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Super Retro Trio Accessories

Do you miss the good old days when video games were simpler, more difficult and more fun?

Super Retro Trio Accessories - Super Retro Trio Console (EU Plug)
Super Retro Trio Console (EU Plug)
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Super Retro Trio Accessories - SNES Classic Controller TTX
SNES Classic Controller TTX
26 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Retro Trio Accessories - Genesis (Sega Megadrive) Retro Pad
Genesis (Sega Megadrive) Retro Pad
78 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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55 reviews

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A absolutely awesome product!

written by Mikael Larsson, 19/12/14

Very fun product Trio super retro Multi console. Have driven with both NES and SNES games on my and the time just flies away. Have also tested with the Zapper (gun) No problem. Works great as long as ... Read more


written by Ditox, 29/12/14

Perfect! Slipper having arrived three consoles that requires a :) and want to have the feeling of the games with the controls, they just plug in the original controls of the console, otherwise they ju... Read more

Works Festival! =)

written by Bosse, 03/01/15

Tried games for all 3 consoles it to function as well as different regions and everything works as it should! =) Clear worth buying !!

Super retro

written by traxxie, 05/01/15

This console is worth every penny. Have tried lots of different games on it and all has worked flawlessly. Will the hours spent with this. The only minus is that it feels a bit plasticky, and the game... Read more

Love it!

written by M, 06/01/15

Love it! Do not fail you have to buy a converter to do if the analog signal to digital.

Increased the lead!

written by Malin, 08/01/15

Was a bit skeptical at first and suspected that it would malfunction somehow ... But we bought some used tough games and Super Nintendo games (8-bit, we already had) and drove off. How easy anywhere t... Read more

just great

written by Matti, 10/01/15

Good and functional device, I recommend for those who like to play the old games but does not own the originals equipment. :)

super retro Trio Multi Console is SUPER DELUXE

written by Emil, 15/01/15

wonderful multi-console, all my games work super now, even my US and Japanese games from the 80s to operate Kruppa otherwise. incredibly happy :)

Super Retro trio.

written by JS, 17/01/15

Works great. Fun to play old games. Try about 50 games so far and all have worked. The only minus is that the NES and SNES is not region-free.

Super little retro gaming machine!

written by Vero, 26/01/15

Very happy with this! Here I can play all the old Nintendo, Sega 16-bit and SNES games. Cool design in black and red, feels though perhaps a little easy and cheap, but works just as it should. Do you ... Read more

incredibly good console

written by magnban, 16/02/15

Bought it for the snes and nes games all worked perfectly! !! A very good buy for anyone who likes retro LIR

Good console

written by Nall Peter, 25/02/15

Got home console yesterday and tried my NES games in it. Console connects to the TV via composite (3 x RCA) or S-video, and this works flawlessly. I run composite scart converter (transducer not inclu... Read more

Good, but a small drawback ...

written by Berra, 05/03/15

Fantastic product. Have tried all three consoles and floats on as good as the original brackets. The only downside is the accompanying hand control the forces are a bit small. This is of course to avo... Read more

NES functionality

written by mikaelmoizt, 05/03/15

I have no other play than the NES game so there will be a more detailed review of that particular function. PLUS: The ability to run regional free games (and even Pier .. yeah ..) GameGenie works usin... Read more

Retro salvation!

written by CHkaska, 09/03/15

Retro accordion collectors since a few years back, and constantly struggled with problems of space to the brackets and place to the TV's SCART socket. However, no more! Thanks to this lovely machi... Read more

Heeeelt super!

written by David, 11/03/15

Play all the old games without problems. Not a single game I fed it with malfunctions. Hand controls that come with are also great though the real experience will you have access to the original contr... Read more


written by Jonas, 19/03/15

Fun to play old games again yes! But is a little disappointed that there are not any games that works on your machine so that it was actually said it would do. Possible only I who have received a mach... Read more

Excellent console in fine quality!

written by R. P. Olsen, 29/03/15

I purchased me recently this excellent 3 in 1 console. I got just what I expected, but it would prove; I just got a little extra. The price is very sharp (ed. 739.00), and many might click on when the... Read more

Super Retro Trio Multi Console

written by Ciaran, 30/03/15

Super Retro Trio Multi Console is a great console, works flawlessly, I got a lot of memories experienced while nostelgisia, 5/5!

No color

written by Johan, 01/04/15

All three games work and the sound of. But I get black and white on all three. Using the RCA cable that came with and have tried to use the VCR / DVD inputs on television as it says in the manual (pag... Read more

Cool moped!

written by Splatter Dude, 06/04/15

The console I like super! Power fun old games finally to gamble again! The only thing that is a bit unfortunate (hence only 4 stars) is the controller in the snes design are have the Megadrive plug! W... Read more

Fun to play simplified Lira

written by Mick, 06/04/15

Much emotion and nostalgia that Lira old NES games. Ice hockey and bubble bubble is still fun. :)

Super Retro Tric 3

written by Hans Michael, 07/04/15

Great machine, now I play both Super Nintendo and Nintendo games I have, Sega Megadrive games I have not yet, but am looking forward to buy these too. Have oxo hoarded adapter Gameboy Super Nintendo. ... Read more

Multi Console Super Retro Trio

written by Elvis, 07/04/15

The console function perfectly, with a simple user guide. It is also open for all soner.For anyone who wants to take up old games this console for this!


written by Patrick, 09/04/15

Death Cult to play old games again! cracking machine! Highly recommended! løøøøøøøøøøp and purchase

A Good buy for snes and Mega drive people

written by Markus Büttner, 14/04/15

I have as a child presented a console where I my Megadrive and my snes games simply can gamble with a single console. And when I heard of the trio Retro 3 I had a haben.Ich've watched some Youtube... Read more

Awesome product and fast shipping

written by Mokarn , 17/04/15

great product, have tested all formats on it. Have not tried Japanese games yet. So far works great! I am really pleased.

