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Screaming Flying Monkey

Hold the monkey's arms, pull back the tail and release it like a catapult, the soft furry animal shoots away screaming. Perfect!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

The monkey screaming

written by Nöjd kund, 11/06/13

The monkey screams really, though not in the air only when it lands! (My cat got really scared and was looking for the monkey for a good while afterwards)

Screaming Monkey disagreed

written by Mamma till besviken dotter, 31/12/13

Gave my daughter a screaming monkey for Christmas, she was thrilled! Unfortunately, held it only for three times using :-( Monkey one hand came off the rubber band and can not cook. Had expected bette... Read more

Really funny!

written by Lisa, 03/01/14

I received my order after two days. Very good! And the product is much appreciated by those who received it. It was a gift. We laughed ourselves to death when it flew around the room. XD

Flying printer hijack

written by Jonny, 14/03/14

Simply the company! Kalas fast deliveries 24 hours after the combined orders so I had the package in the box !! Good work!!!


written by Jonny, 17/03/14

Excellent service, super fast delivery, from the words became total, it took 24 tmmar I had mn order in the mail !! TOP :)

Blast dog toy

written by Lalla, 27/05/14

I do not like the sound of this toy dog ​​But I fit totally love it and looking it up as soon as he comes home to me

First Pajja but other worked better

written by Tomas, 18/12/14

I got the first of pajjade after 3 shooting, but got a new one in the mail immediately and it worked better.

screaming monkey

written by Maria, 23/12/14

We ordered two screaming monkeys. On one arm of smoke at the first attempt, and on the other did not scream.

Lets not first

written by Madde, 29/12/14

It is a piece of plastic in my neck of the monkey who must be removed before the sound worked. It took a while before we made it. When the sound then worked, we shot it away, but then flew the hand of... Read more


written by Jonas, 05/01/15

Quite ok but still not the most fun thing in the world .. A little hard to find the grip to shoot it ..

Screaming monkey ????

written by Rida, 24/02/15

It will scream when it flies ... NO it screams when it lands as they think kind apologetic about it instead!

Screaming monkey ????

written by Rida, 24/02/15

It will scream when it flies ... NO it screams when it lands as they think kind apologetic about it instead! As not all bea unfortunately :(

screams fun

written by Kalle_Leb, 27/04/15

Hey, I and my children had how much laughter and fun whatsoever. Durable product but difficult for children with small fingers. recommend the product phase !! It is Apkul

Donkey Kong in the run

written by giulianaima, 14/12/15

Funny. Was Wichtelgeschenk for my daughter. Kam course with boys in 8th grade great. Only the teacher was slightly annoyed, but may also be quiet just before Christmas.

Did not work

written by Erik, 28/12/15

We got it never let how we tried, so it was pretty worthless. Is now in the dustbin ...

Broke directly

written by Mattias, 29/12/15

After testing the product once the product went down as one arm broke. It went to shoot at once, but after that it was stopped. Very boring.

The Call of the Wild

written by GB , 30/12/15

Lovely and mischievous monkey. You become lixom little happy when he comes flying, screaming, through the air. Although much fun to shoot yourself this little wild acrobatic.

Two attempts but no cry

written by Mr Y, 16/06/16

Poor quality. Despite duplicate it quiet. The first specimen was taken batteriplomberingen. Tested but to shoot the monkey but three attempts I sat with a hand in his fist and the monkey now has just ... Read more

Bad quality

written by Mallan, 14/11/16

The monkey did not scream, then it also lost hands unfortunately. However awaiting a new one from customer service. There is probably no quality product, but fun idea!

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