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Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

Cool mug with a classic pixel heart like the old video games! When you pour a warm drink into the mug, the black heart suddenly turns red. It's magic!

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug - Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug
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Kit good mug

written by Robin, 25/11/13

The mug works really well, after a few seconds, the heart becomes red! All Gamers should get one of these mugs!


written by Jake, 26/12/13

I ordered two mugs, one of which on the surface was quite a lot of small "holes". In addition, the mugs are not changed in any color. I put under the tap running but came in hot water for ha... Read more

Funny cup with high smile factor!

written by Lunderi, 02/01/14

Has been very fond of the new cup my, was also a very popular gift among other games happy! Worked really good fun to see life fills up and then down as you drink. Noticed that if you spilled water or... Read more


written by Jacob, 03/01/14

Was a great Christmas gift for grandmother, although she found it hard to grasp what was happening when it was hot .. Good product at a good price;)

Color changing pixilated heart

written by Christian, 08/01/14

Great mug with good size. (About 3 "cups") That I was a little disappointed in is that it's not as red as the picture. Coffee becomes the red color maroon. Tried to boil water and test i... Read more

nerdy Christmas

written by Grill, 08/01/14

Became a much appreciated gift. Thought I was late out there, but the package had time to arrive before Christmas. The cup has a color that comes up quite quickly and fills the heart good, looks cool!... Read more

Love cup

written by <3, 24/01/14

It worked SUPERT! Sitting under the blanket to look at that ripped slowly but surely &quot;fill&quot; up life, to think back to when I was less played Zelda on Nintendo 64`n my :) Good memories, good ... Read more


written by Mjako, 30/01/14

Fun with the heart that turns red when hot liquid is poured in, however, I found that the heart went out too fast to get 5 stars. Would have been nice if you could choose the size, myself, I like big ... Read more

Small but nice

written by Andreas T., 14/02/14

Habs gave my mother a birthday, had the first wondered why the so expensive: 3 Has the discoloration volltoll found. Has all times worth it, 5 star

everything perfect

written by sandrine, 17/02/14

fast delivery, good packaging, very good product, a beautiful mug that looked so ready to

Appreciated by gamers

written by Lexy, 20/02/14

Gave this mug as a gift to my gaming enthusiasts boyfriend (22 years) on Valentine&#39;s Day. He was satisfied and felt it was really great!

lost their ability to change color

written by ingvar, 22/09/14

Mosquitoes lost its color changing sticker pasted after 2 diskningar.Skicka a new one if you want to keep us as customers in the future.

Super Shooter Support!

written by Robert Johansson, 25/11/14

Ordered such a mug that I had to complain because scratching in the mug, contacted customer service and they sent out a lightning fast, but sent the wrong, contacted customer service again, and was to... Read more

I &quot;love&quot; it

written by JB, 29/12/14

I can not do anything other than give this cup of rice and praise. It is exactly as I had expected and even better xD. I think this and a very fine &#39;cup showing the coffee is still hot: P SMART! x... Read more


written by Milk, 01/01/15

Seems like it should be :) The shipment was fast and the product was well protected: D I love Coolstuf;)

cute thing but is not

written by Sebastian, 27/02/15

the sticker that makes the mug changes color was not for a single round in the dishwasher, a funny thought the product but I wish it hadde been somewhere that it will not tolerate machine washing.


written by Maja, 30/03/15

Every little panicked a little birthday gift. Found mosquitoes and had submit demands on it. It works, but required some heating to get started after the freight. But quite ready worth the allowance.

Can not stand hot water

written by Gavemannen, 31/08/15

I would wash the mug before using and black coating over the red heart loosened in large flakes. The remains that are not falling off was very easy to scrape away too, so there is nothing durable eith... Read more


written by Jenny, 02/01/16

This mug is really super cool! Troubled happy with my purchase! Unfortunately, it was a Christmas present, and now I wish I bought one for myself too ..

Great fun!

written by Flora, 03/01/16

Always fun with interactive brekky as well. Works great, the heart fills up with red almost instantly. Unfortunately drainas not the heart partly in connection with the drinking, but the heart is eith... Read more

Do not change color

written by LDA, 15/02/16

The mug itself is good enough of course to what it is for, to drink from, but the heart remains black unfortunately. But nice anyway :)

The heart changes color

written by C, 24/02/16

The son was pleased with his gift of hjärtansdag. Worked great. However, one must keep in mind that only the washing-related.

Coffee mug

written by Becke , 26/02/16

Coffee mug sustained Not dishwasher. Färgpixarna låsnade. Should be a warning for this. But maybe I did not notice it.

Super duper happy!

written by Pattn, 29/02/16

I really like the mug, fast delivery, and worked perfectly. Have just hand washed up on and it works super

Good gift for game geeks!

written by Tanja, 06/03/16

Gave away the mug as a gift for my boyfriend. The mug works as it should, and quickly filled with color (bottom up) when you pour in hot beverage. Really cool!


written by Sanna, 11/04/17

Very cute mug, but you have to pour scalding liquid to the heart to appear. Then it will be black fingerprints which if you poke at it. The motive disappears directly liquid cooled the least, which is... Read more

Very pretty

written by Cissi, 04/06/17

The mug was very nice and cute and the changed color as it should. Nevertheless, I did not really understand it was that there were 3 red squares that were already there when it was cold and they did ... Read more


written by E, 13/07/17

It was unexpectedly well-liked. Good size and heart reminiscent of either retro play or Minecraft so everyone is impressed, young as mature. Cool and fun.

Fun and good cup - perfect gift idea

written by Astrid, 05/02/18

Most of all, funny little cup. It is probably not the best quality mug, but keeps the heat warm and the color works despite the dishwasher. And then it&#39;s also smart the other way that you can see ... Read more

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