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Squatty Potty Original

A healthy colon is no laughing matter. Squatty Potty helps you to sit on your haunches when you visit the toilet. The doctor recommends it!

Squatty Potty Original - Small
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Squatty Potty Original - Large
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Squatty Potty Original - Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Citrus Squeeze
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Citrus Squeeze
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Squatty Potty Original - Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Fruity Booty
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Fruity Booty
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Squatty Potty Original - Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Mystic Forest
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Mystic Forest
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Squatty Potty Original - Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Pinch of Vanilla
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Pinch of Vanilla
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Squatty Potty Original - Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Tropical Dropsicle
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray - Tropical Dropsicle
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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80 reviews

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What is this?


written by Tom, 15/10/15

I could not believe myself, but it really works. I highly recommend it. Great...

Back to nature in your own home

written by Rasmus, 15/10/15

That such a simple adjustment can make a big difference! Love it! When it's time for No. 2, only to turn to the right, relax and let the body take care of itself as it itself would easily and natu... Read more


written by Loola, 19/10/15

Bought a squatty potty after many years of stomach problems including IBS and have always difficult to go to the bathroom after I bought this squatty potty, it's awsome to go to the bathroom. Very... Read more

Lightens really pressure

written by Peter, 28/10/15

Felt a bit ridiculous when I ordered a small stool just to shit but had only heard good reviews of similar products and I must say it is well worth the money. If you have some technical problems at th... Read more

Skid well

written by Alex, 16/11/15

The skid good product

Constipation disappeared from vintage

written by Mie, 21/12/15

Again we have found a good functional product, which can be very happy. Well suited for the toilet bowl around when not in use, therefore, a great design. I bought a higher model and do not need a ver... Read more

Klämgo stool for option 2

written by Svenpa, 21/12/15

You put it next to the toilet, stand on it and enjoy the result of not having to take so much and that more generally come out in a single context. Solid and stable, small fnasiga surfaces on top so y... Read more

A popular Christmas present

written by Henke, 25/12/15

A popular Christmas gift. Seems to have the intended effect. The design can not complain. No gift you give to anyone but loved ones


written by Anna, 25/12/15

Best Christmas present for my boyfriend !! : D was appreciated by the whole family! Good for us with stomach problems and IBS! :)

is da shit

written by happyuser, 01/01/16

OK you have to put up with taunts and comments but it works. Bought the larger model, and it feels pretty great.

Good, but could bought the smaller model

written by Christian, 02/01/16

Bought it to the girl who has IBS. It has helped her so it serves its purpose, but it is a bit large and I would buy the little instead.


written by Froken, 03/01/16

This is a super and simple device that should be on any toilet. I have long considered building on my toilet; but this problem is solved and its position at the bowel are correct, natural and appropri... Read more

Keeps its promises

written by HVR, 05/01/16

The product works great, and after the medical purpose. My only gripe is that the footrest feet are spread a little more than what is perceived as an ideal configuration. Then you can of course put yo... Read more


written by sab, 29/01/16

The article, as a gift, we received a very short time. Order processing and shipping were topp, now we hope that would be the recipient!

Good idea

written by spatz, 09/02/16

SP puts people at defecation in the natural position. This relieves the sciatic nerve, bringing the intestines in the ideal position. All this facilitates scary. However, for me the SP did not fit aro... Read more

Clear intestines!

written by Rasjonella, 12/02/16

After I got this irritates me every time I have to poop at work and miss an opportunity to use the stool. I'm not particularly high, something my boyfriend ever bully me. This falls into the categ... Read more

Class, class, class

written by Hajovi, 22/02/16

Finally my bowels get again, as it should be, without a lot of power ... great part, I can only recommend, but it should not be higher with me ... !!

Right on!

written by Fecal Fingers, 25/02/16

Yes, it works and it exceeded expectations! Buy a squatty Potty and avoid hemorrhoids. The lower height will be good enough for most people.

