Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

Nothing compares with the Aerobie Pro Flying Ring, holder of the Guinness world record for the longest ever throw of 406 metres!

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring - Small
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Aerobie Pro Flying Ring - Big
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Best Frisbee product contained

written by Daniel, 04/07/13

It's really easy to fold, remains very stable in the air and is not painful to accept. Suitable really for all ages, since how far it goes depends on who / how hard you throw it. I've at least... Read more

Flying Ring

written by Søren Christensen, 22/07/13

Is extremely pleased with the acquisition of 8 flying rings Sprint. They are perkefte to Frisbee golf as they float up to 100 meters. However, it is somewhat misleading that they write that they calle... Read more

Mega fun toys

written by Jakob Olsen, 21/08/13

Mega fun toy, only problem is it flies too far and once it flies away, so I always think it ends up in a tree or the like. But this "flying ring" can be recommended for anyone who has a kid ... Read more

Flew directly into sea

written by Virgi, 24/03/14

Ordered "Pro Flying Ring" one couple weeks ago. Got testing it yesterday - Flew very far ... all for far - right in the sea (100m approx). It was nice to see, but must order new now. :)

The coolest three minutes ... before it flew away.

written by Tjoppen, 06/06/14

It is the wild-!!! It flew so far that it flew in the water even though we played 70 m from! And there was not thrown hard. It flies too wild. Unfortunately, not flowing. Thumping obese three minutes ... Read more

Cast far

written by Helle, 21/06/14

The whole family likes to throw them far too long, they disappear easily in the bushes and shrubs. Tom 4-year-old is able to both throw and catch the ring. Perfect gift 5-15 years!

Toys for children and childish adults

written by Agner, 23/06/14

Dear all, this was just an amazing thing these Pro flying ring children and particularly childish adults who have grown up with freesby which was hard and get to fly. The Pro aircraft not. Just buy th... Read more

Pro flying ring

written by Alex, 22/08/14

I think the product lived up to expectations and was very fun to throw. Experience, however, that the fall in air capacity after a few crash landings. Sadly, since the product is made to be thrown.

Funny "toy"

written by Rebecka, 13/11/14

We have not had time to test Frisbee properly yet because winter crept in but it seems sturdy and good clean quality. Think it will be perfect for the beach or in a meadow next summer. Smoothly that y... Read more

Large and efficient

written by Jonatan Kleveland, 26/12/14

This is a fibrous piece fritidsfordriv and my little brother was very happy this

Super product

written by Jesper, 22/06/15

The product can be handled all and is super easy to use if we compare with a Frisbee Throw though never against trees they have a squiggle to get stuck on the branches :-)

Piss FED !!

written by Lars, 19/10/15

The ultimate frisbee !! Fly both long and is incredibly easy to throw. Flying very accurately which makes it very easy to catch

Super Fly

written by Trine, 07/01/16

Super Fly - coming soon astray because it flies so far as we have been visiting the neighbors sometimes

Even I as a woman can throw him :)

written by Eve Sky, 25/04/16

I play with my friend and the ring can be super even with moderate wind throw. We bought another 2 to juggle faster This keeps you fit and is really fun. Thumbs up :)

b. werner

written by b.w., 16/09/16

the product was in a different color and has lasted for over a week until I was with us war.Es in demand when it comes, said two different data and justifications.

Super fun

written by Kim Mikkelsen, 14/10/16

I had already in advance who chose to leave me by a little too hard throw on at a football course :-). It flew the entire length of the track and over some industrial buildings which stood at the foll... Read more

Fantastic 'toy' for big and small

written by Rasmus, 09/06/17

Very good quality as well as easy to use (easier than regular frisbee's) and calibrate. My friend and I always go on holiday and it's great to throw away on a large unpopular beach, soccer fie... Read more

Best frisbeen

written by Janke, 18/08/17

A great fun frisbee that meets all expectations! Can throw astonishingly far. Incredibly stable. Funny even for adults. The larger model is the most fun because it has the farthest range. Perfect for ... Read more

Best frisbeen

written by Janke, 20/08/17

A great fun frisbee that meets all expectations! Can throw astonishingly far. Incredibly stable. Funny even for adults. The larger model is the most fun because it has the farthest range. Perfect for ... Read more

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