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Pineapple Peeler

Why don't we eat pineapples more often? Well, let's face it; it always turns out to be a bit of a struggle to get to the good bits! But no more! Pineapple Peeler is just what you need to made the job easy.

Pineapple Peeler - Pineapple Peeler
Pineapple Peeler
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violence well

written by Kongfu is, 26/05/14

Can 't else in and say it works every time and it is totally brilliant !!! So buy it and be free of knife and all the peelings it is something to piss, so buy buy buy, and then I say cool stuff ha... Read more


written by Thomas, 02/06/14

Finally, you can eat fresh pineapple simple. Va hard before to hold on and farrow with a knife on the scale, sharing cutting etc. Now, just cut off the top, press there that the spins, huh just like t... Read more


written by Monica, 02/06/14

Great thing that I did not know I was missing ;-) really work. Now do not stand the pineapple and rotten because nobody bothered scale it. Recommended to all pineapple lover! Had received five stars f... Read more


written by MalinE, 02/06/14

Nothing negative to say at all. Super good, easy to use. I thought you had to use a little muscle. But this cut nicely through the pineapple. More will be purchased and given away to loved ones :)

Good and easy to use

written by SocietySE, 23/06/14

A good and easy to use product. Easy to use and very easy to wash in a dishwasher. Sharp edge that makes it easy to eat fresh pineapple without problems.


written by Danny, 31/07/14

Now you need never again scale the pineapple, this makes it much easier to eat pineapple. The boards are very similar to canned pineapple in the fresher!

More fun than smoothly

written by Pinapple lover, 01/10/14

Thought it might be a fun thing, and that was it! Created perfect pineapple spirals. A little hard to know how far it would spin, but it went well to drive a few laps to then. However, I was hoping fo... Read more

unexpectedly fantastic

written by Obstinat, 06/10/14

It looks like a cheap Chinese weirdly, but it was incredible to use. Just cut off the top, then screw down Peelern and lift. Ideal cut pineapple!

Works perfectly and is effective

written by Ananasälskare, 10/11/14

Fun and easy way to slice the pineapple nicely! It will be a long spiral that you can have full or split into "slices".

Pineapple Peeler

written by Fiat, 12/12/14

Preferably great deal! 17 How have you coped without this thing. However, it became much flesh left if you take a little more fruit. But heeelt sovereign and easily at wash and wash dishes!

Pineapple in the best way

written by Tzalama, 29/12/14

It sure has now been ingesting and processing of pineapple fruit really easy. And best of all - after the treatment will not be actually a little pointless discarded, because the drilling to leave beh... Read more

Pineapple Peeler

written by es, 30/12/14

Removes the hard stock in half and slice a fresh pineapple. Actually works. Made of sturdy materials so no TRIFLE that breaks after the first time

Better than expected

written by jöö, 29/01/15

Easier to use than you might think. What remains of the pineapple is excellent to use as a lovely summer-drink glasses, much easier than digging out the pineapple.

Pineapple Peeler

written by Leif Munk, 16/02/15

hejsa I'm mega happy with my pineapple peeler. it is simply the best tool available for making perfect slices of pineapple with, and so can you just cut the stalk of the pineapple in the end and f... Read more

Pineapple Peeler

written by Riggan, 19/03/15

Was actually surprised how well this product worked. I heartily recommend it to anyone who likes pineapple.

Do pineapple "peeling" a breeze

written by J, 30/03/15

Pineapple Peeler'en make pineapple "peeling" a breeze. Easy to use and great sliced ​​pineapple and kernebefriet at once.

