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Super Magnets from Spralla®

These are no ordinary magnets but brutally strong super magnets! These powerful neodymium magnets can fix everything from pizza menus to heavy metal objects to the fridge door. The sky’s the limit to what they will hold! Several super magnets to choose from, the largest has a lifting force of up to 60 kg.

Super Magnets from Spralla® - Super Magnets Pack 1
Super Magnets Pack 1
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Magnets from Spralla® - Super Magnets Pack 2
Super Magnets Pack 2
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Magnets from Spralla® - Large Super Magnets 5 Pieces
Large Super Magnets 5 Pieces
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Magnets from Spralla® - Giant Super Magnet
Giant Super Magnet
97 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Super Magnets from Spralla® - Super Giant Super Magnet
Super Giant Super Magnet
98 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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supermegneten (large)

written by andreas, 15/06/13

super megneterne (great) I bought a week ago and they have not disappointed me. On the contrary, they can at least keep 8kg and they are very much in relation to the price and you get 5p. I would reco... Read more

Super metal-looking rod

written by Forsnäs Hemman, 05/07/13

We made super magnet rods to locate metal in our animal enclosures. We will soon release our pigs on a new pasture with an old eldtomt and was worried that they would get the nail in the stomach. We a... Read more

Supermsgnet giant

written by Christian Fogh Sørensen, 17/08/13

I bought the giant super magnet that says it can lift 38 kg, and it can also be so that it lived entirely up to expectations, and it's also utolig beautiful because the nickel cups nickel coating,... Read more


written by utu, 19/08/13

Really happy with the product, the only purinat siintä was when I bought directly from the most efficient magnets, probably due probably siintä when it's time to price stability.

strong magnets

written by Mille, 21/11/13

The product is purely magnetic incredibly strong. But it is very difficult when you order online, to see the real size and thickness of the magnets. I had imagined, I got a 10-12 magnets with a diamet... Read more


written by KITTEKATTEN, 28/01/14

The magnets are strong. The "small" magnets are very small and difficult to manage because of its size. Is not a hell of a fiddle with things, it is difficult to by hand separate them. If yo... Read more

extremely strong

written by Nicklas, 21/05/14

Real fast delivery, the day after empty! Will use them to build a key holder, and then they need to have good strength to go through a thick plank. Have tried everything possible and be careful, reall... Read more


written by PiaF, 19/06/14

As the name suggests super stuff! The only drawback is the small size, tend to go to waste very easily. But consider what they promise!

Magnetic Super

written by Marcus, 03/09/14

Keep what they promise and more. The material of the magnet is built is not the most durable material, but works well.

Easily damaged

written by Anne-Li, 11/12/14

very strong but if they turned the hop they can break the edges and lose some mass. Otherwise, they are so strong that you can have a hand and get it to move with the help of another magnet in his han... Read more


written by pia, 29/12/14

Fast delivery. Lived up to it they express. The product was properly packed. Would like to book there again. Could be rartvmed cheaper postage.

grim service

written by Magnet, 29/12/14

The magnets were just what I needed, a little stronger than I thought but customer service was very helpful! Will order from here continue


written by SA, 29/12/14

Hey! I made an order of the two types of super magnets. When the package arrived, it turned out that five of the six magnets of the smaller variety had gone out of the package. New cards were sent. Wh... Read more

silver colored layers split

written by connie rysgaard, 14/01/15

The expedition went quickly and smoothly, but in several of super magnets were silver layer around it split, which means that they are uncomfortable to move as easily scratch the skin of the fingers, ... Read more

SuperDuper Magnets

written by aggie, 20/01/15

Kanonbra magnets. Keeps multiple sheets or eg a calendar securely in place on the refrigerator door. The thin was very easy to move around in when one gets a good grip on them.

Super Magnets

written by svein............, 09/02/15

They were-duty magnets. But they are very skjøre.Tåler not much before them is broken. Could it be a manufacturing defect that makes this? Or tolerate them only very little before them is broken.

Super strong

written by Lena, 04/03/15

I had good enough not expect it but it's some super magnets I can only recommend them. especially after a small accident so now pages two of them steadfastly together. and when I put the stack nex... Read more


written by Tommy hansen, 27/05/15

There was a pieces and promised to send a new When does it. Otherwise it's a good sørvice mat well have a more substantial offer there are many nedganger Hyg Tommy


written by Albi, 16/07/15

quickly and easily, and tell you a lot of where your product is and when it will come to your door.

endless possibilities

written by bagge, 03/10/15

Have them in the pocket of battle selenium, can then attach additional gastrointestinal and knife etc. directly on the vest at mag change.

Fast delivery, fragile product

written by Anders, 17/11/15

The magnets were delivered quickly and effortlessly. However, they are very fragile compared. Their strength, so when they pulled together do they tear easily. I bought 24 magnets, and 6 of them are a... Read more

Super Magnets

written by Wiper, 18/11/15

Very good magnets. Are extremely strong. Unfortunately, they are also easy to break. Would lose one of such. concrete possibility of a "sliver" magnet release and may sharp edges because of ... Read more

Really super magnets

written by Simone, 29/02/16

The magnets are really strong! They can easily be linked through a relatively thin top and move around a bunch of keys (and heavier objects) on the table by moving the magnet underneath (which was wha... Read more


written by Bekke, 14/06/16

Very good service. The magnets incredibly stronger I would not have had such strong fact which was pointed out also by your vendors but I did not listen to him, the company is highly recommended. Beng... Read more

Super Magnets "

written by Søren, 12/10/16

It must be said that they are better than one can expect've never seen any similar to it is not the last time I buy ................

Super Magnets

written by Elisan, 14/03/17

The magnets are strong and that set exciting. The skulls of some of the destroyed very quickly and by ordinary use / play. Our review is that they endured disappointingly small and are not satisfied w... Read more

Purchase of super magnet

written by Sebastian, 19/06/17

Fast delivery and good prices :-) The website is simple and easy to find. Good with responsive design.

Smooth delivery

written by Louise, 05/07/18

The deal was easy to implement and the goods arrived fast and right to the door. A good experience. I would like to shop here again.


written by Hilu, 06/08/18

Tilasin useita kokoja pienimmästä päästä. Only paketti saapui, luulin magneettien jääneen kyydistä. Only tutkin muita tilaamiani tavaroita, huomasin magneettien tarrautunet metalliseen työkaluun niin ... Read more

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