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Pac Man Ghost Lamp

So many of us have fought against the Pac-Man ghosts over the years, but there is no denying that they are very cute! Here they are again - this time as lamps! The remote control is included so you can change between sixteen different colours!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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written by Pyret, 31/10/13

A fun light into bite size. Much appreciated by 13-year-old son who can sit in bed and change colors by remote control. Fun effects and nice colors. The package took only one day to get home so I'... Read more

Pac-man spöklampa adorn its place

written by Hillevi, 01/11/13

My lamp stands in the window out to the field. I alternate between letting it show a solid light or slowly cycle through the color scale all the possibilities. The green light or warm orange are my fa... Read more


written by Hundvalpen, 28/11/13

Absolutely wonderful. Cosy light, nice shape. If you like retro games then this is perfect. Nice night light for kids oxå. Worth every penny.

son happy

written by cybra, 07/12/13

The son now think life is complete with its cool new lamp which he happily demons present to their classmates. Flashing, change color, is solid, fades, whatever you want it to do. The only thing I can... Read more

My daughter was ecstatic

written by Joen Seider, 23/12/13

Best gift so far. Simply too brilliant. Even some growing was envious. Merry Christmas

Coolest nightlight ever

written by Daniel Egholm, 11 år, 25/12/13

Enormously easy to put on. Everything works perfectly. The remote control is tough and with all the right effects. The colors are beautiful! Super Good to both colors, color change and the brightness ... Read more

Just WONDERFUL Magic Lamp! :)

written by Kiki, 30/12/13

The real brilliance shopping .. all the kids, adults will love this kummituslamppuun !! :) The colors just great, and other functions .. also a plus size! I recommend to all !! ;)

Great Christmas gift!

written by Lisa, 02/01/14

Bought the light to almost 9-year-old son who think it's really cool. Very successful purchase. Nice colors of light. Fast delivery!

Wonderful light! Love it!

written by Jossan, 03/01/14

Really nice, fun light with many colors! The box is perfect and clear! Definitely worth the price and the delivery went on any day! Easy to pay!

Nostalgia and comfort

written by Vibeke, 11/02/14

Just like in the photos - works perfectly. Nostalgic for the adults and super fun for the kids.


written by Martin S. L. , 20/03/14

It may be exactly what is written about it. I was very skeptical when I bought it. But when I got put it, I was pleasantly surprised. Now I see the Tetris game is just as bold :-)


written by Natasja Møller, 04/04/14

Mega bold lamp, bought my awesome pacman lamp when there was 50% of the "week deal" and was quite enraptured when I had to get it to the post office .. However rather wearisome in no pans to... Read more

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

written by Mark Borre, 10/04/14

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is a fine and good product which has a fine size for the room or the corpses room. It lights up in some nice colors colors and light can be dimmed so it's more behaligt to look ... Read more


written by ulf, 11/04/14

bought it to 2-year-old son to be used as a "wake-up-light" and signal that it was ok to go up and lie in Mom and Dad's bed. good with color selection and brightness. very uniform color ... Read more

Fun and good light

written by Kristoffer, 14/04/14

We bought it for the kid and the simple remote control makes it easy for even the smallest to select the color of the sweet ghost. Ok quality and gives the great light, and soft transition between col... Read more


written by Sinje, 14/04/14

This lamp is now on the dessert my husband and we are both delighted. She has a great size, nice to look at and a must for every Pac-Man fan. The beiligende remote control is great and has some nice f... Read more

Nice ghost lamp

written by Lena, 14/04/14

A VERY happy two year old got ghost light in his room today. With its own remote control to switch between colors were spot on !! Light glows nicely in many different colors, but is probably best suit... Read more

Lovely light!

written by Pernille, 16/04/14

I was super happy with my Pacman lamp. I especially like that you can choose what color it should have, and then gives it such a cozy glow! Fade mode is also really nice if I just can decide on a colo... Read more


written by iller, 16/04/14

Stylish lamp with controls for all functions. The lamp was sick a lot bigger than I thought, this is not a minus :)

Stylish LED lamp

written by AJ, 18/08/14

Works great as accent lighting in the living room, under the stairs, bedroom or where you want.