Works simply perfect :)

written by Thomas, 27/07/15

The product works simply as advertising displays. One gets the pineapple rings deseeded and "shell" can be used to serve f. Ex. dessert. I purchased the product with the idea that "yes ... Read more

Fun and different

written by Linda, 06/08/15

A fun and different way to cut a pineapple on. Easy to use. The cavity which is left may be used to have the fruit pieces - as one avoids also the dishes ....


written by Sissel, 09/11/15

Wow, just wow. This does the job in seconds, never been so easy to get pineapple rings, I'm really impressed, also require little power (is a bit weak in his arms). Only minus is that the pineappl... Read more

It has never been easier.

written by Lise, 04/01/16

Do not nare of it is cheap. and perhaps look a little cheap out when it arrives .. It just .. it's just so smart .. and even children can use it .. you do not have small cores and you have a great... Read more


written by Matilda, 05/01/16

I was sick skeptical about whether it would even work out, especially when the box it came in seemed to come from a gift shop in Turkey. But the bastards in my little box what i was wrong, it delivere... Read more


written by Nette, 11/01/16

it works perfectly and without much waste, it is easy to use and clean, so dessert is in place quickly and easily, use the empty shell for drinks or bowl

Smooth o single

written by Tabbe, 07/06/16

Amazingly smooth and easy to use. With a little downward pressure, while turning provide suitable pieces. The advantage is that the juice from the pineapple remains in the fruit and slices that taste ... Read more

My life is now complete!

written by HuBBa, 13/06/16

I love Pineapple, and now Pineapple Peeler. Saw this product first in a youtube video where did Piña Colada's in a Pineapple (as containers) and used Peelern to remove the guts. Thought the idea w... Read more

Really good

written by Sabina, 27/12/16

Spot product that is simple and easy to use. Very fast delivery and good follow-up from Coolstuff!


written by Kim Neesgaard, 02/03/17

I bought a ananasudhuler for us and our son as we had become acquainted with in the Caribbean. Great and simple piece of equipment! Some note that one should not be intimidated by the low price - abso... Read more

Pineapple Peeler

written by Kalix, 09/03/17

It corresponded to the expectations we put on it. Good buy. Actually, I have nothing more to add other than that the delivery was fast.

pineapple peeler

written by Lisbeth, 10/03/17

Had sought after item in div. hardware stores, but in vain. Resorted to the network. It was no problem to find the product with you. The transaction was completed quickly. The product was promoting on... Read more


written by Sara, 18/04/17

Jeeesus Christ, I'm in love. I love pineapple about as much as I'm lazy. Now I have just printed a whole pineapple with minimal effort. Where have you been all my life?

pineapple cutter

written by Oskarius38, 02/05/17

Smart tools to self-create rings from your own mature whole pineapple shell and the drill core is easily removed. First, with knife remove the tops of the fruit, and flat at both ends, so that the cut... Read more


written by Calaesclaes, 23/06/17

For those who want to eat fresh pineapple, this product is totally unobtrusive! A simple hand and a minute later, you have a bowl full of peeled pineapple.

No opinion yet

written by Kristina, 01/07/17

Have not tried this product yet but trust in previous reviews :) Stands a mature pineapple in my fridge and awaits my Pineapple Peeler ":)


written by Ammi , 01/10/17

Went straight away! The welders released immediately when I pressed it against the anaesthesis and would start to screw

Really good!

written by J, 13/11/17

Acted beyond expectation! Bought most because it was a "fun thing" but it makes it much easier to "scale" the anaesthesis and avoid getting rid of it.

Genuine product

written by Ulla , 09/02/18

It is super easy to use. It's really as easy as it seems in the video. Lovely to tempt everyone with nice pineapple rings.

Nice pineapple slices

written by Katrin, 15/05/18

Easy to use and finally get great pineapple slices for a good price. Fast delivery.

Indispensable for pineapple

written by Rikke, 15/06/18

Super nice tool for pineapple. Just finish the top and then turn the pineapple peeled down into the pineapple and wrap it's nice uniform pineapple rings


written by ola, 20/07/18

Pineapple Peeler is a great pineapple fruit extractor. Now it has become a habit to eat fresh pineapple every day. Sugar jam from cannabis is no longer on the table.


written by Sussi, 03/08/18

A very smart gadget to scale and slice the ananase with. Easy to use and clean afterwards. A little minus is that it will be a bit tacky by the pineapple juice.

World class

written by Andees, 11/10/18

World-class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class class cl... Read more

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