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Skull Wineglass

These bone-hard glasses are right out of Count Dracula’s display case! Share a bottle of wine with the dark count and take out your finest and wickedest wine glasses featuring skulls, bones and spines!

Skull Wineglass - Skull Wineglass
Skull Wineglass
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tough wineglasses

written by Isfrost, 08/10/16

Good quality and prices is not much to say on. A tighten smell of metal, but with little Fairy liquid and let stand 1 day or 2 decreases smell. It is my experience after having done it with 2 pieces :... Read more

Looks cool but stands out

written by Gwill, 08/03/18

I bought two of these and they look incredibly cool. Unfortunately, the base is not completely flat and they shine and tremble. I do not trust enough that they do not dare to use them to drink. There ... Read more

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