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Stirr Automatic Stirrer

Put your new automatic stirrer in the pan and it will stand and stir at three different adjustable speeds. Nothing gets burned, nobody gets stressed, and you can stand and chop salad in peace.

Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Stirr Automatic Stirrer
Stirr Automatic Stirrer
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Stirr Automatic Stirrer - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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58 reviews

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fun and andelig whips

written by helga petersen, 06/05/13

automatic sleep whip was bought as a gift to the man who in old age is starting to cook, but can only overcome one thing at a time - or else burn it. With this automatic sauce whipping he can go from ... Read more

Auto whisk

written by -Stian, 10/06/13

This beater zander about promised, the pipes in the sauce yours. It has no problem with bag sauce from scratch, aiming to example to mix powder and butter to then adding liquid. Quite easy to clean th... Read more

Never Brandenburg

written by Sarah F, 17/06/13

If you have to get away, to the door or on the toilet, then you can really use this whisk great. It moves and it burns to nothing. If one wants to stir powder or uses milk-flour roux, you should mull ... Read more

A perfect and fun gift! :)

written by Jonas, 08/10/13

It is easy to love, fun to use and easy to apply. Fun for both the cook and those who are watching. Very handy when you wish you had an extra hand too :)

No more scorched sauce

written by Runa, 07/11/13

Have only used it once, but I was very pleasantly surprised. When I first bought it, I thought it was going to do something similar rotating motions with it did not. It vibrated in attendance, but the... Read more

Funny gift for the person who has everything

written by L2, 18/11/13

I bought this automatic såsvispen a birthday gift for my sister who always manage to cook a lot more sauce than needed. Now she will not risking repetitive strain injuries due såsvispande;) A funny an... Read more


written by Anders, 20/12/13

Have tried beater and it works well, could only wish that the small spike pointing toward the center would have been a little longer as it reaches further into the pot.


written by PHT, 23/12/13

Was a bit taken by surprise, cheap, half price. Visiting Lefdal shortly after, and they sell the same to 150, - That you did too, but postage came as well. S to cheap was it not.

It works!

written by Kokkersken, 23/12/13

The self-beater worked perfectly according kokkersken. So good that she did not stand to touch all the time! Beater was used for 3 different sauces today and pleasing enough was no burnt sauce rest at... Read more


written by DC, 27/12/13

Had not much information to go by but got recommendation to buy it. Have not tried it myself as it was a Christmas present for someone else but what I have heard so pass the light sauces, the thicker ... Read more

live slow and about 100 - more expensive than other stores ...

written by Midwing, 30/12/13

Made my 2Pull order which took about a week to get home .... understand that it is very before Christmas yet. .. Product costing 299: - found the exact same product on elgiganten 100kr cheaper !!

Can not whip

written by Dorthe Flies, 01/01/14

For expensive product because it does not work. We've tried it a few times, but could only touch the edge and in the middle Nothing happens we've tried several different pots. Provides worst c... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Fornøyd, 03/01/14

Bought this as a Christmas present for mom and was afraid it was just nonsense and that it would not be touched properly .But no, she said that it seemed awesome and that she once needed to take it on... Read more

Even whisk to whisk until the pots :)

written by Musikern, 29/01/14

My mother was very fond of whisk and use it almost daily :) With the mixer beaters we gravy so it will not burn;)


written by Fredrik, 13/07/14

The function of the whisk is good but I think it sounds a bit too much. I give it 4 stars but would rather put the 3.5 in the ratings if it went. Mostly because of that it sounds pretty much.

pARR Såsvisp

written by Susanne, 10/08/14

The whip was really good in the pan, I've only used it once. Fin was the parr beater. I will use it more times down I cook sauce and more.


written by thz, 11/08/14

The automatic mixer is completely useless! After a number of attempts is the cast. The pipes only at the edge of the boiler, in the middle forms a quiescent zone that is flared or where ingredients ar... Read more


written by Terje, 11/08/14

Whisk works above expectation. May splatter on the wrong speed and remember, do not use too narrow boiler when the computer does not work properly. Apart from this it is a nice tool that frees an arm ... Read more

Very good

written by swedol, 24/11/14

Was unsure if it would work at all, but it worked and very good besides! will recommend


written by Camilla, 15/12/14

Corresponding not really expectations. It does not completely ground and therefore is still a risk that it is burnt at the bottom. The man wanted to get away with this product.

Burnt sauce eat your heart out!

written by Antonia, 16/12/14

Imagine that you are and laws Sunday dinner for your family / friends / family. You have a lot of stress with everything you'll cook and at the end will sauce. This cursed sauce that you have to s... Read more


written by Peter, 29/12/14

It had been happy to have been a little less when there was no room in our sauce pan. And worked well as a clitoral vibrator. Good price good product.

Christmas gift

written by IH, 01/01/15

Bought this as a Christmas present for my parents. They are very satisfied! It has a good weight that allows it did not have trouble to stir quite thick sauces. It does not feel cheap out so I was a b... Read more

parr såsvisp

written by Pilla 7, 01/01/15

Works well and very smoothly to avoid having to move all the time when you are doing other elements of the cooking time. Can recommend it!

Pot stirrer

written by Soboell, 01/01/15

- An excellent tool in the busy kitchen. 3 speeds, so it does not burn! Provides time and tranquility to the other chores during cooking!


written by Curry, 02/01/15

Have had parr whisk for a week now and used it three times, o cooking fudge, rice pudding and sauce. For the fudge was the perfect, fudge would simmer about 25min and 25min, I could do nothing but sta... Read more


written by PER, 02/01/15

Good experience with Cool Stuff. Super Easy and super fast - even in the middle of the Christmas rush! How should it just be done!

