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SPA Jelly Bath

Pour the powder into your bath and the water doesn't just become fragrant, it also turns into a viscous jelly bath of thousands of tiny beads. Wonderful!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Hard to turn into water again

written by Marie, 30/05/13

It was lovely to swim in the water when it was full of jelly balls Oppi but must drain very little powder into the time, so there should not be large lumps. It was really more work than what it was cu... Read more


written by Hans Roar, 12/08/13

This was a wonderful experience! Note that a package is estimated at about 100 liters (standard tubs). It was therefore a bit small for our double boblekar, but it worked fine anyway. Do not get the t... Read more

not tested

written by Mattias, 16/08/13

Then my girlfriend is pregnant, so we have not been able to rule on that yet. But will probably be a nice "spa bath" when we come home from bb :)

very comfortable

written by anna, 17/02/14

product is easy to use, it is really true that it holds heat longer. A complete spa experience.

Very disappointed!

written by MB, 25/04/14

Was very pleased to get a swim in jelly, was very cozy! But had I known that I would get out of the tub hinka of jelly when I was done, I had not used the!

Severe Dissolved

written by J, 08/12/14

Funny product that gives a very different baths, however, so it was not so good to dissolve the gel with the supplied powder so we'll see if it will stop the drain or not;)

Already funny but ...

written by Jessy, 13/01/15

The Jelly Bath is a funny matter when it comes to gifts. Instructions are extremely posted. The Badeglibber was so nice - until it "drain water" about going! The amount of anti-slime agent i... Read more

Did not work so well

written by Blubby, 30/06/15

Not so good. When I tried this was not the water like jelly as it said on the package, but it was as usual waterproof purple and with little tiny lumps in. Quite ok experience. But what's worse is... Read more

Had higher expectations

written by Lee, 29/07/15

Simply had higher expectations, thought it looked like taking a bath was completely made of jelly when she was in the video stepped in, but when I did it, it was just like small balls of jelly, which ... Read more

Insanely digg!

written by Per Tomas, 05/01/16

For a winter cold body, these absolutely incredible! It feels fight strange, but great to be in gelèklumper. The water also keeps the heat much longer than usual. There is no problem getting rid gelè&... Read more

Different bath!

written by Anki, 23/02/16

Bought this for my guys in ten years that would otherwise not understand why you need to swim ... but this thought they were funny as hell, it gets really messy and very different! :) No problem to re... Read more

Real spa

written by Gunn, 29/08/17

SPA Jelly Bath is an amazing product. Rarely has a bathroom been more delicious. We had to have extra salt in the bathroom to dissolve all the gel, but it went well. relaxing and good smell.

The gel is not dissolved

written by Morten, 19/02/18

The water was as described, to a lot of small yellow balls. When the powder to dissolve the gelbugs came in, nothing happened, and now we have a jar of lots of yellow in, as we do not know what to do.... Read more

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