This changed my life

written by Roger, 08/03/16

What a wonderful way to shit on. This is recommended strongest! The smallest is plenty big enough for anyone I think, it's pretty big in itself.

Best thing

written by Helge, 08/03/16

Hard to be without a podium when a grown accustomed to it. Can yearn to go to the bathroom at home! A podium would probably be able to make the same effect but for 349 kr, it is not so much to think a... Read more

Works fine!

written by MaTePe, 10/05/16

It was mostly the children who were tagged on this because most of the commercial which is wonderful. Otherwise, I think it works well, the children go the worse, it will be a stretch when you sit so ... Read more


written by BaiLi, 12/05/16

Maybe it seems silly to sit on the toilet with your knees up around his ears, but it is now once such we should sit naturally. Squatty Potty is simply brilliant and after a short acclimatization it fe... Read more

To poop but afterwards makes you realize that you have misshandl

written by Driton, 14/06/16

Undoubtedly something every family home and toilet should have, it is a long term investment. Rubber pads underneath had been higher friction.


written by Pricken, 15/06/16

This is super. enough with the small. Just wondering why they do not manufacture lower toilet seats at once so that you do not have this problem. Would save the environment, hemorojder o various other... Read more

unexpected and far the best

written by ak, 20/06/16

Saw the previous review that the product could be helpful in IBS. Squatty Potty has emerged to become one of the best purchases I -någonsin- done. As helpful to the toilet for those with troublesome b... Read more

Squatty small Potty

written by Inger, 21/06/16

Broadly similar to the expectations, very helpful. Could possibly be slightly narrower, I bet your feet in it even when it is inserted in the toilet, because it stands out on the page.


written by V, 18/08/16

A little expensive to buy but because of a little sluggish stomach and super reviews I thought give it a chance. Neither I nor my husband feel much difference when we use it, unfortunately. But I will... Read more

works great

written by Milene, 05/09/16

You have to get used to sit in this way. The legs are quite high up, but it has to be that way. But it's a little hard for the bales to sit on the toilet seat in this way, because you have your we... Read more

The toilet seat in front of the podium

written by Ritva R., 20/09/16

I can not say anything other than that no matter how good it is. First hesitant to the height, but in practice it turned out to be. Ulkonäöltääkin it is clean. Now is a good idea to sit pytyllä;))

Magic intestines

written by Andy, 23/09/16

I wanted to buy squatty Potty because I do not want to poop errors in the rest of my life. It felt a little ridiculous to download it and unzip it. It is not very attractive and it gets a little weird... Read more


written by Mellen, 26/09/16

Amazing that the market is beginning to understand the genius of this, but I took the little model and I think iallaf it still is a bit too large and unwieldy, and furthermore too low, I had wanted to... Read more

Awesome to have!

written by Herlin, 27/09/16

Gave this as playful presents late for my girlfriend. It is used and it is actually good, make a difference!

great work

written by Dorothea, 20/10/16

I who have difficulties with defecation has greatly helped by this squatty Potty. Clearly intestine easier to empty itself of this elevation. I bought the lower variant. Good that there is a rubber st... Read more

squatty Potty

written by Anna, 28/10/16

Squatty Potty live up to expectations, is super good and WORKS! Chose the small model, which is absolutely perfect in size to the normal toilet. Fast delivery and good service :-)

This is the shit!

written by Benjamin, 27/11/16

Pun intended! This was the best shit I've dropped in a long time! I can not recommend this enough. This really is the way we were always Intended two drop a load. Buy the stool for better stool no... Read more


written by Maria, 28/11/16

Absolutely gorgeous necessary. Think not, buy! To go to the toilet and carry No. 2 is no problem now. If you have a problem with the stomach / intestine, this is a great invention. My 4 year old likes... Read more

squatty Potty

written by Bibbi, 12/12/16

Very good tool when you have lbs, I was a bit hesitant but it actually helps, so glad I bought it :-)

