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Passion Pheromone Perfume

Increase your attractiveness with this pheromone perfume! Pheromones are a natural substance that all humans give off to attract sexual partners.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Seems to work even though I'm skeptical

written by Daniel, 24/06/13

Hard to write something about this product, but I'm really shy've never been particularly successful in love. But in a strange way, I get more confidence, and women seem to be more inquisitive... Read more


written by Louise, 25/11/13

It smells and it works at all. I feel so stupid, and that's the dumbest money I nogensindehar used. I have now tried with it for 2 weeks and actually think the opposite has proven than what they p... Read more

Not the first album by trying to

written by Linda Ahlblad, 23/01/14

No Action on the first attempt, although vonkasin. the subject of your desire husband. Smells pretty decent naistenparfyymiltä.

Confidence in the bottle

written by Nöjd tjej, 23/02/14

Has now tested the perfume two festive evenings in a row and has received woolen both times. Also had some other interested parties. However, I believe that there may have been 100% placebo that made ... Read more


written by Annis, 07/04/14

I just had to try, and it really works! ! A top fragrance o small, handy bottle to have with you, my absolute favorite now!

So cheated!

written by Ronnie, 21/04/14

This perfume is a big joke. The smell disappears after about 15 minutes, then you're in a hurry to get brides .. bottle sizes color is like a sample bottle = small .. Nah, do not buy this product,... Read more

Maybe work on someone else.

written by Dr.Test, 03/11/14

Wanted to test the product of interest. Did not work on my unsuspecting wife, but on the other side of working people. Perhaps someone else, but not at my wife, anyway.

Cannon has spent a long time ...

written by Trogen Passionkund..., 06/12/14

This product I have used for many years and although I was thinking of starting, ahh, works surely not, I have now been using it for several years. it works really great, but a tip I can give and that... Read more

Attracts you really fmere men due. A perfume ?!

written by Kathrine Petersen, 19/12/14

I do not know if I would say I am unhappy, but I am not 100% satisfied with this product. I will not say that I see no difference, but it certainly gives a confidence boost.

leaking packaging

written by Denert, 22/12/14

The product was leaking since the lid was cracked, so when it was received it was useless because the bottle was very close to being empty. It's kind of a shame because the products usually live u... Read more

Funka not

written by Gtr, 19/01/15

For me it is not gonna work at all. The girl broke up instead. But it might work for others. Just try

Does not work

written by Jesper, 18/02/15

All comments are fake, This product smells good, but disappear quickly. No effect what so ever. Save your money for something better. Buy not, I promise you that you will make an inadvertently applied... Read more

Does not work

written by Peter, 22/07/15

Sure, the girls think it smells gone but more than that, they are not, they guess at Hugo Boss, or 1 million


written by Anna, 25/11/15

I have had the advantage of this perfume for years. Very skeptical at first, but just to acknowledge that it works like clockwork. One can see a clear increase in almost curious interest from men. As ... Read more


written by Ejje, 02/03/17

Smells good .... but totally ineffective! If you read some research facts as you understand that the product is a scam.

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