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Sphero 2.0 Robotic Ball

Can a little ball be cool? Sure it can, if is app controlled, has a top speed of two metres per second, is made of unbreakable plastic, is watertight and is compatible with more than 20 apps!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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21 reviews

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What is this?

yet fun toys

written by vmddorf, 10/10/13

Unfortunately, I have become very aware of late COOL STUFF. All the more, I then looked forward to be able to buy Sphero 2.0 as low. He was despite somewhat more expensive UPS shipping, for turbo-fast... Read more

Seems like it should - but how long is it fun?

written by GGG, 21/11/13

This is a sturdy toy, but I was quickly bored with it. Note that it is not included with the hood with spikes in the package, and will use the bullet outdoors this is almost a must. Without spin it ju... Read more

tips Fungadget

written by Igel-Ice, 12/02/14

We enjoyed this "crazy" ball very much. Good time & easy control have convinced us. We look forward to the successor Sphero 2.0B.

Amerikan charger

written by Arg köpare, 14/03/14

Why does not Cool stuff that you have to have another charger to charge in Sweden. Got it home today and can not use it gets so damn sick :-(

Do it properly

written by Christian, 18/03/14

I like it. It does what I imagined, rolls fast if I want it and can learn tricks and so on when you let it go up in levels. The bad things: 1. It must be constantly calibrated and you have to go throu... Read more

Coolest gadget 2014

written by Trischa, 17/04/14

So much to do, both inside & out! A small packet of powder that my 9 year old son adores. A perfect companion on our travels!

Super cool

written by Tweety, 08/05/14

The sphero is totally super, it makes you feel good to play with it, you can not stop. Super cool apps and the free circuit units are really cool.

Super toy!

written by Filip, 13/06/14

This is a blast to play! No hills to climb the very! If you buy it, you should also buy with a nubby cover!

Cute but weak

written by Peps, 07/07/14

The children were helförtjusta, but it is too weak to cope run around on the lawn. Indoors or on asphalt, it is applicable. A bit troublesome to have to recalibrate it right all the time, as soon as i... Read more

fat toys

written by Charlotte, 31/07/14

Have ordered it to my son and it has fully lived up to his expectations. Impressive technology in such a small ball :-)

fantastic service

written by Mia, 01/10/14

Would like to thank you for a great service! Got a brand new product, when the first malfunctioned. Happy 10 year old son who now run their Sphero as he wished. Thanks for the help

Awesome fun!

written by Albin, 03/10/14

Sphero huh lot more than I expected, disappointing that the cost over a thousand patches only. The dog loves the 4/5 due to price

Quick delivery (y)

written by JOhn Olav, 05/01/15

The product is as advertised and good fun. Sphero is the family's new play, even the cat likes the Fast Delivery

Sphero too slow

written by TomDimmer, 07/01/15

My son was 8 years old was unfortunately very disappointed with the speed of the Sphero. In the video is shown as the Sphero via the supplied jump jumps properly. Our Sphero make it just to get over t... Read more


written by Eivind, 21/01/15

As many others have said does not follow "nubby cover with," but it's almost a must to have in addition. Otherwise, when I opnet package I was surprised at how little space they had used... Read more

lost contact

written by Janne, 16/03/15

I did not work well with any of my iOS devices. The lost touch all the time and it was difficult to restore.

Sphero 2.0 - works with many different apps

written by Håkan, 07/04/15

Sphero 2.0 - is a robotic ball that can be used for various applications. It is linked by Bluetooth to your android tablet phone / ipad iphone or windows 8.1 pc and have calibrated all the time (if yo... Read more

Funny, but slow

written by Else, 27/07/15

This little case I bought for my husband. In the description seemed this toy very handsome, and since my husband constantly toys with drones and helicopters, I thought that this would be a hit. But ..... Read more


written by Papa Bear, 15/11/15

best toy if you have a dog or not it is very durable and the free apps is firmly fun you never tire of it! though I'm really disappointed in the rubber Covern who went to buy, it is alldelse too e... Read more

Tollstes Christmas!

written by Reny, 27/12/15

I am very pleased with this Lieferung.Sie was delivered on time and in perfect condition. It was the best Christmas present for my son and so simply by selecting all smoothly (thanks to the good descr... Read more


written by Bouman, 29/02/16

How should all e-transactions take place. Mvh Bouman Thank you for the very fast turnaround. The gift was great success.

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