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Party Shooter

Down your beer in just a few seconds. Slow beer chugging is a thing of the past.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Seems like it should

written by Martin Dahlgaard, 14/11/13

Party Shooter works as promised. However, I think the version for canned is better and seems more durable. Party Shooter tolerate a walk in the dishes and it is needed after a drunken binge;) When you... Read more


written by Party, 24/01/14

Party shooter worked very well something I really expected, but there was a snag with it and it was the hole around the hose on the outside was too large (wide) which meant that it started small leak ... Read more

damn good

written by Beckaframell, 24/06/14

Ingeniously gift for someone who likes to go out in the city! Bothering this to my brother and he loved your there! Would have liked one though, will have to book it Hehehe.

Funny toy encourages bad drinking habits

written by Jake, 05/01/15

No, I should not be like that - it is in everyone's own interest in how to tend their "Party Shooter", if it comes to soft drinks, beer or spirits. The product itself fulfills its functi... Read more

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