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Portable Folding Hammock

Easy hammock for those lazy days! Fold up and take down in less than a minute. It comes with a carrier bag that lets you take it anywhere you want to go!

Portable Folding Hammock - Portable Folding Hammock
Portable Folding Hammock
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Not so friendly

written by Barnförälder, 19/04/13

Hey! Easy to fold up and fold. Works great for adults. However difficult for younger children to come up and they fall out easily, which is a shame because we bought it, given that it would be cozy fo... Read more

perfect gift idea

written by PN, 04/05/13

Gave it to my husband for an anniversary gift, and it fell into good soil. We are very surprised by the quality. Amazing what you can get for the money. Great satisfaction from here.


written by Nika, 06/05/13

Very contented :) suits and carry on a trip. Or seat on terase and enjoy the warm days. Seek and seat Lapp

An experience!

written by Sodori, 30/05/13

Really lovely hammock. Heavy as a hippopotamus, and I'm almost surprised that the supplied bag is not broken yet, but I probably underestimates the just. Good that they did not do something about ... Read more


written by Viktor, 14/06/13

How good anywhere! Really happy, fit perfectly on the balcony. Had hammock cost double that I would not be surprised, so for this price I do not think it can get better.

Fine but scary

written by Malla_skrammla, 17/06/13

Incredibly nice to be in it after a terrifying experience to "break" position to get it in the right position. But clearly affordable and something I would recommend those who love hammocks ... Read more


written by Kalle, 17/06/13

We have always had trees to buckle up a hammock between. But sometimes you have to fell the trees and now we have no trees to tighten it up between them. Then I saw it and hit directly, it is perfect ... Read more

Spot on! Having been on tour this summer

written by Vincent, 16/08/13

Clearly one of my best purchases. A little small for a grown person but with my 189cm and 105 kg it works anyway. Have had it with all beaches and swimming areas I have been on in the summer and it is... Read more

Ingeniously stand.

written by Ole S., 25/11/13

Great hammock that is nice to have in the cabin, on the terrace of the boat and walk. Simple and easy to look up / fold.

thumbs up

written by TB, 19/12/13

I am very happy with the hammock, even if I could not test it yourself, because it was a gift. The hammock came in a practical blue carrying case to store all the parts were completely intact and well... Read more

Slöfockens best friend in the summer!

written by Rankvist, 14/05/14

Wow! I bought this mostly on chance and thought it would be a lanky debris, but it feels very stable and easy to look up. No problem to put in or get out, and it fits me perfectly (1.78 tall, 90 kg). ... Read more


written by toussaint999, 08/08/14

I longed for a solution to my problem since 30 years! And now I've got it! A hammock somkan be set up anywhere, and do not take more than 1 minute to set up! Maybe it could have been a little deep... Read more

Portable hammock

written by Rasken, 11/08/14

A very smooth hammock that despite the human cost appears to be of good quality. Fast delivery gave a very good impression.

Portable hammock

written by paittas, 12/08/14

Very easy to set up, maybe a little heavy to carry around, but nice to be in very affordable and stylish

Really cool part

written by Pedalwelt, 24/08/14

This product was not too much really promised. quickly constructed by ingenious folding technique, excellent workmanship, very comfortable and fits even after use without problems back in the bag. The... Read more

Surprise then ...

written by Tine, 18/12/14

The hammock itself is great, easy to assemble, good and the shipping was really fast. Unfortunately, my husband was at home when the package was delivered. His Christmas surprise was so desolate, beca... Read more

Simply only recommendable!

written by hannes, 02/02/15

At first I was a bit skeptical - lots of great reviews - and whether the article holds really (in the truest sense of the word) his promises ?! So I can only recommend the hammock! It is absolutely ea... Read more

I am looking forward to the summer :-)

written by spackoline, 12/02/15

The mattress is exactly as described: It is easy to assemble and disassemble, makes a stable impression, if one is in it, and easy to transport thanks mitgeliferter pocket because not difficult. I am ... Read more

60-year gift

written by :), 26/03/15

Bought this as a gift 60 years and can only say that it was very appreciated. Highly recommended, easy to fold up, weighs hardly anything and very comfortable to use.

portable hammock

written by Barbro, 26/06/15

We gave the hammock to a friend in the 70 birthday. It was highly appreciated by both the friend and the friend's grandson. These grandchildren are 6-8 years of age. All said it was both fun and c... Read more

