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Sea to Summit Ultralight Daypack

Ultralight daypack so small and light you can hardly see it when you don't need it. Only 68 grams and the perfect size to keep in your pocket!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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14 reviews

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beach Travelled

written by Calle52, 24/06/13

Amazing what a positive surprise backpack. At first I wondered what I got, the package was not bigger than a small apple. But inside was a small cloth bag and when I took out the contents, it was a ba... Read more

Ultra small backpack

written by AnnCathrine, 26/06/13

"Görbra" small backpack that does not take place and barely weighs anything in common seal (which for us always means only hand luggage). Having for example, city walk / cycling when the sec... Read more

Good idea, poor execution.

written by Niels Andreasen, 03/01/14

The bag was simply too thin, delicate and not very smart. the idea is good, but you could have wished for that was twice as high in the packed state, therefore, to have a better quality.

Review of backpack

written by ChristinaWadim, 11/01/14

Good backpack - can be recommended. Gave the gift to someone who will use it as a backpack to the beach.

Ultrasil backpack Ultra smart

written by N, 03/03/14

good backpack that nothing fills the pocket. always good to carry things on your back, so both hands are free. fin for example rainwear or lunches. or just as a backup in your pocket if you happen to ... Read more

Small easy backpack

written by HT, 27/06/14

Small easy matter to bring with them, if for some strange reason "comes to buying too much", then pulls to it out of his pocket, more fills it does not. Then the excess is brought home safel... Read more

fits actually

written by Patrick, 06/08/14

I was pleasantly surprised at the pack can easily be packed into the small hold back, even if it seems impossible.

good quality

written by David, 01/06/15

The backpack lived up to all expectations, and then it's just a bonus that it came two days after I ordered it :-)

So small and light that you almost forget that you him this h

written by dieTine, 12/01/16

The UltraSil served its purpose fully. Large volumes with a small packing. Light yet stable. Convenient to carry. Anyone looking for a large backpack for long day trips, is wrong here. For all other o... Read more

Nifty little backpack

written by Lenette Bøjgaard, 17/02/16

Got the goods as promised, quickly. The backpack seems a little smaller than imagined. Good support in carrying pieces of the backpack. Does not take more than a clenched fist when folded. Easy to tak... Read more


written by Britta, 29/02/16

sac is planned as a complement to a journey with only hand luggage, but may after all have something extra with them in flight, I intend to stow down sweater / jacket, and during the trip to have it b... Read more


written by Oeste, 28/03/16

Was very satisfied quality good and color design also fit, delivery time a bit too long, after confirmation of the dispatch of the ship it was not until she was delivered

Practical, small and light, great

written by Steffi, 19/04/16

The backpack is packed really small, ideal for traveling. The material sounds to unpack like a plastic bag and feels like one. But it looks very well made out, can be filled well and is very durable. ... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Helle, 25/10/17

Fast delivery. Backpacks bought corresponded to expectations. Can only recommend others to shop here. Would like to go back here again.

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