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Retro USB Desk Fan

1960s design with 2010s function, timeless refreshing coolness. Here's the usb desk fan that rescues both scorching summer days and stuffy afternoons in the office.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Cool stuff, fast delivery

written by Mai, 05/01/15

There are several men in my family, it is impossible to buy gifts for, but on Cool Stuff I can always find something that they think is cool :)

Quiet, efficient and good shopping!

written by Tarja, 15/01/15

I would have given five stars, but the first fan working only for five minutes and then no longer be started. Here harmituksesta I dropped one star. delivered to replace a defective has been excellent... Read more

super fans

written by Pety, 27/04/15

Super fan, cool look, have smaller size and is ideal for me and very important not too expensive

So cute!!!!!

written by Lidia Duarte da Silva, 28/04/15

So, the fan is totally cute and Retro! Absolutely beautiful. The shipment was fairly normal on days. The only thing that is not as described, is the volume. The fan is not as quiet as indicated.

It works great!

written by Mattias, 05/05/15

This fan works very well, it gives very good wind when you plug it into your computer and have it on the table. I recommend this strongly: D Stylish too!

retro USB fan

written by Maria, 31/05/15

The fan that is not only stylish, but also effective. Sounds a bit much if it's quiet in the room. Can recommend this.


written by Lotte, 16/07/15

Expected really that this would be like to be blown in through a straw of an asthmatic house mouse, but this is an Arctic storm! Recommended! Minus one star because it is a little bit loud.

Go 'service

written by Erik, 19/07/15

Top dollar service, as usual Fast and accurate! The only thing is that one should at least write 100 characters in this text box :-)

Ventilation right where desired

written by Søs Toft Larsen, 20/07/15

We are 15 women in the same office, with differing opinions about how hot to be in the office. Not that ventilation helps to temperature, but we all have a small fan we can decide whether we want to c... Read more

Fresh air at the office

written by Fruchtfliege, 28/07/15

The small Ventilenti is great! He twirls a non-papers from the table and does not cool too little and not too much. He is quiet and looks great. Colleagues are all very curious and ... a little jealou... Read more

windy worse

written by Ida, 11/08/15

The fan works really good to be a USB fan. It will be nice and cool and you can set how you want. A small drawback is that it sounds a bit småhögt but when you become accustomed to the sound, you noti... Read more

Retro USB Fan

written by einglueck, 28/08/15

The fan is a wonderful device. Very useful course, but above all funny and cute on my antique desk :-)


written by M. Å. , 29/10/15

Super Stylish and convenient size. It should, however, have two modes when it is insanely effective. The design is spot on!

Kanon for this award (the big one, not the small!)

written by eirik174, 30/10/15

Recommendation: Buy the great, not the small! I bought both the big and little and tested them both. If your goal is to cool off a bit in the summer, does not beat the big variation error. It is noisy... Read more

Cute Cool

written by Knuff, 03/12/15

Is as described and works flawlessly. Is perhaps a little fast, but since one can do something. Would buy it again.


written by T, 22/12/15

I bought both sizes to test the difference between the fans, but this was skuffende.Begge blowing not powerful enough that you are cooled in summer (almost no effect on summer / hot days) since they b... Read more

China quality

written by Tompa, 28/03/16

They were well ok apart from the imbalance of the fan blades which gave the vibrations and noise. I do not recommend the product.


written by Lars, 06/04/16

The USB fan as Cool Stuff sold in the past I have used a lot over the last 4 years. and been happy. But it began to rattle apart, so it was time for a new one. This new fan is noisy with a humming sou... Read more

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