The closest you get to having a roller coaster in your own home. Hours of fun for the whole family. Because in this case, building the spacerail track is just as important as actually rolling the ball.

SpaceRail - SpaceRail Level I
SpaceRail Level I
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SpaceRail - SpaceRail Level V
SpaceRail Level V
49 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SpaceRail - SpaceRail Level VIII
SpaceRail Level VIII
88 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

SpaceRail - Batteries C 2-pack
Batteries C 2-pack
27 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by DarkMatter, 20/05/13

Excellent gadget for the elderly geeks :) - I received the kit without missing on parts. It is very easy if you follow the instructions, about what others have written in accordance with the different... Read more


written by Bjørn, 04/09/13

This is a kuuult product for big boys (30+). Quite difficult to build, and hours of fun and creativity. When everything finally is finished, it is just to enjoy their own creative abilities. Let the b... Read more

Looking forward to Christmas!

written by Line, 21/11/13

Bought this as a Christmas present to his little brother. Can not wait extra for Christmas Eve when he should open it. He is 15 years there and I think the most advanced, we bought will be perfect! Ca... Read more

fast levering.kjempefint

written by asw, 17/12/13

But granddaughter will get it for Christmas but he must have the help of an adult when it is for 15 years and oppover..så I do not know how it works

little disappointed

written by irene, 26/12/13

We were a little disappointed that the lanes sphere is running in is how some plastic weighers or whatever you want to call them, instead of some solid pieces lane which run from point to point .. it&... Read more

Popular Christmas present

written by Sunniva, 28/12/13

Gave this to the 19 year old brother for Christmas. He ended up on the floor where he sat and built and adjusted throughout the evening. Big fuss! Toys for big kids.

Stood to expectations

written by Jess, 30/12/13

Challenging and fun:) many parts as you need some good at to put it together. But not inviklet.

Top value for money

written by Bo Dalsgaard, 30/12/13

We bought space rail level V for the Christmas holidays. Better entertainment for under 400 does not exist. The children have participated as they could (8 and 11) and was very interested. Now it is f... Read more

requires time

written by Nisse, 02/01/14

It takes time to build and adjust the path so that everything works. It is difficult to get all lines that serve 100% IGT. It requires patience, time, and an adult to get it and serve. Expect a 8-12 h... Read more

Cool Christmas gift for brother

written by Hampus, 02/01/14

Above expectation on the coolness scale. A föredel'd been to print it is recommended from 15 years. Incidentally absolutely spot on, little brother (7 years) loves it.


written by Zeta, 02/01/14

Hmm Space Rail, it may be something? For a technology geek in 44 years who love to fiddle with things so it was funny as hell. Start at level 5 and it was about as difficult and fiddly as I had expect... Read more

The fatty product of manual machine translated

written by Joe, 02/01/14

Great toys for the creative. Here is the opportunity for hours of fun - and with the acquisition of several sets, possibly. of larger size, one can expand the space to infinity. There are many videos ... Read more

Not on building small, but small play

written by Äiskä, 03/01/14

SpaceRail1 was a very positive experience! At the discretion of the next a little more difficult rada acquisition ... lend themselves to such an extent that the mother together with the son of 6yrs pl... Read more

Super fun

written by Martin, 06/01/14

We bought a self assembly ball track to activate the kids. It was a little too difficult for them, but so were the parents enabled, but after it has been assembled, we have had many hours of fun with ... Read more

Rolling Ball Level 8

written by Martina, 07/01/14

We ordered the ball track for our son (11) for Christmas. After the assessment of the website the level 8 seemed to be very demanding and done a recommendation from 15 years. When you have familiarize... Read more

Space Rail Level 1 or 5

written by camsdk, 08/01/14

Space Rail is a very nice way to toiled together. There are a number of challenges. It should preferably be 2 to pick it because the manual is not totally clear. Have especially had trouble with the e... Read more

A big challenge, but happy!

written by sak, 08/01/14

This requires some systematic and transparent, but 12-year-old seems to like it that way to keep track and the accuracy is required. Recommended!

Heads up!

written by Kopf hoch, 18/02/14

Sorry, but the enthusiasm we do not share. Our son is really very experienced with the assembly of kits. But unfortunately this did not work at. Therefore, he is yesterday komett in Mull landed a pity... Read more


written by Ingel Nilsson, 18/02/14

Fastest delivery I have experienced because of the friendly attentive staff. Recommend Coolstuff.

Super Satisfied!

written by Annette, 21/03/14

Both I and my 11 year old is very happy with the purchase and service. Everything went smoothly and I can definitely imagine shopping at Coolstuff again!

