 05/08/13

The idea that was pretty funny - BUT: Unfortunately not see the "nose" like a nose, but more like a penis.

Soap nose

written by produkttestare , 04/05/14

Press and press, but no soap comes out but it leaks and smears it's just junk. Do not buy this wasted money, I threw it in the garbage


written by Andreas, 05/05/14

I think that soap nose is fine. It is just the right size and fit well on the wall. Poured in green AXE shower gel and it was great fun to see the green "snot" drain out of your nose when yo... Read more

Soap nose

written by Tvålis, 02/06/14

Gave soap nose to a friend on her birthday. A very funny gift! Bought a green soap and she seems happy with it. It seems to work well!


written by K. Berger, 06/06/14

The system would have to be something ausgerifter that soap nose does not keep unfortunately the filled state virtually on the wall and she suffers from constant colds that you have it to use always t... Read more

Just the funniest gadget

written by Mille, 14/07/14

Soap spout has good size and with green soap, it is a sure hit on every bathroom. You can be sure that your gæser will get a good laugh when they should wash their hands: D

cool gift idea

written by Monika, 11/12/14

A very cool, but somehow disgusting funny Geschenkidee.Das gift was very well received. Does not everyone. Power very well in the shower.

soap nose

written by nh, 29/12/14

Is a funny idea and always have a gift worth. The recipient was initially a bit confused - but then very happy.


written by Bine , 30/12/14

The soap nose OF Hammer! Soooo funny. It was a Christmas gift for my cousin. The face I will never forget. Herrlich.

Funny thing to do soap Tips

written by Nillan, 30/12/14

Bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday and he said it was really fun! It sat like a glove on our new and well-scrubbed tiles. Unfortunately we had to take it down because the ax soap began to le... Read more

Soap nose

written by Lotta, 19/07/15

This product does not work! Nothing happens berries pressing the nose instead drops the constant self-paced and can not be used! The bad! Disappointed daughter.

fun næsedispencer

written by Nette, 30/10/15

Very fun and different soap dispenser to have hanging .. Unfortunately it does not hold close, the nose runs constantly, so you have to have a bowl standing under ..


written by josefine front, 14/12/15

I think all the stuff I bought from you is great and fun. have not used any of it so do not know the quality, but it looks like the pictures - great. although the delivery time is very short. which is... Read more

Funny but small

written by Hugo, 01/01/16

Soap nose is a fun product I bought for my dad for Christmas. Just a moment from when he opened the package and saw the contents, made the purchase worthwhile. The nose we recognize from TV4 series &q... Read more

High service

written by Harald, 05/03/16

Ordered goods to a different address than my own. It was fast delivery within the agreed time and good service.

Fun Stuff with smudge

written by Oskar, 27/04/17

Funny thing to have in the bathroom. It leaks a little soap from it, but then it hangs over the sink, it is not a major problem ... Right now anyways.

Bad stuff

written by Gngr, 07/03/18

Bad quality, does not look good. Also, nothing works very much. Can not say I recommend this. But good idea if nothing else.


written by Malin , 16/04/18

Shit fun stuff, some guests get full of laughs, someone gets fussy! The kids think it's great fun and want to shower more ...

Funny but difficult

written by Calle, 24/04/18

Have tried to use this in 3v now. Provided with 3 different shower creams but can not make it work. But the gravity is done and every morning there is a small puddle on the floor in the shower. Unfort... Read more


written by Movietajm, 14/05/18

Have seen this several times and been craving to buy it for the kids and now I finally did it. First of all, the 3 suction plugs are worthless because the actual soap nose loosens from the suction cup... Read more

The kid was thrilled to wash

written by Outi, 08/07/18

As a soap, we helped the child's antiperspirant and now we are happy to go to the shower. :) The nose stays well on the wall and is easy to fill. I recommend colored and flowing liquid soaps so mu... Read more

Rattling flies.

written by Partapappa, 21/07/18

This will be great when putting a green liquid soap in the tank. So many laughs have come about whenever someone is trying soap for the first time !!

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