Nursery Lamp

written by Ulla, 16/10/14

Hello. I bought a few week ago two Pac Man spöklampor. My grandchildren will get them in a week. I took up one and tested during the day OCN night (slept badly). The next day I would pack it in the bo... Read more

Super gift idea

written by Lina, 31/10/14

An ideal gift for friends who still love the retro games. Although it is only plastic in the form of a spirit, but the color and lighting selection is great and also bright enough. :)

Cutest lamp

written by Karolina, 12/11/14

Bought lamp in the gift and it became really popular! Really nice soft light and makes you happy to see the light when you come home.

Super Cool light to the son who just discovered retro games

written by Anita B, 16/12/14

Bought it to his son who was very pleased. Decorates her room next to his bed, and there is nothing negative at all to complain about. Really cool lamp that has lots of potential in both color and how... Read more

I like it :-)

written by Jonic, 26/12/14

Bought two're at when I first started :-) Great lights with remote control that can set so light can flash, strobe, fade, and or have a smoothening effect .. light shows very strongly. Worth havin... Read more

Really sweet

written by Jule, 27/12/14

Was intended as a Christmas present and is really very well received. The quality is also good so far and as soon as it lights up, it looks more beautiful!

Really nice!

written by Jessica persika , 05/01/15

A real hit! Kids thought it was super nice and love to change color! The light is soft too so do not disturb others when sitting msn and change color

Bold and fun

written by MagnuM, 05/01/15

Gave the gift, super cool lamp with many lights. It is more fun if the person knows Pacman.


written by Castor, 05/01/15

It was a Christmas gift for a 15 year old girl. Got a text message from her that read: Thank you for the coolest gift ever! It was so funny and I like it very much.

So good!

written by Flickapa, 05/01/15

Her brother was asglad! He has it on all day :) I will buy me one I

Cool Soft, indoor lighting

written by M Nilsson, 06/01/15

One or two these kinds of lights in a room heating pleasure greatly! Perfect, especially during the darker seasons. Glad you can vary the color of them, even if you may not use the flashing lights eve... Read more

For strong as night light for kids

written by Ladeby, 06/01/15

Very nice lamp with many useful features and colors. However, strong as night light for children. When it is not possible to regulate the intensity got Pac-Man a knitted hat wearing. Operates on 230v.... Read more


written by Solange, 08/01/15

Great fun lamp that became a success, was a Christmas present for my 9 year old girl! Works great as a night light too !!

So cozy and fun

written by Helle, 12/01/15

Perfect gift for pre-teen or teenager, it likes warmth and color to the room. Super smart with remote control so the color can change whether you are nearby.

Funny children's lamp!

written by Martin, 29/01/15

Perfect sovlampa to the children! Kids love hues! Missing cord in the first shipment, but it was very good service and we got a new one sent home without any problems!


written by Mina, 09/03/15

The lamp is really good and worth every penny. The colors are beautiful and it is easy to handle. I'm very excited about it.

Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

written by Merete Jensen, 09/04/15

The lamp is very charming, fine design, fine quality. The entire light is white but can also be set to switch to more colors.

Only then skeptical, convinced

written by MrDisney, 17/04/15

Have the "Pac-Man Ghost Lamp" first discovered in Venlo (for € 39.99) as a retro gaming fan, I was thrilled, however, I must say that the lamp was a lot heavier than this version! What in th... Read more


written by Fredrik og Silje, 10/08/15

Coolest lamp one can acquire. Creates a nice atmosphere in the living room. While it is tough! The Diff programs make it exciting and varied! And it's Pac-Man ghost! One need not say anything more... Read more

A really cozy lamp

written by Madde, 09/11/15

The lamp has many and really nice colors. Many effects to choose from. Surprisingly good quality, considering the price! Highly recommended!


written by Lisa, 04/01/16

Rekomenderas hot !!! Great, very simple. For large and small.

Cool lamp

written by Gustav, 05/01/16

Really nice lamp that does what it promises. Present to 8-year-old nephew loved it in the room. Works well as a weaker background light / night light

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