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Rabbit Super Wine Aerator

Wine that breathes tastes better! However, you can put away the carafe and let your wine get just the right amount of oxygen on its way into your glass by using the Rabbit Super Wine Aerator!

Rabbit Super Wine Aerator - Rabbit Super Wine Aerator
Rabbit Super Wine Aerator
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What is this?

Seems to do it properly

written by David, 02/01/16

See there, it's that wine should taste ...! Easy to use and the flavors really came up. Have no other product to compare with. But it seems simply doing what it should.

good thing

written by Jessica, 07/06/16

Very good stuff. Good things to use if one is a sportmäniska. You can run with the stuff. It can run with them

Super cool ..

written by Scqeech, 12/12/16

Exactly what I have been missing for many years. Has long wanted to have a decanter with oxides, but it is smart and even also quite elegant! Perfekto ..

Happily surprised!

written by Albert, 12/12/16

Surprised everyone involved how much difference it made, especially on the little cheaper the red wine! Stylish and handy design! Satisfied customer here!

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