Stylophone Beatbox

Now it's time for the classic Stylophone to take the next step in its evolution and become a stylophone beatbox. More old skool is not a beat!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Stylophone Beatbox

written by Madde, 06/01/14

A fun thing where you create many different sounds. The more you practice, the better it gets. Very popular Christmas gift for my dear partner.

shared feelings

written by Robin, 03/05/14

It is defintivt fun to play with, but the quality is really stinks. 5 minutes after unpacking and this bothers me on two things. * Volume control stun / speaker covers instead of just lowering the vol... Read more

retro Joy

written by Rolf Axel, 10/03/16

Wonderful, so retro it can be. The only downside, which makes the last star fails, is the lack of outlets for power. Now it will be disposable or rechargeable.


written by Helen, 04/04/16

Fun contraption, much joy in small format! Recommended if you like to play with sound. A bit difficult to grip around the settings

Good service means satisfied customers!

written by Nöjd kund , 12/12/16

MSN understands what the company goes for when NGT goes wrong in the delivery. I had accidentally enter the wrong address when ordering the result that the goods were sent back to the sender, ie Cools... Read more

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