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R2D2 Egg Cup

Now you can sit and have incomprehensible conversations with R2D2 at the breakfast table. Never has an egg been kept in place in a cooler way!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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fine finish

written by Niko, 30/07/14

Fin size and good detail, but slightly varying precision of the time and the alarm has failed a few times. Meeen technically it was also why I bought the watch ;-)

obese details

written by Niko, 30/07/14

Fits very well for medium / large eggs. The details are perfect, but the top cover sits a little shaky / loose when you have the cups standing on the shelf, so you risk losing it. otherwise good

Amazing customer service!

written by MelissaFS, 22/12/14

At first I did not get my order as the customer service sent another package, and finally I got both at once - it was certainly a problem with the mail during July When I asked for an invoice to pay /... Read more

Star Wars eggcup

written by Adolph, 31/12/14

Absolute cream part my son likes it, great Star Wars Collectible. THANK YOU. It is recommended that the salt and pepper shakers, the size seems perfect to yet to increase. A perfect gift for all fans ... Read more

Rec HOT !!!

written by Sverker, 06/01/15

Tok fast delivery and high quality product. Thought they were kind hårplast, but be ware! Positive surprised with other words.

Tippi toppi

written by Fabse, 19/10/15

Super gift for Star Wars and eggs lover ... bit larger (higher) than an ordinary egg cup, but basically exactly what the manufacturer promises. top


written by Mary, 03/01/16

The R2-D2 egg cup was a gift and was a great success for the Star Wars fan eggcup Look impressive -. Relatively large. Would sell it immediately.

Dr. Frank D. Davis

written by Poncho, 29/03/16

A cute Easter gift for my son and family. My son has several Star Wars characters from the first series, and as a fan, continues to collect. A very nice and useful idea.

R2-D2 eggcup

written by Beth, 29/03/16

Bought R2-D2 eggcup gift to her boyfriend. The response was one big smile. :) Only thing I miss is a way to keep the lid on when the egg is not egg cup. Wish that this caught in the glass with a hook ... Read more

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