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Rubber Horse Head Mask

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

Makes life a bit weirder!

It started a couple of years ago. Suddenly a strange rubber horse head mask began showing up on photos from hipster parties in New York, and then it just rolled on. Somewhere on the edge of popular culture, the rubber horse head mask has become a symbol of our absurd, surreal life. Never right in front of you, but always in the corner of my eye. The only thing you can be sure of is that life seems a little eerie when you are near someone wearing a Rubber Horse Head Mask. Why not try for yourself?

Details about your Rubber Horse Head Mask:

  • The perfect masquerade mask
  • Made of latex and artificial fur
  • You can see through the mask through the mouth and nostrils
  • Dimensions: 25.5 cm x 10 cm x 20 cm
  • Weight: 400 g
  • See also Unicorn Mask

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26 reviews

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What is this?

Endless fun!

written by Mr.Ed, 06/05/13

Awesome product, great quality, in 1001 the way poking fun friends and confuse people, I can not wait to summer pastures.

horse mask

written by Johannes, 07/06/13

it is very good to wear and it is good it is so flexible, but it's fucking hot to wear for a long time and it would be better if the vents were made larger

excellent invention

written by Nickolaj, 12/07/13

Totally excellent invention! However, it is difficult to see anything inside, and it can be a bit hot, but it is "in the shadows" in relation to how much fun you can ha 'with the mask!

horsing around: P

written by HoppedurE, 29/07/13

These masks have been the source of much fun in the summer when we went they on holiday to Crete: P also friends have enjoyed the so much they have borrowed those with the party! xD They smell a bit s... Read more

promised much, not disappointed

written by Zerko, 11/09/13

I have now included the horse mask, ordered Saturday, Tuesday arrived (even for standard shipping an exemplary performance) As mentioned by the other reviews, is one, when open the bag in which there ... Read more

bold case

written by Brewfourtwo, 12/09/13

It's really tough / scary on the fat way. A good idea if you are reminded of the Annex that one must breathe deeply when you have it on, to ensure air exchange inside the mask.

horse mask

written by Ariane Kirmiss, 24/09/13

The horse mask looks great, just like in the description. Unfortunately, you can not wear long it because it stinks, which is probably very harmful. Nevertheless, as a decoration, or occasional Erschr... Read more

Super fun (;

written by Alex, 10/10/13

Fun mask, it is bla really good for Germany's tours, people take themselves just an extra look when a man running with 3 horses (;


written by Hest, 13/11/13

Super cool mask has worn it for two parties and it has just made them that much more enjoyable. Recommendable! The only drawback is that it quickly becomes very warm to wear the mask on and to get to ... Read more


written by Martin, 16/12/13

This horse mask is a must have for all geeks. It creates really paying attention and you can not help either laugh or be fascinated by it!

The gift to a friend

written by MK, 18/12/13

... With humor and wanting to give others a good laugh. It's a Christmas present so do not know hens reaction, but I felt that it was good quality and an unnecessary gadget fun!

horse Mask

written by Peter Bach, 03/01/14

It'll be a little potty to think that the mask is the perfect Christmas gift - but that's it !!

horse mask

written by BvT, 04/01/14

Although the horse mask looks very funny but from: pulled over the head, you can hardly see anything. The mask smelled disgusting to solvents. I have it aired for 3 days.

Horse mask for Carnival

written by Simon R., 10/02/14

The mask looks very good, as they have been from the Harlem Shake videos in memory. Of course, it stinks inside latex but have simply put the whole day outside and they lifted a bit. but find so you h... Read more

Top dollar

written by Thore, 14/03/14

Kanon mask that really drew attention. That his son (4) won the award for best udkledning to carnival as a cowboy on horseback. And even roughly to keep going to wear ;-)

Horse Mask

written by Björn, 17/03/14

This horse mask has made my life easier and more fun. Love to spread joy & laughter when I pick the kids in kindergarten!


written by Jane Christensen, 17/03/14

Hello Hestehovedet was just as it should be and looked really good. But it was just big enough for my son's head. Therefore, we sent it back. Sincerely Jane Z. Christensen

Super fast delivery

written by Irwing Amstrup, 18/03/14

Super fun mask for a child to be the fastelavn.Var a big hit was laughing a lot and speculated about who was hiding behind the mask

LOVE MY Horsehead

written by Dep, 19/03/14

Horse head is very beautiful. It lives up to all my expectations tests !!!!! It's perfect for taking your friends fuck;)

Ok .. Not great

written by Pernille, 19/06/14

The mask is really nice and the son is very fond of it. However, I have several times had to glue right back at it when it escapes rubber

A fun thing

written by Sammy, 11/10/14

Horse worm's great, but there are two small problems. upper mouthpiece (palate) does not keep up, and one eye is a little cracked. But given that the product is not directly made to be seen as an ... Read more


written by Flufferboy, 31/10/14

Very good mask - true! Grass with real horses for several days before they discovered that I was not a horse.

Funny mask!

written by Sissel, 11/12/14

A festive and fun piece finishes doing well. It's a bit big, so it is only suitable for adults. It also tends to sag downwards, so that it becomes difficult to see through.

Attach or Horse brake?

written by Tor, 05/01/15

This is the famous and beloved horse mask, as seen a thousand times on the Internet. It looks as good as the pictures, but is a bit too soft, it tends to bend!

funniest gift: D

written by Niels, 05/05/15

It was just a 16 year old go and want. It's just really sjov.:D - however, one must get used to the smell of plastic inside the head. Perhaps it could be replaced with a horse smell! :-)

Still a classic

written by Mathias E. T. , 29/06/15

Horses mask is still a big classical hit the big and small apartments. It is always possible to put a smile on the lips of people around you. Great value never come to regret.

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