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Rubik's Cube 360

Less cube, more sphere. Less maths, more physics. Just as hard. The mysterious Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik is back to test your skill, endurance and logic with the round rubiks cube.

Rubik's Cube 360 - Rubik's Cube 360
Rubik's Cube 360
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What is this?


written by Evelina , 19/12/13

Bought this for my boyfriend's birthday. Spot on! Very ingenious, and it will probably take a while for him to solve it.

brain nut

written by Trine, 25/12/13

Put a frustrated 12-year-old at the end of Christmas Eve and wondered how this would be resolved - fun :-) Will be said that 17-year-old and 39-year-old did not understand anything ... This "cube... Read more

It was easy

written by Anders, 01/08/15

Just turned 12 years and got the Rubik's 360 and solved it in an hour. A little tip: let the weight hang points and turn the black points toward you.

Handball estimated 40 birthday present!

written by Silvia, 27/11/15

Hard to find gifts for those who have everything. However, this was a very appreciated gift of the celebrated who thought it was a gift for the whole family to occupy themselves with in the sofa, at t... Read more

All top top

written by Yipmanlee, 06/01/16

The product was delivered in time for Christmas. The Cube itself it is a great skill and concentration game. However, very tricky but on the Internet there are some video tutorials so you Pats not com... Read more

Still tried in the packaging - does not run evenly

written by Uwe, 01/02/18

... and that would have to be done to solve this extremely difficult task. That's why I sent him back. Now I have bought a model that runs. For me, the impression has emerged that this is the seco... Read more

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