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Pillow Speakers

Two small pillow speakers that are so thin you can put them under your pillow without being uncomfortable, and the sound is insulated so well that the person lying on the pillow hears the sound well, but the person lying beside them is not disturbed!

Pillow Speakers - Pillow Speakers
Pillow Speakers
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65 reviews

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Good speakers

written by hartmann, 09/05/13

The pillow speaker meet my expectations for these types of speakers. They can be inserted into a pillow or pushed under the pillow. The cable length to the sound source is sufficient. The listening ex... Read more

Super satisfied.

written by marie, 11/05/13

I was surprised how good it sounds right to them and they really do not interfere with the next door. I am super happy! Moreover, it is a really good price!

Great sound!

written by Liatovisen, 13/05/13

Fantastic sound! Giant Plush at sleep onset and does not sound very "outside" the pillow. Nice not having to break their headphones in bed. Comfortable to use if you have trouble falling asl... Read more


written by Tuppa, 27/05/13

Pillow Speakers are a must and they work really well. I have thick tempurapute and hear well what is said on audiobook. But ear must be just above the speaker should I hear the text and no other :)

Review of "pillow speaker"

written by J.W., 31/05/13

The "pillow speaker" were the right choice for me. I use them now very often in the evening when going to sleep. The sound is good and acceptable. The speakers are small, functional, and dur... Read more

pillow Speaker

written by Ina, 11/10/13

Is really happy for my speakers, that allows me to listen to the radio through the pillow at night while my husband sleeps. A clever invention of insomnia.

pillow speaker

written by gurli, 21/10/13

is super good and easy to deal with gøre.kan well anbefales.også to take with you on camping super good .....


written by Louise, 25/11/13

I bought these speakers, and am very disappointed and feel I have been cheated. I usually fall asleep to music, and although I located them under the pillow, with very low noise level, my girlfriend c... Read more

Okay at low price

written by Maria, 03/12/13

Okay speaker but plastiga so the rattles if klonkar them into each other, which happens easily under the pillow. Extremely way audio so you have to have the ear of the right place to hear something - ... Read more


written by JOMA, 12/12/13

I use these together with a Zen program lies and listens when I go to bed, it's like another world. Hope my tinnitus disappears one day

As described!

written by Sika, 19/12/13

I'm totally satisfied with everything. Service, speed, product as described ... now I just have to find the time that I get the gifts to Christmas back. Thank you!

pillow Speaker

written by Heidi, 25/12/13

Pillow speakers work as intended, but the sound is bad. There is very crunchy. The sound is heard, however, evident through the pillow, so music and voice from the radio.

Okay gadget

written by Robban, 26/12/13

The speakers work fine, but only as long as they are located directly below the ear. Do not they will hear the music of the next door.

pillow speakers

written by Laa, 27/12/13

Bought on the profit and loss in connection with another purchase, any financial loss was not overwhelming. Have a partner who can not sleep unless it's quiet, and I have trouble sleeping if there... Read more

Super product

written by Anne, 30/12/13

I am very pleased with my pillow speakers, I always fall asleep to music, and these speakers have great sound and quality to just below the pad. If I have to come up with any criticism, it must be tha... Read more


written by Malin, 13/01/14

Great speakers like clockwork. The only negative is that the sound is heard even to those who are not on the pillow with speakers, but otherwise very good speakers.


written by ANKE, 16/01/14

Price / performance is my Erachtesn ok. Speaker size very comfortable and great in different pillows incorporate, already have mono speakers at home - just does not so much fun .... Highly recommended... Read more

great product

written by Fillies, 20/01/14

Have already seen in various providers of this product. It was mostly used in a pillow. However, to me the substance has never confirmed or it was too expensive. Now I'll make a pillow itself. Sho... Read more

pillow Speaker

written by MS, 27/01/14

Mega good invention; our son is happy - great gift. And great customer service from Cool Stuff; the package was missing in the first place - we had ordered several things. But help was near; within a ... Read more

Finally quiet to sleep!

written by Schmitzkatz, 27/01/14

Great invention! I actually do not hear anything more from the night audiobook Sessions my friend. Perfect!