Really good

written by Daniel 29år, 23/04/15

Play all my games without worries, driving with s-video but think my flat TV can not handle the signal especially good when I play SNES for then it will be striped on the screen but when I use the sta... Read more

Superb multi-console

written by Robban0022, 12/06/15

Bought console a month ago soon and have tried all three variants of the game, works with all but Alladin to SMD. Bought some new Super Nintendo games now that I'll try when I get them home. Reall... Read more

No color

written by Johanna, 23/06/15

Bought the console as a present for my partner, but the game still works, we have unfortunately not been able to paint on. Do not know if it's console, cable or plug is faulty, but hopefully you c... Read more

Very disappointing!

written by Nemo, 24/06/15

Sad that you have to hunt and buy expensive additional cables and adapters to get the console to play with new TV. Very boring that it should be so given that the console is still relatively new produ... Read more


written by Det, 29/09/15

Goods is my judge according Ok, I can continue to vote until after I try it. Must me unfortunately a particular plug get! Det

good product

written by Clara, 14/10/15

Cruel product as soon as I got it working. Unfortunately, I have a TV (samsung, about 3 years old) who do not have a scart socket, which meant that I had to purchase a SCART-to-HDMI converter, which c... Read more

Did not start

written by eric , 19/12/15

Got my fast only after 2days after order placed. However, it does not work out when I got it, which was a disappointment. But 3 plus the coolstuff who fixed return smoothly. nice customer service with... Read more

Not far wrong

written by Antti, 22/12/15

Is a good product so far affected. A bit is a fragile feel to it that is not necessarily stand the nonsense kolistelua?

Retro Trio Super Multi Bracket

written by Anna, 29/12/15

Worked great! Less good that it does not save if you take out the game. Player Zelda and had come very far. Disaster!

A good thing

written by Tomi, 31/12/15

I'm really happy, so great "boxset" has gone on sale! Now I can once again play the old Mario 8bittisiä peljäni. I'm really happy!

Totally sick fun

written by Jocke, 31/12/15

As the title! Totally sick fun to play these old games again! Easy to use but recommended org nes boxes, but those who follow are absolutely right!

Super retro trio multi bracket

written by Morgan , 31/12/15

If you lack a multi-bracket to the old games for Nes.S-NES and Mega Game. This is the top. You can even plug in your old handsets for this console absolutely superb!


written by Marcus, 02/01/16

What luck! My brother dragged along our NES cartridges childhood home, then Christmas was saved. Pro-Am, Kid Icarius and Gradius completely glitch-free! Remember that you need to add a SCART adapter (... Read more


written by Nina Korneliussen, 03/01/16

Fast delivery was good. It was not instructions in Norwegian and it was not so good. Long Payment Deadline, was ok


written by Pär, 04/01/16

Fantastic game console ... Now I do not have the hassle of game that does not start in the original console + I save space ... Worked a bell at once. The only thing I can complain a little on the acco... Read more


written by JW, 04/01/16

The Mulitkonsole dips, but not compatible, because it has no HDMI connection! Therefore, it goes back.

product spot

written by L, 14/01/16

Super Retro Trio Multi Console is a spot on product that works just fine. I have tested it with games from all three consoles and there is no problem, even different countries format works without has... Read more

perfect bracket

written by D4rki3, 24/01/16

Beauty console that is easy to handle both when it switches between nes / snes and sega and when one switches between the different types of hand controls that exist. So I'm pretty damn happy! Hav... Read more


written by halvsex, 05/02/16

good price for live old memories! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++

faulty cable

written by Tobias, 22/05/16

I'm happy for the product, however, it is a pity that the cable leading from the machine to television has been defective. Therefore, I had to buy a new one, it is very likely an exception, howeve... Read more

seems alright

written by Karsten, 13/10/16

I've always been a fan of the original Super Nintendo, if you choose to procure a used org console used today are 80% of them discolored and quite ugly, so you will actually nor store them away ag... Read more

Expensive but fun. However Joypad not fully functional

written by Ulrika, 12/12/16

The console works well and it's fun to play the old games. However, the included joypad is not working as it should be. With Sega's Sonic can no longer make Super Spinn etc. Too bad.


written by Maja, 27/01/17

Read the comments when I ordered it but do not think it was bad! Great product, was just plug it into the TV, no problem and you could play any game as usual! Bought for my partner, who was very satis... Read more

Super retro!

written by Hejsan, 29/05/17

I love these checks they get me back to childhood and my little son (4 years old) has no way to play them!

good product

written by Meisam, 30/06/17

This product is very good and affordable. has just tested it with both NES and strong games and it has worked flawlessly with both good image, sound and game control without any team. What's good ... Read more

Love it!!

written by Marie , 03/07/17

I really do not regret buying my super retro trio console as it works really well and I've got back a bit of my childhood. It is definitely worth the money and I would definitely buy it again if I... Read more

People, the money is worth it!

written by NOK, 16/01/18

the super retro trio multikonsole is the absolute top hammer. Finally, I feel at the beginning of the 90s. when my cousins, my sister and I gambled our hands bloody at our relatives' birthday part... Read more

Super retro trio multi console

written by lutz, 10/07/18

The console is simply awesome for this price. All games run flawlessly without any problems. I can only recommend. This is a way back in the past when you play old games like Zelda, sonic street of ra... Read more

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