Port-A-Poo Dog Waste Disposal

A blessing for stressed out poop pickers. Simply attach the dog poop disposal to the top of the lead and then just hook on the bags while waiting for a suitable container to toss them in.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?


written by Kenneth Gregersen , 01/05/13

Lovely stuff use it much when we airs dog if that is far from the nearest garbage pail However there is a downside to use screwdriver to mount this invention

Smart conveniently o

written by Cecilia, 13/05/13

It just screws fixed it since it sits just fine. Smooth and easy, good o have for dog owners


written by LS, 08/08/14

Really smart when you can not find a garbage quickly. Feels more hygienic. It is screwed on to the leash and fit flat leash.


written by Annette., 04/01/15

Super good invention. It is easy to put on the leash and easy to deal with - and works well when it is in "use".

Good, but expensive

written by Zyx, 05/01/15

The idea is good and it works as it should! On the other hand, it is a good habit to carry the bag in his hand and the price is too high in relation to the operation ..

Poo bag holder

written by Lili, 03/03/15

I got a Port-A-Poo poo bag holder by my son in law a few years ago. It took a while before I realized the point, but when I recently happened to break it, so it was impossible for me to imagine not im... Read more

Does not fit all leash

written by Tompa, 20/08/15

I gave it to my parents. They did not think it was good because they have a leash that goes into one of those roll, which meant that they had to put it very close to the body in hunden.han was afraid ... Read more

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