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Sushi Bazooka

Place rice and your choice of sushi filling into the tube, clamp it together and push out the ideal circular maki roll. Just wrap seaweed around and enjoy it as a Japanese person would!

Sushi Bazooka - Sushi Bazooka
Sushi Bazooka
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Super satisfied !!!

written by Patrik, 07/05/13

bought the most of the chance to test if it really worked, and it did really !! super easy to use and the result is really good. Rekomenderas hot !!


written by Maja, 16/05/13

Great deal! Everything is made of plastic it felt a bit like a cheap toy. But what does it matter when the sushi is perfect! Wonderfully! Worth the money.

fast delivery

written by Joakim, 20/05/13

Hello I ordered sushi bazooka and after 2 days it was delivered. Then it is recommended it is good to make sushi rolls.

super idea - can be used but

written by 2100, 20/05/13

Super idea - also works fine - but for my taste is the roll a little too big and therefore you should really put much filling in - otherwise the relationship between the rice and fillings not good eno... Read more

significantly cheaper sushi

written by Milly, 24/05/13

I love sushi but think that it is expensive. Has made himself at times but think it's been tough. With this, it becomes really easy - and cheap. It's healthy food so guess about whether it wil... Read more

Ansich quite good, but ...

written by Missue, 27/05/13

... So good that it really is quick and easy. The thing in the video and in the description he does. BUT: Toll would if there was also a small amount of Sushezi, so for small Hoso maki rolls. I think ... Read more


written by KEJO, 28/05/13

If you like to make sushi so this summit, is strongly recommended. Everything was very easy and enjoyable, such ought all sushi lovers have. MVH Kejo

Seems like it should

written by Gregers, 29/05/13

The product does exactly as it says on the box: the making sushi rolls many times easier to make.

Easy to use

written by EB, 11/06/13

It makes it quick and easy to make sushi rolls. Easy to clean. It would be cannon if it also existed in a slightly smaller size for thinner rolls.

Now I have time to make sushi every night.

written by @dubguard, 17/06/13

Easy to use and easy to clean. Fantastic product! Recommend anyone who likes sushi buying this. One thing that is not good: The hinges that hold it together and makes it possible to close it again and... Read more


written by Michelle1216, 25/06/13

I can see the Sushi Bazooka recommend. The application is easy and the finished sushi are all uniform and the filling fits perfectly in the middle. The device is in the dishwasher clean jerk twitching... Read more

fine product

written by UWDuus, 01/07/13

Sushi Bazooka is a very fine product to really get squeezed rice well. there are so ik the great room for the stuffing .. when using the supplied needle to make room for the filling so I use fingers t... Read more


written by Lanken, 02/07/13

Gave it away as a gift to a sushi-lover and it was very appreciated. Maybe I can be offered sushi in the near future thanks :)

Super bazooka

written by Michael, 04/07/13

Thought not exactly it worked, but super fat product. They could make one that is less :) it takes many rice in this model;)

Fun to make sushi now

written by Nick, 11/07/13

Have not done sushi many times before when it was hard as hell. But now it will be fun to do this! Perfect!

different sushi

written by Madeleine, 28/07/13

The product description is true good. A funny thing that is easy to use and wash. I was smeared of all rice but I've only tried it once. Do not, however, made sushi before so I have nothing to com... Read more

So easy!

written by Anna Kirkelund, 06/08/13

I did not know this bazooka in advance and were quite surprised smart it is completed. It is easy to use, easy to open and close and disassemble in order to wash it off. The plastic seems sturdy and f... Read more

Super easy to use

written by Louise, 15/08/13

It is really easy to use and it goes quickly and is easy to clean. Super product - can definitely recommend it!

Smooth and easy!

written by Tessan, 21/08/13

A super smooth and easy accessory to understand and use, even though the manual is in English only! I will definitely make sushi very often. Fast delivery and payment as well.