Childish challenge for adults

written by Vegard, 26/03/14

Bought level 8 on offer. On offer is the SOLE READY worth the money, but certainly also for the normal price. It has taken some hours of work to get "up and go" but it's just fun. Buildi... Read more

challenging fun

written by RealRebel, 18/04/14

Bought Space Rail Level 8 on offer. Straightforward and fast delivery. The accompanying guide is written in a variant of English that is a bit challenging, but with a little patience and concentrated ... Read more


written by Helle, 21/06/14

8-year-old was very happy and managed to build up rail, the smallest model, largely on their own. Most difficult was it to find the right tools to cut to lengths of rail, but the end result clearly ap... Read more

Good ones!

written by Hanski, 18/07/14

After all, it took only two days when the host of this size. The joy was enough for a long time, both for the lovers. Good product. I thought that if it would order the next more difficult .. :)

Not at all what I ordered

written by Putte, 12/12/14

Ordered largest model but got the smallest. Ticked also to not get with any paper copy, lay a copy of the box anyway. Luckily it did not hit the whole box and gave Christmas.


written by Wiebke, 13/12/14

This marble run is a great idea and a wonderful toy. Unfortunately the plastic parts break off extremely light. If this must be so, then it should be possible to give spare parts to order. But that do... Read more

Space Rail and Veggie Twister

written by Gianlucca Oddo, 15/12/14

Hello, I can say everything arrived on time and in good conditions, the Veggie Twister works perfect, the Space Rail is a gift so it won't be open until Christmas, so let see. I think the site is ... Read more

Bad quality

written by Hans Pesc ettini, 25/12/14

Took Space rail as mandelgave won it himself. Spent a lot of time to assemble it, and it turned out that the ball constantly fell out, even if it was true summarized.

Geeky adult toys

written by Claus Andersen, 26/12/14

Hours of entertainment for those who like a little tweaking. The instructions are not so bad after all. The drawings are detailed, and you have to just give her time.

Best gift for boyfriend

written by Jultomten, 26/12/14

Have never seen my better half as busy as after this July Where a bell for the technology enthusiasts and many hours of building fun is still there. As an adult lego about. bought between size and it ... Read more

Cool but tricky

written by LiLaDoLa, 28/12/14

Have geschekt my husband the web. Arrived well but not so easy to build on. Delivery was super fast. Gladly again!

Awesome! Level 1

written by Sickan, 29/12/14

Gave it to my little brother (14 years) for Christmas which was so pleased! Took quite a long time to build up, which was a plus as it would have been sad if it went on for 5 minutes. Perfect for thos... Read more

cruel pastime

written by Putte, 30/12/14

Took many hours to build, and even three-year-domestic helped build. Very fascinating just watching!

Christmas gift

written by Linda, 01/01/15

Got tips on buying this Christmas gift to the nephew of my partner. Past experiences from tip giver was very positive! :)

saved in the wrong place

written by Susi, 05/01/15

We spent far more time building than we liked, because the product is overall pretty "shaky" - at the end the result was simply unsatisfactory. Okay for the price, may be answered - My perso... Read more

Good to assemble and run with

written by Gry, 05/01/15

It has been a good experience for our daughter to pick the field. However, I recommend that applicants more plastic wire, so it is not fatal if you are going to measure wrong. right now there is just ... Read more

Great fun trajectory!

written by Jag, 05/01/15

Great fun trajectory that involves long, both during construction and when it is completed. Fun for both kids and adults! Good and necessary if children can be helped by adults during the construction... Read more

perfect delivery

written by Poul Erik, 06/01/15

Everything worked as it should. Thank you for quick delivery. It will not be the last time I buy from you! Happy New Year Poul Erik Bruun

"As neat!"

written by Satu, 13/01/15

I bought this man on her birthday and yes it is 35-year-old, but this began to build the same road. Absolutely badge shopping man who already has everything but has a piece of the child's consensu... Read more

space rails

written by fm, 27/01/15

It was pretty fun but also a great challenge. et turned out that the description was wrong on one point. The dimensions are in mm but it must be cm. Then cut it to a lot of rails in the wrong length, ... Read more


written by stephan74, 20/07/15

Super awesome. Fast delivery, 1A value for money. Class service at Cool Stuff. The Space Rail Level 1 is fun to build and the like to Level 2 is directly after building since. Power richtigs fun and I... Read more

Space Rail

written by Emilia, 29/12/15

I bought this for my dad for Christmas, it was very difficult to build it and all descriptions were in Chinese. It was also very fiddly and difficult, I am sadly disappointed in my purchase. I bought ... Read more

Very fun and cool

written by Ida, 04/01/16

My daughter of twelve and her friend got little help from his father, and then they were fine challenged and entertained for hours. It works perfect - ours is the simple version.

Super fast delivery

written by zickenkickerin, 09/01/16

Super fast delivery, fair price, no shipping costs, what more could you want. I'm totally satisfied with this supplier !!!!

Fun the fiddly

written by Fia, 10/06/16

Mighty fun to do with the child (10) and very pillig. Very popular and awesome to be there. Bought the least to start with

Fun but quite difficult

written by Jerbe, 26/12/16

15-year limit is for real - many parts are sluggish and the installation is a bit tricky. Some parts are very similar to each other, and it becomes apparent only at the end that they made a mistake. B... Read more

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