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This spoon-fork-knife brings a piece of civilization to the wild and a piece of the wild to civilization. Works just as well in the woods as in the jungle of the city.

Spork - Red
63 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Spork - Orange
36 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Spork - Pink
5 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Spork - Lime Green
Lime Green
18 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Spork - Black
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Spork - Purple
17 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Just in his jacket pocket

written by Jørn Jensen, 02/07/13

How often missing not some cutlery at the airport or the like. This is in the pocket, and the price is good

Nifty little helps!

written by Anna Kirkelund, 06/08/13

My fine little spork has got its own place in my bag, as I am the type who always forgets cutlery. The plastic seems sturdy enough, and it is fine for both salad, yoghurt and hot food. Knife function ... Read more


written by saraw, 04/01/14

Just what you would expect from a spork. The plastic is all right quantity and the colors are very nice. Personally, I love this tool and they are the perfect size to he in the lunchbox!

One of my best purchases ever!

written by Mala, 04/03/14

Spork is light and handy, and do it properly. Have 2stycken and have used spork extensively in 2års time - very durable, capable dishwasher.


written by Jacky, 24/06/14

Spork is set 3 in 1 He's very big. He might be a little smaller, the spoon has a size of a tablespoon. The teaspoon size would have been sufficient For very robust.

All in one

written by Adrian, 20/09/14

The name speaks for itself. You have both knife, fork and spoon in a. Perfect to take on a trip, or accepted in places where you do not have access to cutlery. Small and handy :)

Ideal for the excursion or in the lunch box

written by Angel, 20/11/14

When you do not want to bring their silverware to work / school / excursion as a spork is a perfect tool. You can cut up an avocado and eat it with the same cutlery. It is easy to wash and I never go ... Read more

So, as I had imagined

written by S.K., 24/11/14

The shipment proceeded quickly and easily; the fact that I knew when and where the package would arrive, I could already planning the morning and easily pick it up at lunch. The state was unharmed. Th... Read more

Spoon, knife and fork in a

written by sara, 29/12/14

Spork is exactly as described, a fork, knife and spoon in one. Clever use of utflytkten!

Unrated product

written by Göran, 27/04/15

I assume that the product has fallen out of complacency. I live in Falun and recipient live in Landskrona. Unfortunately, we have never met and may not ever meet, who knows ... But I saw on "Feja... Read more


written by Rose-Marie, 13/07/15

I bought 2 "sporks" (?) Because I have weak wrists and difficult to cut up meat and such, as well as being able to bring food to the mouth without spilling. But, I regret to tell you that I&... Read more


written by Marylon, 28/07/15

Beautiful colors and steady in performance and they were made in Sweden, handy to take with you on excursions or lunch box to work, they weigh almost nothing. Our family also use them to eat kiwi frui... Read more


written by Göran, 31/08/15

A pretty handy thing that can not be happy just throws after using. That it is knife fork and spoon in the same tool is doing well may not matter so easy to handle. You need two main sporks each, for ... Read more


written by Vicki, 01/12/15

Great to have everything in one. Bought four so we all in the family have their when we are away and then have food with us. Much easier than taking the knife and fork to all and maybe then also spoon... Read more


written by Olesen, 16/12/15

A really brilliant idea, especially for scouts and people who stay in the wild. It's a gadget that you may own.


written by Doody, 27/12/15

Seen goods, paid for and delivered three days later. The Fork is practical. Have these always in my pocket. I eat away (not a restaurant meant), I use them, because the cutlery often looks dirty there... Read more

Good reserve cutlery!

written by V, 18/08/16

Bought a spork here many years ago not used jätteflitigt until lately. My husband commutes to the Bell and the school has notoriously no silverware so he must bring their own. It's great to have w... Read more

Best cutlery!

written by Ulrika, 02/05/17

There is nothing better cutlery he with you when camping or lunch box with them to work! Easy to find and easy to clean! Small aberration becomes when you do not lick the spoon thoroughly before using... Read more


written by Lorina, 02/05/17

The spork is a funny idea to save space in your pack. However, one should be careful with the fork use that you do not hurt the knife edge corners of the mouth. So still use wisely.


written by Linda Grenander, 25/06/18

A very handy thing. All in one, just have to bring 1 item instead of 3. Perfect size for the food box.

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