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Soap Nutz Laundry Nuts

Wholly natural fruits that contain wholly natural soap. Use these nuts instead of detergent in the wash. Good for you, for the environment and for your wallet.

Soap Nutz Laundry Nuts - Soap Nutz Laundry Nuts 1 kg
Soap Nutz Laundry Nuts 1 kg
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written by Tony, 15/04/15

The laundry felt clean and soft. Has not been tested on stains. On a normal dirty laundry, I think the result was beyond the expectations of fine clear colors on the laundry.


written by Henning, 16/04/15

I bought some washing nuts and I think they are good to use. There is not much foam to see when washing but the clothes are clean. It's mostly. At least something I want to use again when I've... Read more

I am dissatisfied

written by Robert S, 13/06/15

I exercise a lot and sweat extra, this product does not clean my clothes. I want money back then I think your product is misleading regarding its effect. // Robert


written by Jonas, 15/06/15

I have now washed four or five times with a charge (five) "soap nutz" - it has worked really well every time. The cost per wash will only be a fraction compared to the usual detergent and do... Read more

Wash environmentally friendly

written by Hosta, 21/07/15

Perfect if you are in the countryside and do not have a proper drainage and do not want to let out more litter in nature than is already happening. Perfect if you have allergies since there are no syn... Read more

Good for the environment and the wallet

written by E, 02/11/15

Everyone should drive on this. Supersmart and smooth. The clothes become clean, cheaper than usual laundry detergents, and you do not have to waste a lot of inappropriate in our lakes and streams.


written by Emme, 14/12/15

Do not really know if they are my thing. Thought they would have a more neutral scent but d do not smell at all good so do not really know what to wash with them. Hard to describe what they smell but ... Read more

Super good!!

written by Jennyfer , 21/12/15

Super good!! Delivery was super fast and I received free shipping because I forgot to order 2 of that item. Just a lot of good to say about Coolstuff!


written by Emilia, 29/12/15

The bag with the nuts did not smell good at all, so you became a little nervous about using them ...

Works well :)

written by Lina, 01/01/16

A very funny thing o give away o also for your own use when you really work :) save a lot of money as d becomes significantly cheaper than buying ordinary laundry detergents. Have children o work well... Read more

Better than expected

written by Stentrappa , 04/01/16

I have tried laundry nuts. Works much better than I thought. The laundry will be clean and will also stain. The clothes smell clean but not perfume. Good for me who is allergic. 1 kg of nuts will last... Read more


written by Henrik, 05/01/16

Bought like a fun thing. They work, but with very bad instructions for use. They smell a bit sour.


written by Charlotte, 07/01/16

Have used laundry nuts, electric soap nuts, for a long time now and am very satisfied. Good with big pack in giant bag. Nice enough to give away gift :)


written by Fia, 13/01/16

Great gift, heard a lot of them! Lovely cloth bag too, you can certainly do it late when the nuts are over!

Environmentally friendly and good!

written by ThaiLambo, 13/01/16

Come in a beautiful sturdy bag! + Suits for any time-cheap, eco-friendly, and mild scent. - Do not remove tough stains.

Environmentally friendly and good!

written by ThaiLambo, 14/01/16

Come in a beautiful sturdy bag! + Suits for any time-cheap, eco-friendly, and mild scent. - Do not remove tough stains.

Environmentally friendly and good!

written by ThaiLambo, 14/01/16

Come in a beautiful sturdy bag! + Suits for any time-cheap, eco-friendly, and mild scent. - Do not remove tough stains.


written by Bjørn-Harry, 26/01/16

These nuts work for clothes washing! Safer a chemical helvetette from Omo, Ariel, etc. is recommended, getting much cheaper in the long run and.

So smart

written by Lene, 19/02/16

It seems beyond my expectation! The laundry nets smell quite sour when opening the bag, but it does not make the laundry. They are also effective on the more stubborn dirt. nice soft clothes without t... Read more


written by Anette grau, 20/04/16

Wash basins are really good. The clothes become clean and smell fresh and it is gentle. Do not understand it is not widespread. Have a really good conscience if it does not pollute and we will not be ... Read more

Washing nuts = top

written by Annika , 28/04/16

The laundry nuts are perfect for our laundry. However, do not smell them directly, but do not dare to smell the freshly washed laundry. Highly recommend!

Soap Nuts

written by Annitta Dolleruå, 13/06/16

Are extremely pleased with the Vaskenødder and also use them for pest control in the garden.

Can definitely be recommended

written by AR, 15/08/16

They can clean children's baby clothes clean ... so there is no more known to say;) And super nice when you have young children and / or are allergic to most of the washing powder. Can definitely ... Read more

Goes nuts ;-)

written by Ninz, 22/08/16

Effective when learning the scam using them and how many of them are to be used. Absolutely recommended to be used


written by Chekd, 21/10/16

Clean, smells fresh, but of course not as perfumed laundry detergent. Needs instruction on how much to use for each laundry and how many times you can use them.

Well ....

written by Sifpif, 24/10/16

I give the washing nuts 3 stars ... They clean the clothes nicely, definitely - Mean ... they do not really remove sweat odor / suresokkerlugt! When you put your clothes on after washing, the sweaty s... Read more

Sæbenødder works and gives a good conscience

written by Rikke, 24/11/16

We have been using soap nuts for almost all of our laundry for almost 1 year, and I also use it for a while to wash hair. We have been very satisfied and it's great to know that it's good for ... Read more


written by Stine, 14/12/16

Seemed it was strange that this is not sold in the grocery stores, but after some brain activity I understand the reason; these soap roots would have competed Lilleborg and I think they will put an en... Read more

Wanted with soap nutz

written by Kannika, 14/01/17

We ordered fast shipping. We love soap nutz, good for meoe. We are happy and satisfied. We would like to order again from coolstuff.

