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Sega Toys Homestar Original

Few moments are so magical as when you are under a starry sky. Now you can recreate the feeling when you want, at home where it's warm!

Sega Toys Homestar Original - Sega Toys Homestar Planetarium (EU Plug)
Sega Toys Homestar Planetarium (EU Plug)
63 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Sega Toys Homestar Original - Sega Toys Southern Hemisphere & Warped Andromeda
Sega Toys Southern Hemisphere & Warped Andromeda
12 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Sega Toys Homestar Original - Sega Toys Day & Night Earth & Moon
Sega Toys Day & Night Earth & Moon
13 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Very cozy little mackapär

written by Miranda, 14/11/13

Easy to understand, small and convenient to set where you want it. The sky is authentic, very nice to fall asleep to, or look at when you can not fall asleep. The edges of the sky does not appear as s... Read more

Mega cozy but anguish. Does not match the price

written by Raunis, 25/11/13

1000 kr. Is simply too much ... I paid like the set price if only the quality was there after, but unfortunately the "stars" out of focus and not sharp enough .. The half of the star closest... Read more

awesome star lamp!

written by Nathalie, 02/12/13

Is pleased with the lamp! There is only positive to write about it. You see the stars clearly, except at the edges where it is blurred. Love that it has built-in timer also! Then it extra cozy when th... Read more


written by Kusken, 25/12/13

Plus: 1. Covering very large part of the roof. 2. Spin feature. 3. The timer function (so you do not think about turning it off before you go to sleep). 4. Very good for the eyes to look at before fal... Read more

Fast and convenient trading

written by Jack, 30/12/13

Bought this product in a Christmas gift and the person who did this wanted this and it works known by expectations, claims that it soothes and have this inside the bedroom. Ha ha.

good idea

written by Simale, 16/03/14

But unfortunately poor workmanship. Yes it is possible to focus the projected image, but if the angle is exactly 90 degrees will never be the whole picture in focus. Which to me makes the product usel... Read more

surprisingly good!

written by Alexander, 02/04/14

Very happy with this stjerneprosjektoren here! nice and drop off to and if you're just going to slay a few minutes! getting a bit rundown due to the price, but are you happy in the universe so run... Read more


written by Tanya, 07/04/14

A really nice thing for eg the children's room. Is fun to watch when lighted fine on the ceiling. It's pretty popular!


written by Amanda, 08/10/14

Was very disappointed when I tried the product, it was not at all worth the price. The focus was very poor and could not be set at all, and the star was the case in the same place all the time. As I s... Read more

Lighting Projector weak, difficult to focus

written by Sökte en Star-projektor..., 30/10/14

There is a better version (but more expensive) of the product produced. This version is not affordable.

Home Planetarium

written by Bänkhe, 29/11/14

Nice thing to have in the bedroom and lie down to watch in bed before falling asleep. Good with highlighting of constellations and fun with the star falls. Good also with timer. Would recommend!


written by mr.genser, 01/12/14

This was the one that cost the most of what I ordered but worked poorly. Very blurry pictures, no possibility to set to get it into better focus. No right to delete very disappointed by the product.

Not at all like the pictures

written by Helen, 01/01/15

Purchased the product as a Christmas present for my son, but unfortunately not corresponded to the expectations, the reality was not in the vicinity of the images on the sky would look like. Real star... Read more

Cosy way to fall asleep

written by NS, 26/01/15

This stjärnhimeln is very light and easy to use. It gives a cozy light that makes it easier to fall asleep. Is it a mindra roof area to be covered so there will be a sharp and nice light with prominen... Read more


written by Juha, 30/12/15

Stunning pikkuplanetaario. Included in the northern starry sky and the northern tähtitaivast star pattern. The unit draws a picture accurately, and the stars may choose to rotate. Rotate the motor hum... Read more

Very nice starry

written by TT, 14/10/16

I have just received the star projector, and it lives up to expectations. It gives a clear picture when there is quite dark in the room and the image should be blurred, it is easy to focus, turn the r... Read more

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