Super, it actually works!

written by fghj, 23/08/13

When ordering, I was still skeptical, but wanted a try, because we like to eat sushi. The preparation with the mat I can, but after clean up is always a big trouble. What can I say, the thing works ju... Read more


written by Anne, 05/09/13

Recommended! Super Easy to make maki. Also tested with other content for a fish, beef, chicken, elk in shredded, marinated, fried version. Thin slices of cured meat were also goodies. Putt with mango,... Read more

Ski 'smart

written by Svend Ole, 09/09/13

Sushi has never been easier. Just plug rice, make a "channel" for the filling. Fill in. Fold together and squeeze out. Hey presto - a paragraph. sushi roll. So easy that even children can ma... Read more


written by a, 12/09/13

Awesome and easy! Easy to clean. Affordable. Rekomnenderas hot. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

superb gadget

written by Anette, 30/09/13

Was a bit skeptical before I tried but it worked really cleanly !!! Good description in English (please see the video before you start) Fine regular sushi rolls that looked really looking out. Highly ... Read more

host money

written by Johan, 07/10/13

+ Easy to use + good results _____________________________ - Can not be washed in the dishwasher - plasticky construction

Super Helper !!!

written by Karen, 14/10/13

I have seen it SUSHI BAZOOKA in Galileo test ... because I had already handling überzeugt..also I have this immediately ordered from you! And really ... it's not quite sooooo sticky in the prepara... Read more


written by kob., 04/11/13

Delivery was fast and easy with the payment. The Bazooka is great, we tried immediately. We would have not believed, but actually went smoothly, have even taken pictures and sent to friends. Everythin... Read more

If a jiffy!

written by Tanja, 05/11/13

A super invention! Works exactly as we imagined it! The most expensive are almost the preparations (rice cooking, snip ingredients, ...), but the handling of the Sushi Bazooka is impeccable! The packa... Read more

Just about my sushi has never been!

written by Lisa, 05/11/13

With the Sushi Bazooka My Sushi has become perfect. The gadget will not shortened especially the time needed for the preparation of rice snacks, but makes a lot easier. The application is totally simp... Read more

Top Ding!

written by Michael, 05/11/13

Everything great! Delivery, payment, no problems. The Bazooka works as advertised and thus gets really any layman Sushi way.

Just awesome!!!

written by Jenny, 13/11/13

Who Suhi we may love the Bazooka. Ratz Fatz you have the sushi ready and you can let his imagination, as regards filling the free rein. Handling is really super easy and the purification a breeze. I c... Read more

Ok for beginners

written by Sabine, 18/11/13

Bought this mostly for my own part, when I am disposed to roll makis. I thought it worked quite OK! His partner which however is cruel to make Makis thought it was an unnecessary gadget, and that it w... Read more

Tip Top!

written by Bengan, 18/11/13

A real top product! Absolutely not difficult to make sushi with this. I was a bit afraid that it would be one of those things that the experts have to work really easy to use, but it just gets shit wh... Read more

Fun and easy

written by Dixer, 21/11/13

This is the best thing I bought on Coolstuff. It was simple and easy to make your own sushi. Now you avoid all book but carpet and seaweed. Only with a little rice and filling. Screw bit and press. Th... Read more

Fun and works very well!

written by Frank, 22/11/13

I heartily recommend this gadget! Have used it a few times now and are really happy! Sometime it says in the manual, put a thin layer of oil (I prefer sesame oil) before inserting time, rinse with col... Read more

Good and easy

written by M, 25/11/13

Easy to use and the result is Neat! recommend this. You avoid the mess, and it is fast to make makirulle


written by ELazer, 29/11/13

I must say that I'm sold after first use. Just like that, and the good it will be. Now is the tricky part not confuse the appointment of the bits, without getting to the good rice. Has tested a bi... Read more

Sushi Bazooka

written by Bigdive, 02/12/13

That part is just awesome. can Easy to use and quick to reinigen.Mehr you to say no

Fun and effective way to make norirullar

written by Cynthia Lo, 16/12/13

Rating: 4 can actually make norirullar with quinoa instead of rice. And with the bazooka, it's even easier to make healthy food fun.

Finally easily with Sushi

written by ancan, 18/12/13

Have always loved sushi but find it very difficult to do and messy but with Sushizei it is too easy and good. Thank you for existing.


written by Ansin, 19/12/13

This was a really good mackapär! It works like clockwork and gives absolutely perfect pieces. Highly recommended!

From handy.

written by Sebastian, 27/12/13

From handy "sushezi" as it is called. Make sushi compact and durable so you can eat with sticks.

Sushi !!

written by Milla, 01/01/14

Easy to use but boring as it removes the challenge of making sushi. But great if you are short on time and want to have a good result :)

This is awesome!

written by M, 02/01/14

Very good product, it just seems like the video. Had not thought it would be just as easy, but it was :) Highly recommended!

