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Star Wars Metal Models

If you have watched Star Wars, you surely dream of owning your own Millennium Falcon. Thanks to these super-detailed steel models you can build one yourself.

Star Wars Metal Models - Star Destroyer
Star Destroyer
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Star Wars Metal Models - Tie Fighter
Tie Fighter
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Star Wars Metal Models - DV TIE Fighter
DV TIE Fighter
33 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Star Wars Metal Models -  R2-D2
78 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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22 reviews

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nix for Grobmotoriker

written by Köpperer, 14/12/14

Have bought all figures for our Junior. When we then saw both which Miniteilchen there must be built. Has this great task I received when Mum ... when they first time they stehen'sehen from supi

Pretty hard

written by Ma3er, 31/12/14

For assembly you have to be very very nimble-fingered ... unfortunately it's me not and unfortunately had to retire

Fiddly but fun!

written by Amme, 05/01/15

Very pleased with this product. Some pillig but that's sentence. It was also a quick delivery so it was also very good :)


written by Flickapa, 05/01/15

Small, Pilliga to get together but satan so happy you will be when you succeeded! Is now a place of honor in the collection. Has given to friends as well and they were just as happy ones. All fans sho... Read more

Star Wars Metal Models

written by StarWars, 06/01/15

Was too small and fiddly. Should stood a recommended minimum age and size of the model, it is small, very small, and that it probably requires a lot of patience. Ordered 2 models for my nephew who is ... Read more


written by Djebz, 08/01/15

Stay far away from this product! Never have I experienced greater junk! Although I used the recommended tool, it's virtually impossible to assemble properly so that everything is in place (I have ... Read more

Super gift for Star Wars Fan

written by AW, 09/01/15

Goods came super fast and safe to packed. The building is a little tricky, but with appropriate tools and for a Star Wars fan, I have blessed it, a great gift. I order again any time.

Neat but complicated

written by Sofia, 13/01/15

The models were much smaller than I thought, which made it extremely fiddly with some small parts. And it happened that some parts went by when you weight them a few times, which resulted in a lot of ... Read more

fiddly but fun.

written by Robin , 15/01/15

The end result was crap good but the journey there was very pillig, expect 4h and a few expletives later, but certainly a fun and beautiful ornamental thing for those who like strong Wars

Really Cool!

written by Jørn R, 23/01/15

These models are pirk work at its best! A good deal of work to put together, but there are great models eventually. I used a nail scissors, tweezers and a good pair of pliers. Be sure to read monterin... Read more

Great gift idea for Star Wars fans

written by Nady, 09/02/15

Have the kit ordered as a gift, the recipient was very happy about it. The build quality is great and it's a nice pastime. The R2D2 character is definitely for all Star Wars fans recommendable!


written by Linnea, 16/02/15

Very good quality product! It arrived in the mail just three days after I ordered it, and that, I greatly appreciated. Looks very realistic when it has been completed, but took a few hours to put toge... Read more

Nice idea, but unfortunately with weaknesses

written by Martin Jungeblut, 23/02/15

When unpacking, I was initially excited about the split on two metal sheets components that had worked very clean and highly detailed. Unfortunately, the already mentioned in the product description c... Read more

Fiddly with satisfactory results!

written by Oskar, 15/06/15

Clearly something for those who like small and Pilliga project! Has built Tie-fighter who "practice" and will now give me my favorite X-Wing. =) Something I experienced was that it usually i... Read more

Affordable and fun

written by Todd, 06/10/15

Bought a AT-AT, and it took a few hours to get it completed. The end result was exactly like the picture. Very happy with the product.

For small

written by bylla, 01/11/15

Far too small and pillrigt. Hard to get loose bits of metal sheets, almost as if the pieces broke before they came off from surrounding ark. Unfortunately went into the garbage before it was finished.... Read more

good gift

written by matilda, 01/01/16

Bought three pieces to a very satisfied construction devotee. Pliable pieces may require a good needle-nose pliers to excise the pieces.

Star wars

written by Emelie, 02/01/16

So the cool thing, very fiddly but god huh fun. Will certainly buy all and put on the shelf.

Small but good

written by Jakob, 18/05/16

Just overall R2D2 and are quite satisfied with myself and the result. It is something small-tampering that require a small forceps, a sharp light and a little patience. Takes about 4 hours to build an... Read more

Do not buy this

written by Niklas, 10/11/16

As the title says, I was greatly disappointed in this product. Is such poor quality that the pieces break. Completely worthless and free returns, it's not, so the return will be as expensive as th... Read more

The fat product

written by Schumik, 15/02/17

Very cozy 3D "Puzzle" had bought a X_Wing and must say it takes some time to assemble but with good music and patience you are well underway. should definitely have more of them. well made v... Read more

Cool models

written by Ana, 08/12/17

I put together two of the figures I bought and am very satisfied. They will be amazingly nice characters in the end. Hope CoolStuff takes in several of these. One should only be careful when taking th... Read more

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