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Scrubba Wash Bag

Now you don't have to drag your washing machine around with you on holiday! This Scrubba waterproof bag contains a soft washboard. Just add clothes, water and detergent. Scrub for a few minutes. Clean!

Scrubba Wash Bag - Scrubba Wash Bag
Scrubba Wash Bag
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18 reviews

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What is this?

not satisfied

written by ?, 02/06/14

Difficult to manage / roll / if you have pain in the finger joints. The valve to release the air did not work. Must surely be the hole in the valve to empty the air ????

Very convenient

written by spackoline, 12/06/14

The delivery was prompt and the merchandise was as described. The handling is actually very simple and very practical, not just on the go.

Better than the slop in the sink

written by KoE, 15/07/14

... But not perfect. It always gets a little tedious to wash when you are on the move. We think that the scrub has made the job a lot easier, but not without hassle. One improvement would be if there ... Read more

Washing machine on the go

written by Beate, 24/09/14

A simple part, which greatly facilitated the hand wash. I have to fight something, to push the air through the valve of the bag. But overall very successful. Good results

smooth the small amount

written by M,K, 05/01/15

Is a bit tricky at first but if you give it a couple of chances to make it easier for everything to do manually. This scrub bag is also manual, the hardest part is the valve similar to valves on plast... Read more


written by wawe, 07/04/15

The product is a great idea and the fast delivery were great! There were no complaints.


written by amalie, 09/05/15

is as it should be going to act here again as there are many unique things here :)))))

great vaskesak

written by pernille, 17/06/15

This wash bag I was really inponert over, it used the cabin gets weekend and it worked fine on the clothes I washed, they lit soak a few hours and the result was fine .SO this joins to the south in th... Read more

Ideal for frequent travelers

written by PetraFF, 24/06/15

We like to travel a lot and and from one place to another. Whether with the camper, bicycle or a backpack trip with the kids in Asia. Dry well and good, but this one has to then wait and remain local ... Read more

folded Super

written by Stephan Richard, 28/10/15

Promte delivery, super goods, they have the same tested and all expectations were met. The Scrubba wash bag I ordered for my pilgrimage in Portugal and he is sure of good service.


written by Johanna, 25/11/15

Cool product, fast delivery, beautiful packaging! I'm thrilled and would not hesitate to order again at Cool Stuff!

big journey

written by Weltenbummler, 11/12/15

If a gift for Christmas and hopefully a super machine for a great trip. The settlement on Cool Stuff was without complaint


written by Brekkings , 20/06/16

Super wash bag I shall bring down the cabin to small laundry items. Have got tested out once and laundry are clean. Must be mega to bring on a camping trip for the takes up no space.

Quite good for travel

written by Tim, 19/12/16

When I sometimes is off a week of time, and prefer not to carry too many clothes since I have a lot of equipment, so I was beginning to wash clothes in the shower every day. But it left always my clot... Read more

Perfect for scout use

written by Bettina, 05/01/17

When my girlfriend's scout he takes from time to time on the trip, which gives it a bit of rubbish clothes and instead of him to bring smelly clothes home, he can now wash his clothes along the wa... Read more

Washing machine to bring along

written by davigo, 11/08/17

How happy I'm over this little laundry bag! Smooth and easy to carry, does not matter about a long trip or just a job break, nice feeling that you know, even if something gets dirty that you can e... Read more

Wonderful and easy!

written by Wildhog, 14/03/18

All destinations feel so much better with this bag. I have owned my for a few years and bought one as a gift here. Those who tried it have loved it. Of course you can wash your clothes, but even if yo... Read more

Mobile washing machine

written by Unbekannt, 02/09/18

Admittedly, I had not been able to try the product (mobile washing machine) until now, because at the moment I do not have the time. Maybe there is someone else who has bought the same product that kn... Read more

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