Sushi lovers!

written by Johan H, 06/01/14

A great Christmas gift for a sushi-loving brother in law who had some "issues" with rice :) Will order one for your own use ASAP.

Just as it should be!

written by Louise, 06/01/14

Perfect. Ordered d. December 20 and got the following day. My kærrste was very happy with it. Absolutely fine size we think :)

The world's best sushi

written by Barbro, 07/01/14

It goes so fast to make the best sushi. And stylish gets them too. Is strongly recommended. You will not be disappointed in this product.


written by Minnanen, 09/01/14

Works well, but I think it should be according to the instructions by doing too much rice sushi. Pat yourself on the bottom of rice, fillings on top and then still quite a bit of rice to large sushi d... Read more

Good tools for homemade sushi!

written by Matilda, 13/01/14

Why I think Sushi Bazooka is good: * Easy to understand (after carefully reading the instructions first roller happened then faster and easier afterwards) * Good room for the various fillings * Stable... Read more

Super satisfied

written by Nikita , 03/02/14

Make giant fine sushi rolls easy to use and easy to clean. Is quick to make sushi, the rolls are perfect in size.


written by Cato, 04/02/14

Worked great! Was easy to use and easy to clean. Was fun to make sushi with this :) Recommended


written by Cathrine, 13/02/14

It what really very easy to make sushi rolls with this! Thought it would huh harder than it huh. Would recommend this product to anyone who loves sushi!

great product

written by Claus Reimann, 17/02/14

Simple but functional plus cheap as Amazon. Maybe a few more recipes would be appropriate, but which can also be found via google.

good but

written by Aaron, 17/02/14

Good but the gap / space where it should be vegetables are a little too small so why is it 4 out of 5, but otherwise it is easy to use and the rice is not fixed on the bazooka

How cruel that Hellstigen!

written by Hanna, 18/02/14

Bought this in time for Christmas and have had time to use it a few times now, and I really have nothing negative to say about it. It is just as easy as it looks in the video. If you consider this and... Read more

Right first time

written by Emil, 27/02/14

Armed with this sushibazookan and an inexpensive rice cooker from Clas Ohlsson, I tried making sushi for the first time himself, and there was almost no effort but gave a fantastic result. Recommended... Read more


written by Gmb, 28/02/14

Simplifies sushi manufacturing considerably! Simple and fun! Very satisfied! Heartily recommend it to all sushi lovers!


written by Sushivikingen, 10/03/14

Plus: Easy to use, nice rolls that are snugly packed, <5 min from start to finished roll. Minus: Something troublesome to clean in between then it easily sticks rice and other Klegg on the plastic.... Read more


written by Jon, 17/03/14

Works well from the first time you use it .. Does little too big pieces of sushi but it was smooth ..

Absolutely wonderful little cannon!

written by Frip, 26/03/14

I felt at first a little plasticky, but gives an incredible performance: D three full maki rolls in under 10 minutes working time is absolutely amazing

Sushi Bazooka

written by Anna-Karin, 21/04/14

How easy making sushi rolls with this tool - and fun. Would highly recommend this.

Love it!

written by MB, 25/04/14

Bazooka made perfect sushi rolls and was very easy to use! It can recommend strongly to all sushi lovers!

amazing product

written by Rolle, 02/05/14

With Sushi bazooka is the problem with using the treadmill away. Simplicity at fixing sushi rolls.


written by Penn Andersson, 12/05/14

It is an amazing Sushi tools. It was the first time that I made Sushi. But with the Sushi Bazooka it went well and fine. It is easy to use Bazooka. And the sushi was fine. I really think it's valu... Read more


written by GinTonic, 14/05/14

once made an absolutely powerful machine, Sushi for the first himself and looked marvelous, as if you ordered it somewhere and has also tasted. 5 rolls of preparing the ingredients in 45 minutes. Crea... Read more

Absolutely unbelievable!

written by Tone, 28/05/14

As with the special tool to avocado I was skeptical about whether this would work. It went very easy! No trouble what so ever. Also followed with recipe list and how to prepare sushiris. AWESOME! : D


written by L.O., 13/06/14

Total easy to use. And is also easily the dishwasher:) Ne smaller version would be great, because the sushi is quite large.


written by Maria, 29/06/14

Real cool product! Super easy to use and the Maki rolls look really good. Highly recommended!