Squatty Potty is a real recommendation

written by Chris, 13/12/16

So I would not have thought it, but it is a real recommendation. All it promises, it also keeps :-) is that healthier, I believe every word, an enrichment. For the German Standarttolette the lower ran... Read more

Excellent idea and design

written by Joachim, 13/12/16

Solid quality and far better and higher than the bet baby stool we used before. All the benefits of those southern European / Arab hole in the floor toilets without getting sore thighs ;-P

Really helps, recommended!

written by Annika, 09/01/17

After only a week or so, I notice a big difference in how the toilet visits run smoothly in relation to the complaints I had. Hemorojder, gas, bloating, etc. Very facilitation. This toilet stool recom... Read more

Impressive good!

written by Ampalang, 01/02/17

Just installed new commode and then I have rejected back I bought an elevated so i will from there too. Felt a bit contrived (pun intended) to run the No. 2 but then ran on to a recommendation by squa... Read more

Surprisingly good product

written by AHS, 18/02/17

Chuckled when "Squatty potty" arrived in the mail, but after using it a few months is both spouse and I very happy. It is so much easier when we squat than when we sit with our feet on the f... Read more


written by Anja Heinonen, 10/03/17

Picture this product led me to make the first purchases Coolstuff. And according to my expectations, it has proven to be excellent. As an old man I have sometimes small and ulostusvaikeuksia them this... Read more


written by Joanna, 25/04/17

They first few days, it feels strange to sit in this way, but then! Do not regret that I bought it. Help my IBS stomach.

Christmas every day!

written by Oscar, 27/04/17

Sure, I knew that this and similar products have been around for a long time, but I've always thought, "Oh, so much difference can it not do that?". Think how wrong I was, as a new Potty... Read more

Is that right?

written by Leif, 12/05/17

Yes, then you have bought a pallet to try to write a review about. We make an effort. According to all the rows, they are going to be kidding and making number 2, or as they say, already the neander l... Read more

Good to have

written by BoxholmII, 17/05/17

It was delivered very quickly. Works well, just as it was supposed to be. Also acts as foot support for grandchildren who have begun to use large ropes instead of the pot.

Less impressed than I thought

written by K, 29/05/17

A little hard to get in the right position on it I think. Still having severe stomach problems, have not helped very much now after a month, see how it goes on.


written by Wyo, 29/05/17

Good product. It is stable and not as uncomfortable as you would think, and very well designed. A little expensive for a large plastic pallet, but if you look at cost / usage, the sum will be quite in... Read more


written by MMB, 05/06/17

It works well .. it takes some time to get used to it, but it is super comfortable to use. Recommends that you buy small because it is quite big, think the big one is too big ...


written by Kf, 09/06/17

It was returned with the desire to get the smallest size instead, which I hope to receive as soon as possible ..! Greetings Kristin Flåtten

The best there is

written by S, 16/06/17

Had long thought about buying one and after hearing only good things, I chose to click home the smaller variant and I'm SO NUCH. Sambon who just laughed at me when I put up squatty potty has begun... Read more

Great product!

written by Nordlandsjente, 28/06/17

After reading other customers' feedback, I chose the lowest size - and it was wise. Is very pleased with the product. It's a good idea to score since all the restrooms are not as high as possi... Read more

It works!

written by Renate, 10/07/17

This is a much better alternative to a stool when you hang and dangle with your legs because you are too short to reach the floor when sitting on the floor. I use this every time I'm on do regardl... Read more


written by Maria, 14/08/17

Bought the little one and am very pleased. Also ordered one to my 85-year-old dad who is also very happy!

Excellent service and the item arrives very quickly

written by Janni, 14/08/17

Super service and nice product. The package arrived super fast and that means ALT

Try it try it

written by Frøken Jensen, 26/08/17

Had I seen that video before? It indicates a serious problem in a fun way and it is largely solved. Have bought both the low and the high stool and for me it's the tall one that works.

So pleased!

written by Anna, 04/09/17

I have been interested in buying it for a long time. I have always had an inconvenience. So "crazy" pleased that I finally bought it. Tips for everyone!

