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Storm Glass Barometer

Long before the days of TV weathermen and neat weather apps, we used a glass with a crystallising liquid that reacted to air pressure and temperature to predict the weather. The storm glass is a simple and attractive barometer that lets you predict the weather using 19th century physics!

Storm Glass Barometer - Storm Glass Barometer
Storm Glass Barometer
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Always great weather

written by Peter, 04/05/17

I bought 2 one for myself and a birthday present. But they obviously have only clear sunshine and winds, because they never change, even if the weather is reversing.

Does not happen much

written by Tim, 12/05/17

Well today there are nice weather and there are still crystals in the bottom. It should really be clear water. I think seriously it's just myth: / it's also so that the sun does not light too ... Read more

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