Incredibly smooth!

written by Tom, 28/06/15

Terrible smooth to both take with them, unpack and fold up. Took 30 seconds to get up the first time! Was better when it has been in it for a while because the carpet collapses little. Something unsta... Read more

Portable hammock

written by Roland R, 29/06/15

Very good product, really easy to fold up, took a few minutes to settle down in this hammock. Quick leverans.Bra. Requests: The invoice should not arrive before the goods are delivered. Regards / Rola... Read more

A smart product

written by RealRebel, 30/06/15

Fast and convenient delivery of portable hammock (it is perhaps more slepbar than portable. 10 kg extra backpack labeled!) An ingenious solution for those who want hammock at home and at the cottage. ... Read more

Portable hammock

written by Carina, 01/07/15

The hammock was really easy to assemble! It is a bit smaller than I thought, but perfectly OK. It is easy to move the hammock even when it is mounted.


written by Elin , 06/07/15

Not everyone's happy with the hammock. Difficult for adults to lie in it we trillande of unlovely hammock. Suitable for children between 8-15 years. Worst bargain for a long time. Sick unhappy.

Fast delivery

written by Randi, 09/07/15

From I ordered the product to I could pick it up at the store, went there a few days. There DR absolutely nothing to complain about.

Cool idea - unfortunately very uncomfortable

written by Petra, 10/07/15

Great idea, good frame, however, the hammock is very inconvenient. If you finally went to the mat in it (which is quite difficult designed) is unfortunately not as comfortable as you would imagine.

king hammock

written by Erik ueland, 16/07/15

easy to set up. easy to carry. I was surprised how easy it was. going to spend this much in sommmer.


written by pvt, 20/07/15

Good quality look, however, more beautiful than it is. The rocks are not so nice that one wants to be a hammock. But evokes a wise envy at the beach and it's worth a lot.

ruck chill twitch

written by ettenna, 17/08/15

The hammock is a big hit, chill faster is not whether on the balcony, in the garden beach or wherever. The structure is stable, built in a few minutes and after the equally fast back pack through the ... Read more

Very good buy!

written by Agge, 31/08/15

It was easy to set up and easy to take down. Great to be able to move to where the sun (or shade!) Is! Very happy with my purchase!


written by Tuppen, 02/09/15

Easy to install. Handsome! Suspension ring burst immediately, which meant that I fell on the slopes directly. Complaint worked perfectly and the money was refunded promptly

Simple and easy

written by Zofie, 14/09/15

The simplicity and flexibility of a portable hammock. The delivery was toksnabb. Just lots of plus!

Portable hammock

written by Blacky, 05/10/15

Equally easy to turn out as a camping chair. Easy to attach cover. Very handy bag that can be worn like a backpack.


written by Rainer Zimmermann, 28/12/15

All Super - goods according to the description at a fair price. Just as it looks at is not the last time that I have ordered from SOOLSTUFF.

Difficult to keep the balance of

written by Signe, 02/01/16

I bought this hammock for my parents for Christmas. The transaction was easy and the suite was quickly delivered. We had some challenges to create the hammock first time, but when it was managed was a... Read more

Quickly and as desired

written by Per, 01/02/16

Very fast delivery, perfect condition and simple construction, good instruction (not that it was difficult ... :)) Fine to sleep in :), easy to carry!

Very pleased

written by Inkan, 09/03/16

A giant hammock top if you do not have trees on the plot. Easy to put ihop.Kul gift .Toppen even on the balcony. Good to cradle a child, moderately high.

Portable hammock

written by Tone Kvalnes, 14/03/16

Have only just tried it, but it seems very solid and was very easy to set up and put together again.

Finally an all usable, transportable Tängematte!

written by Vannu, 15/03/16

The hammock is great! Stable, extremely quickly assembled and disassembled. We have bought you to have a comfortable bed while surfing. The only negative is that they with 11kg (standing on the packag... Read more

great hammock, set up quickly

written by susiRV, 26/03/16

I am really excited. Package was delivered quickly and was undamaged. Simply unpack and set up. That's less than 1 minute. My girlfriend was also excited and also wants to order one. To clean the ... Read more


written by Ti, 20/04/16

Easily and quickly on and abzubauen.wirkt also very stable. Something exercise while reinlegen need to not just to land on the ground again. The material is relatively hard. There may be one or the ot... Read more

Super cool hammock.

written by Jinx, 11/05/16

I ordered a mobile hammock. It's super cool, næm to transport because we camp a lot. It can be folded together quickly and easily so it does not take up as much. And it weighs not so much. So 5 st... Read more

Easy, fast and good product

written by Helene, 12/05/16

Ordering and delivery took place super easy and fast. We had it delivered at local GLS pickup location as agreed within days. The hammock is easy to assemble and they are really nice it. However, the ... Read more

perfect delivered

written by Rudkallen, 16/05/16

Very good komunikkasjon throughout delivery. One of the best. Certainly one company which I will use further.