Super Happy

written by Tony , 08/09/17

Has been doing barefoot racing for almost two years and has always had a low pallet to support the toilet. When I got better off sitting in a hurry I needed a bigger challenge and when I bought this, ... Read more

Seems like it should

written by Stefan, 18/09/17

Super simple product, but it works as it should and is not in its way when it's not in use. Should have bought it for years back when I heard about it first.

Works !!

written by Poopalicius, 12/10/17

Had heard so much about the product and is nothing but satisfied. The small size is good enough.

Best "bajspallen"

written by Tina, 24/11/17

Recommended! Great pallet that can be pushed against the toilet seat so that it is not out of reach when not in use. I bought the big model and it became perfect. The height from the floor to my wc ch... Read more

Too expensive!

written by Annika, 16/12/17

It fills its function, but thinks the price is way too expensive! Could have been lowered with a 100-patch at least.

Over hypad

written by Ida, 24/01/18

Saw really forward to this as it would help and be completely magical. I use it every day but would not like to say it's magical. Clearly better with than without but not that big difference!

Everybody should have one

written by Emma, 01/02/18

It felt a little ridiculous to buy. But it is very good and everyone should get one for the bowel to get as good as possible!


written by Fripps, 07/03/18

Very happy with my Squatty Potty. Uses it daily. Best purchase I have made. Najjan i bajjan simply!


written by KitWoman, 12/03/18

Dirty literally! I'm sorry to not order it earlier! Takes the situation to a whole new level for both children and adults!

Choose the right size

written by Arash, 20/03/18

You usually say pretty easily after a few days, do not give up. It's not the same to use a regular pallet. I have also wondered what size to choose (7 "or 9") and made measurements accor... Read more

Good product!

written by Marian, 22/03/18

Is very pleased with the product. Not expensive and really helps especially when you have stomach problems, hemorrhoids etc. Bought the smaller size which fits well. Recommend this product :)


written by Jessica, 27/03/18

Really good! But made the mistake of listening to those who wrote that they should take that little one. The little one did not help so much, so did it even buy the big one and it really helps !! Anim... Read more

Highly recommended

written by 123, 02/05/18

The product is exactly as described. It's good and durable, fits perfectly under the toilet when not in use. Best of all, though, makes it really easier to throw a dough.

Best Purchase 2017

written by Erica, 04/05/18

Love it! Can barely make number two without. It's also nice to use it when you're just sitting on the toilet and surfing. Have recommended this to many but people should be fine at the edge an... Read more

Well done :)

written by Mohsin, 16/05/18

Nice Product. Well packed and Fast Shipping. Smooth bowl movement close to the natural way. I Recommend!

Squatty Potty

written by Kattfaan, 22/05/18

Squatty Potty works well, Very pleased with it. Bought it for testing because of stomach problems. The tobacco cookie is easier with Squatty Potty. Well worth its price!

Fantastic in every way!

written by Jossan!, 02/07/18

Leave your order on a Thursday, landing already on my mail agent on Friday. Sooo heaven good. The product in saying has been very good! However, maybe not the nicest look haha, so spray it so it's... Read more

Fast execution - on many levels

written by Lars, 10/07/18

Thank you for the prompt and great delivery of SquattyPotty. It was delivered quickly and ordered easily through your nice webshop. It was given to a friend who can now also execute! Good day out ther... Read more


written by Odd, 12/07/18


Works fine

written by Toasten, 23/07/18

Be skeptical when I ordered this, but after trying, I have to say that the stomach actually feels better. Definitely recommended

Do it

written by Nosen, 26/07/18

Read many times what's the perfect sitting at no 2. High with your feet. It solves this and the intestines feel good.


written by Jezzie, 08/09/18

Everyone should acquire a sqatty potty! It works great for those who suffer from IBS! Even the daughter with stomach problems has great benefit from it. It takes a few times before getting used to.

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