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Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener

Your razors are not dull - they're dirty! With the help of Razorpit, you remove the dirt so that the blades become sharper and last much longer. How about shaving up to 150 times with the same razors?


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What is this?

This you must buy ....

written by Postorderknarkaren, 26/06/13

.... Is just as good as promised and is very appreciated by the person who gave it to me. In addition, an economic chapter if you consider how much you save on razor blades, etc.

Awesome good buy!

written by Björn, 02/09/13

I thought it could be worth a gamble when I use the razor (Gillette Mach 3) much. Is surprised at how well it works! Do not know how many times this simple cleaning prolongs my razor with it a lot! Th... Read more

Works almost as good as described

written by Ritchey, 23/09/13

I could before typically use the leaves for my Gillette Fusion (not power) 5-6 times before they had to be discarded. May 8-10 times if I did not let his beard grow. I have probably more than doubled ... Read more

Top product

written by Jostein, 16/12/13

Started with a razor that really should have been discarded, cleaned it 3-4ganger and use it still for several weeks .... this product is also very easy to use ..

Feels good

written by Henrik, 23/12/13

I had a blade that was last drawn. Pulled it toward Razorpit'en and now (one week later), it feels the blade again.


written by Ynnor, 07/01/14

Razor Cleaner makes no effect that I can see. I do not feel that the leaves stay clean longer, nor can I see any sign that they stay sharp longer.


written by Jossan, 12/01/14

Just spent a short time but looks promising. VVV V

Gillette, beware ..

written by Dr Phil, 27/01/14

Had no major expectations for this product, but it was cheap so I thought it could be worth trying. But skip the nitty gritty and down to some hard facts. It works and delivers exactly as promised. Us... Read more

Amazingly the savings!

written by Kapten brum, 22/03/14

Ok, short version: it really works. Long version: when I bought this in June for almost 10 months ago, I alternated between a Gilette Mach 3 (when the stump was a bit longer) and Wilkinson Sword (when... Read more

bra produkt. Priset ej ok.

written by Tomas, Finland, 25/05/14

Bra produkt. Men du betalar Dyra pengar för en liten bit gummi vars produktionsvärde knappast är mer än 1/50 del av dess försäljningspris. Produkten som sådan fungerar dock i all sin enkelhet. Så det ... Read more

Works flawlessly.

written by Signe, 04/06/14

I was a little skeptical when I bought it, but after a quick google search, it turned out that a significant number of people had confidence in the product. I therefore chose to bet, and I am glad tha... Read more

I thought NOT !!!

written by Morecat, 29/06/14

I had an old pair of razor blades lying in toilet closet. They were discarded, but but ... Tried them with my new contraption. Barber leaves were like NEW !!! Have now used one of the old leaves 22 ti... Read more

My guy is pleased

written by Cajsa, 30/06/14

My guy needs to change blades far more frequently than before. Before he switched blade maybe once a week: Now every two / three weeks. He is pleased!

Works great!

written by Bahkin, 06/07/14

Have now had this product in just under a month. Since I have started using razor cleaner I have not exchanged a single razor and shaved at least 1 time per. second day. It will be lovely to spend les... Read more

Razorpit ....

written by macpatrick, 03/09/14

tja ... maybe the leaves become "cleaner and crisper", requiring good shaving cream / gel to get "new leaf feeling"

Razorpit Razor Cleaner

written by Skjeggstubben, 08/09/14

This product works great, so I can recommend Razorpit Razor Cleaner, but the price is too high. straightforward delivery was too.


written by bigdaddy82, 05/12/14

Is not so sure that the product does what it promises despite a diligent effort to do it right. You follow the instructions but it gets a lot småhår left on the blade! Technical failure by the undersi... Read more


written by Peter Daugbjerg, 06/04/15

It looks like it works. Now I have used the same blade for 14 days. So there is hope forude.Ser how things develop.

Razorpit razor cleans

written by Dennis, 31/08/15

Razorpit Razor Cleaner. Creative seemed alluring, but cleaner did not work quite as expected. Purified only a small restricted area in the middle of the leaves.

Actually works!

written by rollo, 12/11/15

Some doubt initially, but now I've tested it a few times - and it works! For a while, then. Sooner or later you must the change blades. An acquaintance bought the same product and he is pleased, i... Read more

It delivers what it promises !!

written by STig, 16/11/15

I use razor blades from Gilette, typically above 200 kr.- for a pack of 4-5 pieces. Average shaving is 4-5 times before I have to change. I got this thingy two weeks ago, and has now used the same bla... Read more

money saver

written by Andrew, 17/11/15

simple two use believe thats it will save on having two buy new blades.I like this "Razorpit Razor Cleaner".

Practical and necessary

written by Steffi, 19/12/15

Easy to use and works well in older blades! Now has its place in the bathroom.

Fast delivery, good product, so far, only tried ca. 6 times.

written by Fantomen, 28/12/15

Fast delivery. Just tried ca. 6 times, may well see after 50 times. Ordered one for my son oxå, the two recentioner later.

A handy cleaner of razor blades!

written by Philip Poppe, 02/05/16

A very good cleaner that both cleans but also practical as razor holders. I have used it now for a few months and it does its job properly. Feels sharper blades after they started using this product, ... Read more

If in doubt as I was? Buy!

written by Gunnar, 30/06/16

Are you still in doubt after my headline? Read the text here, then I might believe you! I have quite sensitive skin and previously I've had to throw razor blades after only 3-4 applications (1 wee... Read more

A huge success!

written by Rickard, 09/01/18

I tested the product at once and it works like molded. Finally, I do not have to spend expensive money on new magazines every month.

Did not work

written by Pettynyt, 08/02/18

I gave it a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the product does not work as promised. The donor is disappointed, but even more so myself.

Super good product

written by H H, 16/04/18

Works amazingly well. My cheap Babysitters from Aldi can also be extended for life, so they can be used many more times.

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