Quick way to calm

written by Kaj, 30/05/16

Incredibly fast to install and very comfortable to be in. The first 2 times I fell asleep immediately as an ordinary bed has difficulty falling asleep.

New favorite!

written by David, 09/06/16

Enjoyed the hammock for about 2 weeks and use almost daily. Easy to set up and disassemble. Do the procedure every time because I use the hammock on the balcony and do not want fågelbajs on it at the ... Read more

Highest rating

written by Loppan, 10/06/16

Can heartily recommend this hammock on all the way. Fast delivery, very easy to put together, wonderful to be in when the fabric is a bit heavier and it "rolls" not into the carpet that you ... Read more


written by Britt, 14/06/16

it is good to be in. It is very simple to set up. Not too heavy to drag along. Ingenious single ☺

Comfortable and stable

written by Max, 23/09/16

Very comfortable mat and sturdy frame. Only 3 of the plastic plugs for the legs had arrived broken, but were replaced promptly.


written by Jenny, 06/03/17

But how good was not this? Would give as gifts, but ordered a til myself also. Stable and comfortable to be in. Easy to fold up and fold. But of course it weighs 11 kg so it can be good to think about... Read more

lovely hammock

written by Anki, 08/05/17

PRACTICAL hammock, a snap To set up the. WILL be a favorite in the awning summer. STABLE O STADIG.REKOMMENDERAS HOT!

Super good operation

written by Inge Lise Persson, 11/05/17

Super good and efficient operation .-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Mvh Inge Lise Persson

Lovely hammock

written by Marit, 12/05/17

I first bought a hammock for myself and was so pleased that I ordered three to give to my children. It's easy to set up and lovely to lie in

Experience with portable hammock

written by Guri, 16/05/17

Very pleased with the quick assembly. Nice to lie in too for one who is under 1.75. But already after the second use, we found tiny holes in the draw on the ligament. We are considering advertising, b... Read more

Easy to set up and take down, "like" swing function

written by Fred, 22/05/17

For the price I paid (699 kr) I am satisfied. Have long wanted to have a hammock on the balcony or the bridge. However, there are good opportunities to hang up one. The portable hammock has a folding ... Read more


written by Linda, 22/05/17

I'm very happy with the hammock! Easy to pick up and fold together, the best part is that it is portable and can be used with ex in the caravan. I had many jealous looks this weekend when I tumble... Read more

Super cool and easy mobile hammock

written by Torben, 24/05/17

Super good hammock. Tried a few times but already very pleased with it. Super easy to beat and pack up. Can easily be in the bag after it is reassembled. Can be highly recommended, both my wife and my... Read more

Surprisingly well

written by Kim, 24/05/17

Being very pleased with this one is comfortable (not as rigid as many think), in addition, the neighbors were really jealous. Jar used it three times, no complaints so far. :)

Easy, Easy and Fast !!

written by Benjamin, 24/05/17

Clearly worth the money. It is very easy to pick up and assemble. Easy to get in and out. Very smooth shoulder straps to take when you go to the beach or to the park. Many who have passed have thought... Read more

stable and good

written by Majsan, 26/05/17

the plugs were broken when we got home the hammock but we got the new day after. stable and good by the way. My old man is 186 cm and it suits him perfectly.

Exceeded my expectations

written by Tina, 09/06/17

Gave this away as a birthday present. But it was easy and easy to fold, comfortable and stable to lie in. Recommended for those who do not have the opportunity or the place to have a hammock between t... Read more


written by Tungsenadangse, 14/06/17

The hammock was delivered very fast and corresponded to my imagination. It is really practical and easy to use. I will probably buy another.

Bold relaxation quickly and easily

written by Mette Frost, 14/06/17

Easy to look up. Bold relaxation in stable bunk. Poor quality of plastic cloths. They break fast. Poor quality of the zipper on the storage bag. The zipper is, however, redundant.


written by Casall, 15/06/17

Really good, nice and easy to fix. It is included in the camper this summer. Perfect gift for any summer appreciate lazy summer days.

