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Prepara Drydock Dish Drying Mat

We promise that it's never been as easy to air dry dishes as it is with a Prepara Drydock Drying Mat.

Prepara Drydock Dish Drying Mat - Prepara Drydock Dish Drying Mat
Prepara Drydock Dish Drying Mat
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27 reviews

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What is this?

Very good

written by Anna, 01/12/14

We bought this to get away from our big bulky dish rack we still almost never use because we have a dishwasher. We use drydock instead now for things that can not be washed in the machine and it works... Read more

Good if you're lazy!

written by Folkie!!, 18/12/14

I must say it's very nice to just be able to cook their dishes on this and just go from there. Before I had a dish rack with a towel over but it often became so wet during that finally began to ro... Read more


written by LVN, 22/12/14

Not the best buy, it is lightning fast drenched and need some drying time between washes. The concept and the idea is good, but it falls a bit through in practice: - /

great invention

written by Jette Binzer, 28/12/14

Works perfectly, great invention., Quick drying, can be washed. Saver countertop very fine.

Absolutely straightforward case

written by Marianne, 05/01/15

For things that do not go in the dishwasher, it is very nice to dry on this pitch. Most often it is otherwise present in the left sink where it tends to accumulate some water so that the dishes are no... Read more

Good absorbency

written by Prylflisan, 30/03/15

The disk can be quite wet, but it goes through to the bench, very good absorbency. Could be a bit bigger. But are satisfied with it. Can be washed in the machine very hygienic.

Drydock dish rack

written by Sigrid, 15/04/15

A fight smart product that perfectly matched to my needs .. Small footprint on the bench, nice to look at, easy to store and sympathetic price.


written by MucMama, 21/04/15

Indeed dishes will dry faster. Looks much more hygienic than a dishcloth, which then itself first needs to dry. Hope it stays that way, after washing.

Dish rack Drydock

written by Linda, 12/05/15

Does exactly according to the information. Very good suction, never wet and damp. In addition, practical and stylish hanging on the towel hook when not in use. However, had the desired little options ... Read more

Easy ... Yes it is

written by Janus, 17/06/15

There is not much to say it works as it should, take all the water, we have not been out to the drip through, and it is quickly dry again.

Super happy!

written by Jenny Burman, 13/07/15

Then it is so much better in real life! The dishes they washed the dishes and put on dries and becomes shiny fine & dry. I am so glad I chose to send for it. Sovereign is the one! It gets 10 stars... Read more


written by Katrin, 16/08/15

Works great and it huh super nice to get off our dish rack that looks so dull compared to this!

normal function, but too expensive

written by trubadu, 31/08/15

Pro: Looks cool, Contra: but not dry faster than conventional drainage aids. Did it for pots cups, and glasses (as in the picture) to take, as I promised with that water is somehow derived particularl... Read more


written by Danny, 06/10/15

Right good product, if you have that I table of wood table so you can "protect" it. The only minus is that it is soaking wet after a while.


written by Annica, 11/11/15

Very good absorbency, is not wet on the bottom. The disadvantage that it only comes in one size and one color, would have preferred to have had a larger one.

Everything worked very well

written by Tasanne , 23/12/15

Thank you so much! Everything worked - again! Only the review possibility Text should be shorter possible! Thank you!

So makes drying fun!

written by Anne, 28/12/15

The Drydock looks chic and sucks the moisture of the harnessed quickly, without long to be wet.

Not for me

written by Jenny, 02/01/16

I sent it back to the right omiljövänlig. When you wash it, it is bactericidal agent in the release o kills organisms in our water.


written by Sofie, 09/01/16

Living up to the description of the product. Suger water does not smell, and good glass ....................

Dish Tray

written by Ella Green , 15/01/16

It is very easy to store fills nothing, and so it dries very fast. It is also conveniently hygienically that it can be washed in the washing machine

It works!

written by Såsis, 24/03/16

Works in general to have the things that you usually care counters, skillet, saucepans etc. It worth mentioning that are difficult to dry the well plates and thermos but I'm happy with it. Especia... Read more

works great

written by Susanne, 22/09/16

Bought this because it is not possible to set glass in my usual dish rack. It takes a kind - one and a half days before the glasses are 100% dry inside but dry, they become! Good materials, good quali... Read more

perfect complement

written by Nisse, 14/11/16

Perfect complement to the dishwasher so you do not have to be ugly (according to me) dish rack front. Keep it hanging in the kitchen and prepare it when you hand counters any type smaller pots and kni... Read more

Perfect in the caravan!

written by FruH, 19/07/17

I bought this to our caravan. Perfect for the little kitchen where there is not much disk. Easy to store, easy to dry and so far we have not experienced any unpleasant fragrance.

Works for what it will be used for!

written by Hildre, 13/10/17

Drydock Dish rack works. Apsorbs moisture from the dishes, and it does not get wet underneath. Easy to fold and hold in a drawer when you do not use it. Just what I wanted.

Easy alternative to disk stand

written by Nicka, 20/04/18

Easy, smooth and small! However, taking a little longer to get the counter to dry. Satisfied with the purchase

Overall worth the money

written by Vilde, 12/06/18

Great product! It absorbs all the moisture and smells nothing. Takes just fit and space. Definitely worth the money.

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