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QUSeal Plastic Bag Sealer

Dastardly smooth the QUSeal Plastic Bag Sealer ties your plastic bags up so that they become dense and preserve your peanuts, vegetables or whatever it may be. With the built-in cutter, you open them just as easily again!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Good shit!

written by Robin, 17/06/13

Works super, but you have to be quick when to use it in freezer bags, or roll Easter pageant a few times first. Spot gadget at the right price!

Does not work at all

written by Ulrika, 28/06/13

Have tried to seal several different types of bags but it rips the bag and seal no way I think it should. No, this isn t good at all ...: o (

wire twists

written by ULNO, 01/07/13

Worked better than expected. When I unpacked saw it right out lousy but works as said above expectations. Works better on chip bags than ordinary bags happily curled up a bit, that is, the thicker the... Read more


written by belladotte, 25/08/13

I am very happy with the product I purchased and I'm sure I will use it a lot especially for lunches and small things to be kept in the fridge ..

Is not as easy to use as I expected

written by Louise, 28/08/13

The idea is good, but it's not quite as easy to use as I had imagined. You have to be very precise when you have to shut the bag to the edge.

Mja ...

written by Apan, 24/09/13

Thus, the video is to this product promises more than the little gadget actually is ...: / plastic blends, but not fucking up ...

Seems to be good shit!

written by EZziZoN, 18/12/13

Got my today. It will be a Christmas present, so I have so far only tested it to see if it works well. Has tested the plastic bags that are a little thinner than the plastic bags that you put fruit in... Read more

class tool

written by mukuk, 31/12/13

Even if you need to seal eg frozen bag ... I find the thing class a little practice / patient / tact!

Christmas present

written by sanna, 31/12/13

Ordered the Christmas gift to my brother-hunting and butchering their own meat. He has a vakumförpackare but when he did not cut up at home this super easy to take with them.

Simple and easy

written by rob, 01/01/14

The top product bought as a gift but will buy one yourself too! Easy to use and seal, especially with thicker plastics that things are going into the freezer.

Seal bag without Klipper

written by claudiabr, 08/01/14

The idea of ​​QUSeal ™ Beutelverschließer is already clever. With the "+" side of the bag is heated, the sides "melt" together and the bag is sealed. Unfortunately, it takes a litt... Read more

Not as easy ..

written by Tobias Nordbjerg, 25/02/14

Bought this as I think it was damn smart to put it bluntly. It looked indeed so easy, but some might not. It takes much time to learn it right, and it is never going to look straight ahead, like in th... Read more

Pussinsulkija - QUSeal ™

written by Ilkka Palmroth, 13/03/14

Difficult to put the batteries into place. Nowhere is there is no visual instructions how to get the battery door open. However, it would like as soon as the first to break the vemputinta. When the ba... Read more

wire twists

written by Jon, 17/03/14

With regular freezer bags work product is pretty bad .. After a few attempts, it passably to seal but it is not good, a light-pressure opening it again .. Something else quite disturbing is that it cu... Read more

concerning. bag closes

written by lykke hansen, 19/05/14

it is good enough not very helpful. The glue more than half of the bag, it will close and it goes up again. Is said to be a wrong purchase.

Bags closing does not live up to expectations!

written by MissKotek, 20/06/14

QUSeal bag closes does not live up to expectations. The tailgate battery becomes loose when the product is in use. But use the product many repeatedly before a bag closed tightly, thereby becoming the... Read more


written by sggg, 25/06/14

As we often buy stock and cooking also often in stock, we freeze a lot of food. I find that every time really annoying always to close the bag with small wires. By Beutelverschließer closing the bag f... Read more

written by john, 21/08/14

For this price, it works quite well. As mentioned by previous speakers it works with some practice. If bags enter, eg garbage bags you get with it, not to the bag.


written by LK, 27/10/14

Ok bag twist tie, but not quite as simple as it seemed in the film. Had intended to buy more if it was easier, parents and in-laws for Christmas, but it is too dependent on the fine motor skills of ha... Read more

training required

written by Stixi, 30/10/14

This need to practice a lot of time that may be kept at the appropriate speed. Too rapid movement has lost his plastic bag sides together, while too slow motion to melt the hole in plastic. Fortunatel... Read more

Right okay

written by Mia, 31/10/14

Pretty good product, unfortunately, had to pull it back and forth a few times before the bag is sealed completely .... (product melts the material, and you can burn yourself!)

Right disposed actually

written by Camilla, 11/12/14

Thought it would be possible to pull the twist tie along the edge of the plastic bag, but one must likson "dabbing" where the heat so the bag melts in places narrow as stitched.

Do technically what it promises, but it is not pretty.

written by Janni, 24/12/14

It might melt / close the bag, but convergence is ugly and muddy and it is rather difficult to use. But! It's also very cheap, and you get somregel what you pay for, so I knew it was a gamble when... Read more

Pose Shutter

written by Chriffin, 24/12/14

Works so far okay, a bit dodgy to get cut / cut of the bags since it is not possible to thread the bag far away in. Must use Close / melt part saaaakte for it to melt in the bag. But it works!

Beutelverschließer - very handy

written by Skidabu, 26/12/14

I was a bit skeptical, but I am now very pleased: the cutting side works as expected without any problems: squeeze and pull bags carefully. The welding requires some patience: squeeze after a few seco... Read more


written by BM, 04/02/15

Practical device to finally be able to close all the bags that you have otherwise closed with a rubber band or clips more bad than good, and never were then properly sealed. However, it takes some pra... Read more

spice bags

written by LaraD, 06/03/15

are super to close with this little gadget. So they do not lose their flavor. Also chips and the same remains crispy. Ease of use, small device that fits with me in the kitchen perfectly into the cutl... Read more

A fun kitchen gadget!

written by Opiskelija, 13/11/15

The product is a little tricky to use at first, but after training it will begin to work smoothly. The batteries were easy to put on and the product was ready for use. I use the product when buying bi... Read more


written by Ise, 21/12/15

Seals all kinds of bags, both cheap and expensive freezer bags, kakförpackningar, candy bags, etc. Have a built-in knife that you can open the bag of late. Good thing to have in your kitchen when you ... Read more


written by Frida, 31/12/15

It works very badly need to pull many times for them to Henda something to seal a bag, it took me more a 5 mins to get it sealed

Works well.

written by PSch, 22/01/16

With a little practice, the sealing and cutting the packaging works fine. Unfortunately at the Bilderen for guidance is no reference, how can open the battery compartment.

Cool gadget and it works.

written by Christin , 02/02/16

At first I was skeptical, then thought but for the price I test it once. I'm very happy, it does what it should. If you hold tightly sealed packaging and it shortens the film in one step. Was it t... Read more


written by Any, 17/10/16

Hey Wow. This acquisition was worth it! Includes all kinds of plastic bags and this over and over again

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