Sushi Bazooka!

written by JenniferP, 12/08/14

Just the hammer, I can only recommend to everyone on. Had the "Sushi Bazooka" my friend for her birthday and yesterday we then tested the same for the first time and it worked right away wel... Read more

Perfect accessory!

written by Mirre, 12/08/14

Light and easy to use, works just fine to make your own sushi! It really is as simple as the video shows. The finished result looks very professional and tastes excellent (possibility to vary the fill... Read more

Super Easy

written by Jenny, 17/08/14

Positively surprised that it is so easy to use, and are super happy with it. And it tastes super good with avocado, cucumber, red bell peppers and smoked salmon with soy sauce and wasabipaste! Sushi e... Read more

Takes time, but then it going!

written by Marcia, 09/09/14

So shipping and payment, everything went smoothly and quickly. What I did not see in the picture: The Sushi Bazooka is only plastic. Was so first skeptical. What is great, it is and on the back of a m... Read more


written by Claudia, 16/10/14

I am enthusiastic about the Sushi Bazooka! Sushi for home ... homemade ... delicious! I can only recommend. Easy to handle - easy! Ordering and shipping are run smoothly! Again any time.

The world's best!

written by Sanna, 20/10/14

The smartest thing! Gets sick looking, symmetrical rollers. Very simple tools and easy to clean. Super gift for sushi lovers!

Very good!

written by Andreas, 08/11/14

It may not be as easy as advertising makes you believe. But you learn pretty fast. Maybe a little less that it does not comply with any Swedish manual.

Yummy Sushi

written by CC, 18/11/14

If you have no time to go to the Chinese who comes to Sushibazuka Einsazt. A must for sushi lovers!


written by Tinna, 29/11/14

Really good to make perfect sushi. Now we are two people who have used it without ever having made sushi before and the pieces will be perfect with the bazooka and it is easy to use and easy to clean.... Read more

Quick sushi

written by Fia, 18/12/14

Very good gift for those who love to make their own sushi! It works flawlessly, even though it looks a bit plasticky out. Good that it came with instructions for use!


written by Rani, 18/12/14

This was EiT very helpful tool to use for both sushi and Kimbap. Very simple in use and easy and reindeer Gjere. :)

Very satisfied!

written by HanBy, 18/12/14

This mokajängen I liked! So much easier to make sushi with filling now, I totally suck at making things by hand otherwise. The pieces will be steady, straight and fine; the whole contraption can disas... Read more

Jajjemen !!!!

written by Madde, 18/12/14

Now there's no excuse not to make sushi. 10-point performance every time you just do not forget to oil it first. If you do not like seaweed, skip it and roll in roll in toasted sesame seeds instea... Read more

Perfect sushi all times!

written by Benny, 20/12/14

For those who are lazy or think that sushi is too complicated so this product is perfect! The instructions were easy to understand and sushi every very good.


written by DP, 01/01/15

Works well. Makis was fine. Easy to use even if you are a little afraid of the plastic when to close it. A bit plasticky but considering the price = affordable.


written by Nenne, 07/01/15

Works really well is super nice rolls and is easy to use and clean! 5 inches by 5 possible !! ;)

Succeed guaranteed!

written by cmk0211, 08/01/15

If you like sushi rolls may be well served with the Sushi Bazooka. If you make sure that the correct amount is charged on rice sushi rolls succeed guaranteed. A detailed description is enclosed. After... Read more


written by arsabarbie, 13/01/15

Super easy to use. Dishwasher fix the disk so the first week it was sushi 3 times. Best I've bought in a long time

Sushi Bazooka

written by katta59, 14/01/15

Perfect gift for the person who has everything works great no problem. A big plus for quick delivery from one day to the other


written by M:et, 15/01/15

Perfect rolls smoothly and quickly went there to learn. Smooth scrolling on sesame seeds. Will be used extensively!

Sushi Bazooka

written by Åsa, 12/02/15

Light and easy to use if you follow the instructions. Is consistent, even pieces. For me as a sushi lover, this is a very useful gadget and it is quick to conjure up sushi for dinner. Sushi Bazooka al... Read more

Rating for Sushi Bazooka

written by karo-21, 19/02/15

I am very happy with the product, especially my friend. It was for him a gift for Valentine's Day, because it so much like Sushi. Sushi Bazooka works flawlessly. make very easy and very fast to it... Read more

great product

written by Martin Jungeblut, 23/02/15

Not only the Sushi Bazooka itself is great, with the enclosed instructions one is also prepared for all steps: scarce and flush obtained tips and different preparation methods for the required sushi r... Read more

Sushi Bazooka

written by A.F.T., 20/03/15

Bought this without particularly high expectations, but since I eat some sushi, I took a chance that it could be an aid. Works great, and better than expected.