The gift like

written by Anna, 04/02/14

My friend is very satisfied with the headphones, the idea was very orginell even if the skepticism as to whether you feel these things, first there was. But has proved to be unfounded, everything Prim... Read more


written by Liz, 05/03/14

Great sound and perfect with the cord that you can just plug in the phone. Everyone should have a pair!

Awesome !!!

written by Michelle, 20/03/14

It is a very good product! I could not believe that it would work as well. No more sleeping with headset

Super satisfied

written by Maj, 07/04/14

I am REALLY glad for my new speakers. It is much smarter than a pillow with built-in speakers. Now I can listen to indslumringsmusik without disturbing my husband, and we sleep both lovely. I was inci... Read more

Pillows Headphones

written by Ed, 07/04/14

Goods as described and listen good. Quality of the sound is better than the mobile phone (tested on Samsung Galaxy S GT 19000 nice it would have been if at least would ne packaging it ...

Pillow Speaker

written by Ela, 11/08/14

The pillow speaker are just great. They are not only suitable to listen to as audio books or music in bed. I close them as to my MP3 player and listen to music on the balcony while reading or take her... Read more

Really really good!!!

written by miss soffie, 17/11/14

My review: I have received the pillow speaker about 2 weeks ago and used immediately in the same evening. About my phone I hear audiobooks to fall asleep and my friend bugged it must listen with. With... Read more

Very good alternative

written by lola renard, 10/12/14

The product consists of two speakers, each about 2 cm thick. Under the pillow is therefore not noticed it. The sound is well understood, albeit through the pad, not all small noises are super transmit... Read more

Not with Allergy Pillow

written by Billa, 27/12/14

The headphones are in principle a good thing; unfortunately they do not work with allergic pillowcase because no sound comes through, you have to place it near the pillow.

Surprisingly good!

written by Viktoria, 13/01/15

Gave them a Christmas gift to his son who had always fell asleep with headphones on themselves. With kuddhögtalarna he can comfortably listen to music at moderate volume, but you hear a squeak in the ... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Busan, 30/03/15

Super satisfied! An enormous freedom to be able to lie in bed without having an earpiece in the tube. Quite to my expectations. I bought a pair for my aunt too, and she is equally satisfied. She uses ... Read more

Low sound, but they can be used.

written by LIW, 08/04/15

They are very low in volume. And you have to Mosle little with them as they are so you can hear them. For the price, I would say that they are all okay. They were, after all, not on the high side.


written by Bäckström, 15/04/15

Awesome good sound under the pillow. Slim. Cheap. I listen to audio books and pods when I go to sleep, and these speakers are a godsend! My better half did not hear one iota of what I listen to, bedfe... Read more

Do you need a pillow speaker?

written by Astrid , 09/06/15

Pillow speaker? Do you need something? Yes, I'm surprised - they are really practical, nice and flat, they do not notice when one is with the ear on it. I hear so far only audiobooks, but the soun... Read more

pillow Speakers

written by Salla, 24/08/15

Those below the pad is nice to relax before going to bed, does not seem at all from under the pillow and the sound is clear. Easy to connect to the phone or mp3 player. The cable is also suitable for ... Read more

listen prima

written by Tester, 05/10/15

This pillow speaker are great because they really only hear let myself what I want to hear - the better half can undisturbed schlafen.eine great product !!!

pillow Speakers

written by Nukkuja, 28/10/15

Excellent shopping! What's better than falling asleep to peaceful death metal scene in, or what each likes tunes. Facilitate such a hyper-active people sleep better than a jar of pills. Even when ... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Tjompen, 07/12/15

I've finally found something that works so I can listen to the radio at bedtime without disturbing wife brevid.Provade with normal headphones but reculterade in that I tore down the radio on golve... Read more


written by giulianaima, 21/12/15

Funny idea. I hope they work as well as with me with my daughter. However, you really have to, depending on the pillows very loudly ask, then hears still a bit, but it's not really disturbing.

Holds what it promises

written by Jen, 25/12/15

Thanks for the fast delivery and the competitive price. The headphones have a good sound and are nice and flat!