Has usually dropped laundry detergent

written by Emilie, 09/03/17

My boyfriend is super allergic to ordinary laundry detergent and there is no problem at all. They do not smell very good, but the smell does not smell in the clothes (the clothes do not smell after wa... Read more


written by Hel nöjd, 15/03/17

I just love laundry nuts. Wash clean without chemicals and costs almost nothing, considering that a bag is about 1.5 years

Good nuts :-D

written by Nynne, 03/04/17

I have used soap nuts for a long time, they are great for everything from laundry and cleaning, for washing dogs, cat, yourself and more :-D Have not found them cheaper than at cool stuff and I was ev... Read more

Everyone should have at home!

written by Nattski, 06/04/17

Works believe it or not! Feeling really proud to wash so environmentally friendly. And so it's much easier than dosing detergents :) The only downside is that the nuts themselves do not smell the ... Read more

Peanuts, cleanliness of nature!

written by Tommi, 15/04/17

Peanuts clean the natural cleanliness of the 1kg package for laundry for a long time at a competitive price :).

Environment friendly

written by Hanne , 17/04/17

It is the most amazing detergent to date. Will not use anything from now on. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


written by Irmelita , 18/04/17

Organic nuts for laundry. Very good results for non soiled laundry. For fine clothes sportswear etc and save on the environment. Useful and without chemicals smell smells.


written by Emma S, 25/08/17

The clothes have a slightly fresh smell and they work! Nice to wash clothes with 100% conscience. Can definitely be recommended.

New washing experience

written by Maudan, 05/09/17

Not a chance to overdose. Only 6 small wash nuts in a cloth bag that goes with the laundry. Each dose is sufficient for three full washings. After completion of laundry. Let the bag with the nuts air ... Read more

Did not work any further

written by Marie, 20/09/17

Was really peeking on being able to wash ecologically but unfortunately I was disappointed. Maybe did something wrong? Took 7 nuts in the bag and washed at 60 degrees. Did not see any solder but they ... Read more

Good buy

written by Marja-Liisa, 22/09/17

Because of the skin irritation caused by detergents, I'm looking for something more appropriate. Peanuts turned out to be great shopping. The laundry is clean and non-smoky and soft without rinse ... Read more

awesome detergent

written by pernille, 27/10/17

These washing nuts I highly recommend, I have chronic asthma and alegia and therefore these alternatives to detergent are terrific to me, I use them for klevask with vinegar in the rinsing water and o... Read more


written by Nelli, 23/12/17

Have not tested them than when it's Christmas gift but the smell was very special, not in the right direction though: /

washing nuts

written by Becki, 18/01/18

Completely pleased with the laundry nuts and even food stains on the children's clothes disappeared, the clothes smelled clean without being too much

Look good

written by Sam, 08/02/18

Nice looking package and the nuts feel great. Have fun a few washes with them and no problems so far - interesting to see how they continue to perform

Good product

written by Aino, 15/02/18

Thank you, the product you like in a big bag, it takes a long time and the delivery was really fast! It's nice that the laundry does not smell strongly for the chemicals, but can use natural produ... Read more


written by BB, 19/03/18

Absolutely sovereign. The top to wash in will not return to ordinary laundry detergent. So good to me with allergy


written by BB, 19/03/18

The top for my grandchildren who are sensitive to laundry detergents. No rinse aid is required. Top towels are soft.

Wash nuts that make a difference!

written by Boddan, 16/04/18

Have long been waiting for a good detergent that is gentle for myself and the environment. Because I'm perfume sensitive and do not manage any skin products, the supply is quite limited. Was curio... Read more

Never use traditional detergent again

written by NM, 23/04/18

We love laundry / soap berries / washing nuts. Dear child has many names. We are a family of six with three active sports children and one baby. Father plays floorball, runs a lot and works as a sport... Read more

Good for the environment

written by Tine, 11/05/18

Cheap and gentle for the environment. Can recommend it to anyone who wants to find an alternative to common detergents.

Washing Nuts

written by Gerd Aina , 17/07/18

I have used the laundry robes and they are absolutely huge, beautiful. Do not use laundry powder anymore and no rinse aid. Good to good. Recommended.

Not worth the money

written by Tobias, 17/08/18

I thought we would get a product that would save us money and give clean clothes - it turned out that it was not the case. First of all, soap nutz smells - and it's not a good smell ... The smell ... Read more

Beyond expectation!

written by Linnea, 20/08/18

Very happy with them here! absolutely amazing what clean and soft clothes are after washing with these nuts :) you see a big difference on the dishes with and without, everyone should use them !!!

Better than expected!

written by Fia, 11/09/18

Works great! As I said, you are a person who likes perfume smells, then this is no product for him / her. The nuts do not remove sweat odors but there is a solution to this. Add two tablespoons of bic... Read more

Soap Nutz Washnuts

written by Ewa, 19/09/18

I buy washing nuts from Coolstuff because they are the cheapest ones I could find. The nuts are big and sturdy, work very well, make the laundry clean and I wash with good conscience.

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