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Paper Plant Pot Maker

Smart tools for making plant pots out of old newspapers. Simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly!

Paper Plant Pot Maker - Paper Plant Pot Maker
Paper Plant Pot Maker
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written by Hege, 28/04/14

Very convenient, environmentally friendly, not to mention cheap! Great product for a hobby gardener who always forget to buy såpotter..Aviser has the always ;-)


written by a, 13/11/14

Perfect gift for gardening fan :) a little less than what I thought. And maybe not so smooth. But still very good


written by bm, 10/08/15

Funny, but would have preferred the slightly larger. However, an appreciated gift for my Dad who loves to grow and already have everything.


written by Liv S, 07/03/16

Easy to use. Really cool to take something as easily accessible as newsprint. For those who enjoy as part seed becomes affordable pots. Moreover, do not have to disturb the roots of the seedlings by t... Read more


written by Kari Johansen, 14/03/16

funny. nice to create their own frøpotter. so I save also the environment than plastic. can recommend it.

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