Doubtful quality

written by Trine, 19/06/17

On delivery, the zipper on the puller to the hammock was broken and the plastic cup under one leg was broken. This indicates doubtful quality of the product. If it fails to be sent, will it be able to... Read more

Badly processed

written by Bullimaus, 21/06/17

Unfortunately, after three uses in three places, the seams have risen. Replacement took place immediately, but the replacement product was already damaged. If everything was alright, actually a good n... Read more

Buy it!!

written by Aoooneta, 21/06/17

Tried a little - not a portable hammock can work. Oh yes! Do not have trees but want a hammock - BUY THEM! Super easy to fold up, stable & stylish. Will be enough for the balcony too!


written by Smithen, 30/06/17

How simple, and without problems for my 116 kg !!! Too bad the pulling line in the zipper was crumbling but put on a key ring!

Right after expectations.

written by Lisen, 06/07/17

The hammock is for pleasure. Easy to put up, easy to put down and comfortable to fit in. Delivery too fast.

Wonderful! And for the price all the more!

written by Marco, 07/07/17

I bought the hammock a few weeks ago and since then I have not only been in there with every ray of sunshine, I've also set up in front of the TV in the evening and fell asleep in it. The mat is m... Read more


written by Gman76, 20/07/17

Ordered hammock with tripod. Very fast delivery and absolutely brilliant hammock, I have had a dinner party in it


written by Marie Strömberg , 01/08/17

Helmysig and super cheap additionally superficial customer service


written by Balkongavslapperen, 01/08/17

Works great on a 3 sqm large balcony. Works like a steady construction and you get good value for money.


written by Stormanna, 02/08/17

The hammock was easy to mount, nice blue color. We'll see when we go home how easy it is to get away.

Portable Hammock

written by Håkan, 07/08/17

Incredibly fast delivery. The hammock seems to be of very good quality, stable and easy to assemble. But the "handle" on the zip chain broke down only i took it, replaced with key ring so no... Read more

Easy to set up and take down

written by Hanna, 18/08/17

Very easy to set up and also to take down again. Top good. Easy to carry and take on holiday.

Good stable hammock

written by RM, 21/08/17

Completely pleased with the hammock. Easy to open and fold together. Feels stable. Can really recommend.

perfect product

written by stoni, 18/09/17

The hammock meets all expectations. Two plastic covers broken by the transport were sent without hesitation. Service is great.

Mobile hammock

written by Annelise Hansen, 07/05/18

Unfortunately, I can not comment on the purchase, as I will use it as a gift later, and therefore have not unpacked it, so the grade is on shipment

Portable hammock

written by Sveniii78, 25/05/18

The hammock unfortunately had a mistake and was exchanged without complaint by CoolStuff and therefore 5 stars and top, gladly again.

Lousy quality

written by Mads, 03/06/18

The stand itself is as it should be. It's easy to assemble, super stable and transportable. The problem is the hammock and the carrying bag. Yes after 2-3 times the hammock had already gone up in ... Read more

Smart hammock

written by Majsan, 13/06/18

Good packaging, and good for folding together, which makes it easier for storage in winter. The first time I would test, I just sat down and would put it down, but then hit it around, which meant I we... Read more


written by Sova., 19/07/18

Many beaches will be used with this portable hammock. Or a shady place in a park in the city.


written by Jocke, 25/07/18

Absolutely wonderful. Easy to reverse fold up. Could be a bit bigger, risk of trembling when you have fallen asleep


written by Brian , 25/07/18

Highly recommended! The bought hammock after the wife had bothered time and again for a hammock, but I could not find the space in the garden, which is without trees, to bars, so I chose to try this a... Read more

Portable hammock

written by Lille, 01/08/18

Handsome. Easy to set up, and easy to merge. Good to lie in. Has a bag that you can easily hang on your back like a backpack.

Heaven smooth!

written by Sanna, 08/08/18

So glad we bought this hammock. Perhaps a bit uneasy to get up by getting close to the floor / ground as you lay in it, but very easy to easily fold out and assemble it as needed. No hammock for more ... Read more

Easy to put together and pick up

written by Ann, 09/08/18

Very pleased. So nice. Easy to assemble and take down. Nerplockad takes no place. You can bring it with you.

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