Super fine works!

written by Line D, 02/01/15

Bought this to Grandma for Christmas, it was a big hot dog is used extensively! She seems especially it is smart as it scrapes the bottom so nothing burns.


written by snusdosa, 05/01/15

Why stand and work unnecessarily when there are tools that work better! Should be if you want to practice then, but then it is perhaps better and take a pass in the studio. What the hell have to write... Read more


written by Olivia, 05/01/15

I bought this såsvispen to my mother for Christmas, it was certainly right! It is very good! Stir well, relatively deep and can withstand even a little thicker sauces without burning. So now we will n... Read more

Unfortunately, not as intended

written by Mathias, 05/01/15

The product is a fun idea, not more than that. After a few seconds of vibration will come off the upper vibration part from the lower part whisk. So, the idea is good but not function.

Seems like it should

written by lene, 06/01/15

I bought a stirr- automatically sauce whisk, to my brother for Christmas. He says it is working as it should, and is happy the

Easy, very easy

written by Jan Roger, 07/01/15

Sauces, soups and stews, we have tested it in and was very satisfied. Shoulders can rest while it simmers on the stove and no more sitting at the bottom. It draws one point is that it needs a certain ... Read more


written by danslasse, 08/01/15

Bought 2 of this thinking whisk well with sauce and soup but for stowage works only in the beginning but when it becomes too thick so we need something more powerful as Stirio. I am pleased with this ... Read more


written by Christina, 11/01/15

It is really good, but I think it is better on ceramic stove due to the noise. It is not silent and not at all on a gas stove. But'm glad it!


written by Trine, 15/01/15

I am disappointed with the product. When I put sauce whisk into the pan and turn, get the pot to slowly move out of the stove area - boo! We have ceramic plates, but surely it is quite normal and I di... Read more

Really good!

written by Elie El-Hajj, 15/01/15

Great when you do not have the energy to stand and beat yourself. The little rascal do the job for you.

Well received!

written by Channe, 16/02/15

Well received, but well overpriced. 36 year old got curiously more kitchen gadgets. He is now an unbeatable dinner fixer.


written by Laguma, 18/02/15

Had high expectations of the product. Have now tried it and found that it is just too bad effect. It works well in thin liquids, but can not do their job if they iron liquid to a sauce or stew. As it ... Read more

fun stuff

written by Jasse, 22/03/15

Fun gadget to give to the cooking enthusiasts. Absolutely not necessary, but fun! Gave it away with a bottle of whiskey to engage instead of såsvispning.

Parr - Automatic Såsvisp

written by Titti, 17/08/15

Never thought that this would work, but I was really surprised. Have recommended it to friends and acquaintances.


written by Kim , 17/08/15

It's pretty neat and works well. Very handy to be able to go from the stove without the sauce sticks or similar problems. Recommended absolutely.

Much appreciated !!

written by sanne, 24/08/15

Gave whisk to my partner and he became överlycklig.Visade also to whisk is super and is used several times in a short time. This is a contraption we missed without knowing it and are thrilled about ou... Read more


written by gäller mälle Bosse kjelle, 14/12/15

J ... A good whisk or mixer. Clear advantage to half a senile cooks who do a lot of other things beside cooking as drinking wine and talking Goja. More fun to let this set do the job


written by latkocken, 14/12/15

amazing thing


written by Åke, 22/12/15

Perhaps you can use this in a deep casserole otherwise, splashing it all over the stove. Sounds even a lot.

Good but a bit violent

written by Pirate, 22/12/15

I was thinking that now I will not have to whip the pasta sauce while standing on heating. But Parr does not work well with small pots and small amount of sauce. It rotates correctly by vibrating. I h... Read more


written by Unbekannter Verfasser, 28/12/15

The "Stirr" has convinced both the idea and its function, perfect gift for amateur chefs who otherwise it all. :)

Super good

written by E, 14/01/16

so good, perfect when I do warm O'boy to all the children and a thousand other things simultaneously. the year's best buy!

Very good.

written by Bjørn-Harry, 26/01/16

Think it works very well. Grids really so happy to dilute some milk in that soup any thicken so by splashing so much. Otherwise you just have to follow the middle under STARE, because there may be thi... Read more

More amusing than practical

written by Flemming, 11/02/16

More amusing than practical. More amusing than practical. More amusing than practical.

Kitchen boy

written by HEXE, 28/08/17

You cook jelly - use stirr You cook bechamél - use stare. You stew macaroons. Use stare. Make rice. Use stare. You cook jam. Use stare. You can solve crosswords in the meantime ..

Works, but not enough ..

written by E, 14/09/17

It worked well, but will probably not be used as much as it does not change in the center of the pan

Super good thing

written by Elin, 10/01/18

Top good tool for making your own bea sauce. So easy to help with the whipping.

Fun and useful

written by Lone, 08/02/18

I bought Stirr as a gift for the man who has everything and loves to cook. Stirr was immediately taken into use for the Béarnaise sauce, to the delight of the chef and our spectators so that he could ... Read more

Rolf Betschart

written by Bero76, 08/03/18

Great device. Do what it has to do. Great. Easy handling. Good quality. Good color. Washable and good for cleaning.

Love it!

written by Nanni, 07/05/18

Bought one such for my parents a few years ago and they have been super pleased, concluding, I managed to take me to buy home for us and we are equally pleased! It can wash a little if you have too lo... Read more


written by Sara, 12/07/18

Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations. I had only read good reviews about this but did not experience the same thing. It does not touch the sauce in the center of the pan. First tried t... Read more

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