Sphero Ollie

With the size of a soft drink tin, quick as a sprinter, tough as a boxer. Sphero Ollie is an app-controlled speed demon that generates butterflies in the stomach for all those who run it.

Sphero Ollie - Sphero Ollie
Sphero Ollie
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Birthday gift for my son of 6 years

written by Winnie, 11/02/15

I bought Olli my 6 year old son as a birthday gift. I had seen the video about the product and was convinced that it would be a good gift. My son was very happy for the gift and we all think that it i... Read more

OK, but needs some finputs

written by Anders, 14/12/15

Has controlled it with an Android phone and iPad and experience, unfortunately, there is a difference in how the device communicates with Ollie'n, which should not play the role. I get better cont... Read more

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