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Nutella 3 kg Bucket

In an ordinary jar of Nutella, you can barely put your hand into it when you want to scrape out the last portion. In this three-kilo jar, you can fit both hands. And half your forearm.

Nutella 3 kg Bucket - Nutella 3 kg Bucket
Nutella 3 kg Bucket
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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33 reviews

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What is this?

Clock Fair.

written by Roooger, 06/02/15

Tastes just like it should and is definitely worth the money. Hope to 5kilos bucket coming soon!

Very Good 10+

written by Pierre, 09/02/15

Very good delivery yes'll probably shop more times with you: D And to recommend you for all the well known MvH // // Pierre


written by Nermin, 12/02/15

Good and easy to shop .. No hassle .. Goes to track packages and I got what I ordered. Awesome !! :)


written by Ivana, 19/03/15

Very good service! Providers who care about problems that arise and fix it. I got home a nutella bucket that ruptured whilst on our way home to me. I heard of me and got a new nutella bucket. Thanks!

Superb reaction !!!

written by Helpan, 06/04/15

The children each received a Nutellahink instead of Easter eggs! What hit !!!!!!! Recommended if you really want to give something that no one else will do! That said, the big things are just plain fu... Read more

Cool gift!

written by Camilla, 06/04/15

I bought this as a 25th birthday present. It was highly appreciated because he who received the love Nutella. He had never been able to figure out that it was a bucket full of supergod Nutella :) Clea... Read more

Very happy

written by Maggan, 13/04/15

Super satisfied with the fast delivery and super large nutellahink !!! 3 kg love in a bucket: D Thanks Coolstuff for

How fun!!

written by Malin , 12/06/15

Bought this for my bucket nutellagalna friend as a gift: D she was mildly surprised;) a very different and fun gift to give away :)


written by Jeerod, 13/07/15

Would have preferred a 5kg pack, but because it has been discontinued got it good enough to 3kg. Brother can not then complain that there are not any good home for a while now :-)

Really Cool Stuff!

written by Eby1987, 27/07/15

I was satisfied with the products and the Verdandt! Impeccable packed and arrived harmless! Let's see how the recipient will react ... :)

so cool

written by Kirsten, 26/08/15

my sister loves her birthday gift and there is enough nutella for a year maybe two years, it was broken when we received it, but they were sweet to send a new

Nutella 3 kg

written by Annette, 25/09/15

Ordered this to my husband, as he loves Nutella. He got a good laugh and it was opened the same night, really appreciate

great gift

written by Schännie, 19/10/15

Very great gift. It was very well received. Even with the supply everything went very well. I am very pleased and would not hesitate to order again.


written by cecilia, 21/10/15

got home a bucket that was completely broken, chocolate in the whole carton. Emailed customer service and they sent a new one that came two days senare.Den this was a little rip in the cover so it ooz... Read more

nutella bucket

written by Berg, 15/12/15

I was disappointed that it was a plastic bucket, probably my fault, but had expected it was glass


written by Linus, 28/12/15

I bought a 3-kilo Nutella bucket to my partner who loves stuff like that, she is e very satisfied, tastes just as it should and the delivery went smoothly and quickly, thrilled !!


written by Emma, 28/12/15

My son who is Nutellaälskare this was a given gift. Can hold only until May, so no hurry to eat it in a flash.

nutella bucket

written by Putte, 05/01/16

Since it was a gift, I can only tell the recipient's response. She was sincerely very happy when she just can not get enough nutella :-D Living up to the expectation.


written by Mats Wiberg, 14/02/16

Hello and thank you for a very good product, however, is a little disappointed at the price of SEK 398, including shipping. The same day I made my order came his wife home with a 350 g jar Nutella and... Read more

3 kg nutella ..

written by Andreas, 17/02/16

3 kg nutella, an average of 9 cents per gram, where the small cost at least 11 cents per gram .. and I reckon incl. shipping .. Plus, there must not get so often! Ask a clear, let people start eating,... Read more


written by Cia, 22/02/16

Super fast live good contact Good price but still not billagast I found 3 kg for 170kr, but otherwise this was quickly and friendly got nice surprise gifts in BGN thousand thanks :)

JUBII - Confirmation gift

written by Marianne Hansen, 27/04/16

HUGE SUCCESS, mega happy confirmand who got a huge desire fulfilled. And he does not think he needs to share when he is mega thin and could withstand it, he says.

World laughter

written by Jennifer, 13/05/16

My best friend turned 30 years and he loves Nutella. He trains like a madman and is very fit, but Nutella he refuses to remove from their diet :) When he saw this, he laughed loudly and said: "Th... Read more

World laughter

written by Jennifer, 13/05/16

My best friend turned 30 years and he loves Nutella. He trains like a madman and is very fit, but Nutella he refuses to remove from their diet :) When he saw this, he laughed loudly and said: "Th... Read more

Total hyped

written by Nadine, 16/08/16

Have the bucket as a birthday gift for a colleague ordered because it's raving about Nutella :-) She was thrilled !! Can I really recommend!

Nutella sky

written by Kb , 19/08/16

Easy to use ordering process. User-friendly. Ware top. Customer super knowledgeable and very friendly. The Nutella glass is the hammer.


written by Rolf , 16/09/16

Donated to a Nutella lover who loved it! But now you have to sell 5 kg version if I should be able to surpass the gift for Christmas!


written by A.E., 18/07/17

I assume that the huge Nutellaeimer arrives well. Will be given away, so I can not give a rating yet. It is definitely fun, if you want to surprise a tasty mouth.

Terribly appreciated !!!

written by Mattias, 13/11/17

Terribly appreciated by the colleagues at every breakfast. It's probably empty before the end of the year! Highly recommended !!!

3kg nutella

written by Jakob, 11/02/18

I was looking forward to the arrival of 3kg nutella when I had just scrapped the last of a glass weekend before. So the joy was great as I could pick up the package from my local packer. But the packa... Read more

Huge Nutella bucket

written by Jakob, 21/02/18

Seems the taste is a little different than it usually wont. The nutella is also a little more fluid. But we have NUTELLA

Perfect gift

written by Matilda , 22/02/18

Bought it as a gift and he became more than satisfied when he realized there was no color hanger. Fast delivery despite strul and a detour.

Great for the money

written by Rickard, 17/03/18

Oh how good with Nutella

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