Wellness through the ears - without irritation ....

written by Helle, 01/01/16

Whether you want to hear the lapping of the waves or Pink Floyd are these here pillow speakers BRILLIANT. We each have our own set - and there will be ripples in Pink Floyd ;-) speakers located just b... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Albert, 07/01/16

I think that is good, better than I expected, my partner here does not use her so much because she has become accustomed to sleeping with headphones.


written by glo, 08/01/16

The pillow speaker are only suitable for back and side sleepers. But then it is extremely relaxing to enjoy music without headphones in bed. On the bass you have to do without - is at relaxing music b... Read more

works fine

written by M, 10/01/16

Surprisingly good sound in these small speakers, either a pillow or other uses. The size makes the too handsome to be joined.


written by Leon Østergaard Sørensen, 13/06/16

the product can be recommended speakers are just following instructions. used every night, is easy to use. Bargain


written by Erica, 29/08/16

Plastiga, slippery and not very impressive. Omrking slipped inside the bag and the cord broke down almost immediately. Perhaps fun as a ploy ploy its 99 SEK, otherwise not much to have. Unfortunately!... Read more

Heard outside the bag, and very ¨plastiga¨

written by besviken. , 11/09/16

I bought them and I do not think those are all good, I'm very disappointed, I love to sleep to the music but asså they heard barely through the pillow, you had screw up pretty high, and when did y... Read more

Pillow Speaker.

written by Mette, 27/09/16

Pillow speakers living fine up to my expectations and I recommend them to others. I have used them every night since I got them.

"Simple speakers for cheap price"

written by Crille53, 07/10/16

These simple speakers that were purchased for a very cheap price work very well and you can listen when they are under the pillow or in addition, if desired, work well how to do, for this price you wi... Read more


written by Podsovare, 12/12/16

Do what they do. However, they are plastiga and volume is low even at max. Okay if you have good hearing and keep quiet.

Simple but ingenious

written by Enno, 20/12/16

It make a very cheap impression but the hazy. They are good to sleep and hear from audiobooks.

pillow speakers

written by Glenn, 22/12/16

Very good for the price and perfect service and speed of delivery, highly recommended. It is not the last time I shop here

pillow speakers

written by Christina, 28/01/17

It does not work under the pillow for mig.Har tried in several ways. Could only "hear" with a thin cloth.

Good pillow speakers

written by Adrian, 28/02/17

Bought this to Konemor so she can look at the pad on the bed, works perfectly, and is the only thing she has been pleased with the corresponding!

Pillow Speaker

written by Coyotin78, 19/04/17

The speakers were delivered in perfect condition. I find the volume could be improved a bit, which indeed also varies in different songs, smartphones, etc.. And since the headphones are so determined ... Read more

pillow Speakers

written by Hans Jørgen schmidt, 16/05/17

Hi, I was recommended a couple of pillow speakers because I'm very fed up with tinnitus and then I put "relaxing sounds" on my cell phone. I've been very glad it's especially at ... Read more


written by Kaja, 17/05/17

I had bought the pillow speakers as a gift to my mother. She has now tried them for 2 weeks and has been pleasantly surprised at how well they work. They made it much easier for her to listen to her g... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Annica, 31/05/17

Quite OK, affordable

Happy customer

written by BrittLouise, 06/06/17

I'm happy with the speakers. So good I have more orders. Will give these in gift to my grandchildren. Best regards, BrittLouise

Happy customer

written by BrittLouise, 11/06/17

Have now tested the pillows for a week. Am satisfied and have ordered 3 to. They will be presenting to the children.

Everything is alright

written by LE, 24/07/17

Right from ordering to receipt of the item, everything was as it should be. And the product itself was the same. Only good experiences with CoolStuff. Thanks!

pillow speakers

written by Maria, 03/08/17

Have had other models earlier that have been much better. This releases sound poorer and better than one speaker than two. These are more difficult to place.

Clear speaker.

written by Per, 05/08/17

Plastic loudspeaker but with clear and loud noise. Good cord. I'm happy with my purchase. Hope it stays in the long run.

On the whole good

written by Katharina, 05/09/17

The volume I have to make pretty loud, so I hear everything well. As a result, my husband unfortunately hears a bit. Nevertheless, the speakers have proven themselves and I am satisfied. The price is ... Read more

pillow speakers

written by Carina, 17/10/17

Great sound & easy to use and plug in. I have 1 speaker under each pillow so I always hear the sound no matter what side I'm lying on!

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