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Pure Peppers Gift Set

Three sauces. Three strengths. A whisper, a hiss and a roar. In a super-classy wooden box, three glass bottles with jalapeño, habañero and ghost pepper sauce!

Pure Peppers Gift Set - Pure Peppers Gift Set
Pure Peppers Gift Set
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Stylish and interesting

written by Majja, 16/12/13

When I got the nice packaging so I opened it and saw the nice bottles. They were not too small or too large and very well sealed. The box was very nice and it is good that it even comes with a little ... Read more

True heat in the strongest

written by HK, 01/01/14

Nice gift paper to give away. It was the difference in the heat of the different sauces and they were good. The hottest fall not to my taste, but it was not me they were meant.

Better on the inside than the outside

written by Filip, 29/10/14

When I finally got the package was broken wooden box. The top of the lid looked just as good as the picture, but the lid had come off completely from the rest out of the box that had broken with deep ... Read more

Christmas present

written by Kikka, 25/11/14

This will be the Christmas gift for one who loves strong sauces, so now he gets to taste, and I'm sure that he will find his favorite, maybe they all will be! Beautiful wooden box, fine glass bott... Read more

packaging insufficient

written by Hinz, 20/12/14

The wooden box was broken and the subjects separation between the bottles also broken, ie for high-quality wooden box (glued only miter), which is a windy construction. Perhaps they would not be broke... Read more

Completely and good!

written by Bunny, 29/12/14

I got the box home in good condition so I was hot pleased with it and that made it seem to appreciate it too. He tried anyway, and he said it was really strong so I'm probably all satisfied! The o... Read more

Goodwill and quality

written by Adam P., 05/01/15

The sauces were a Christmas present to my parents, the chili - and just like me - love in all variants. Unfortunately there was a transport damage, one of the three bottles had been broken and has eve... Read more

Best birthday, ever!

written by Diego W, 06/02/15

The sauces are awesome! Have only tried the habanero but the Cayenne is widely used to everything! Wish you could order each proceeded ago.

Very uppsakattad gift

written by Danne, 01/09/15

This is a must for those who like strong stuff. Perfect as a gift when it comes in a very nice box.

Fast and hwlt

written by Vykke, 02/10/15

As this is a gift that is not handed over so I can not respond to the taste but can not complain about something else. Quickly delivered and everything was quite.

Very good

written by Tina T., 28/12/15

Super Gift. My brother was very happy. How they taste I unfortunately do not know :). Is everything also arrived heal me. Thank you.

Very nice gift box

written by Viggo, 04/01/16

A really nice gift box made of wood with decorative medallions around the bottlenecks. Traces very gift-like.

Not as hoped

written by Headstrike, 06/01/16

I bought the sauces as a gift. The wooden box looks very good and also looks good in the kitchen, but went from the box a very strange smell. The sauces: Sauces but have a good taste were not as sharp... Read more


written by egondenstore, 10/01/16

Got as a Christmas present. Sjysst wooden box and fine bottles, albeit somewhat "cheap" appearance. I have used the habanero a few times and it's enough with a teaspoon to give a decent ... Read more


written by blabla, 24/07/17

When I gave this gift as a gift, I have not tested myself, but the recipient was really satisfied and thought the sauces were good

Very popular

written by Victoria, 09/01/18

Bought this as a Christmas gift from my daughter to my co-worker and it has been on his job. They work with food and are all fond of strong food. They have not tasted to taste it with ghost peppers ye... Read more

Very nice gift

written by Emilie Ferre-Jensen, 30/07/18

Very happy with this one, which I bought as a gift for my father. The box was very cool and the sauces came in stylish bottles.

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