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RFID Protection for the Wallet

Prevent your cards from being skimmed with this RFID protection! Place the protection card between your cards in your wallet and you will block the signals from the skimming equipment. Protect up to 12 cards simultaneously; this works for bank cards, pass cards and other cards with RFID information.

RFID Protection for the Wallet - RFID-Protection Card
RFID-Protection Card
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Nice wrapping

written by Søren Hesel, 06/11/17

Nice wrapping. No problems with pickup. The package was a little big compared to content, but that was no problem.

RFID protection

written by jato, 13/11/17

Such a product is difficult to rate because you can trust it to work. If no one else has used my credit card, it may be due to RFID protection. At least I did something to protect me.

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