Sushi Bazooka

written by Gustav, 23/03/15

Excellent smooth! Make it very enklet perfect Runfa maki rolls. It could not be. Did 6x "makikorvar" in under 10 minutes. Highly recommended!

Sushi Bazooka

written by Torgeir, 23/03/15

Cult produkt.Lett and make sushi with Sushi Bazooka`n. Do you love sushi, this is an easy way to make sushi at home.

Easy to make homemade Sushi

written by Palle Kuling, 03/04/15

A wonderfully simple product to use. Now kids can make their own sushi as often as they want. Good that it is possible to mask Indian and without complicated mechanical parts. Recommend Sushi Bazooka ... Read more

quickly delivered !!!

written by Øystein, 07/04/15

Hi Very happy with this product, it was thought to have teenagers and they fixed this device very well.


written by ferrum, 24/04/15

I am completely satisfied! The item is as described, works flawlessly and delivered was jiffy !!! So again any time!


written by Neuro, 23/05/15

Gets very good and compact sushi with this. Can pack so tightly that the rice keeps its shape even without the nori around

Sushi Bazooka

written by eskebjerg, 12/07/15

Hey really good and fast trade Sushi Bazooka was exactly as I expected super and fast shipping

Everything should be like "s

written by Simone, 17/07/15

Delivery quickly and easily, goods as described and properly - will buy again at aeuch :-)

This is brilliant :)

written by Beate, 20/07/15

This a pure genius. It's quick to make and the result is great. Some use even for children. Shall be tested for cakes too!

Sushi Bazooka

written by Caro , 21/07/15

Who loves sushi, will squeal with happiness! Super easy to use and the sushi is fresh and super fast on the table - sensational. For 2 vegetarian rolls, a fish and a meat roll (with snipping, precooki... Read more

Sushi Bazooka

written by Caro, 23/07/15

Works flawlessly and was really good :-) all absolutely loved it. I can only recommend !

Sushi Bazooka

written by Caro, 23/07/15

Works flawlessly and was really good :-) all absolutely loved it. I can only recommend !

My 1st shushi

written by Shushi-Roller, 28/07/15

The product I have prepared my 1st Shushi immediately. It is perfectly managed. My son has also tried his 1st Shusi. The result was perfect. Anyone can hereby fabricate Shushi. Just awesome!!!!

Sushi made easy

written by solare24, 03/08/15

Great device that can easily and quickly make delicious leaves Maki. The only disadvantage is: the rollers are a little too big. Power still a lot of fun. We have plenty of produced and eaten. All in ... Read more

Sushi gun in my <3

written by Chrisse Ryhänen, 06/08/15

Sushi Cannon worked really well, it was easy to use and easy to wash. Well worth the money. Eased and speeded up considerably making sushi!

Surprisingly good

written by Runar , 27/08/15

What this does much better than when scrolling though is that it compresses the roll before you shoot it out. Sushien gets stuck in the fish :-) Digg!

Shits was broken when I got it

written by Marco, 23/09/15

When I opened the package, I discovered that the plastic was cracked about 10 cm above the top part of the "bazooka" And I do not have the energy to return the things that you yourself have ... Read more

Sushi Bazooka

written by Speedy Gonzales, 30/09/15

I'm very satisfied with the Sushi bazooka.Das part works very well, although I my concerns hatte.Die before delivery was also very schnell.Ich Can only recommend the Store


written by Sindre, 09/10/15

Recommended! It actually works exactly as described. We are pleasantly surprised. Super fast delivered, too.

Sushi Bazooka

written by Flisan, 02/11/15

A surprisingly easily understandable gadget and good quality. Are there recipes for desserts so I have no problem putting them in a good dessert. Regards Lars

It works!

written by Harry the Horrible , 14/12/15

Once you figure out the right amount of rice, it works very well! Ideal for me, as I prepare sushi only once or twice a year.

sushi bazooka

written by kirsten, 15/12/15

Fast delivery and a super good product. Have had great joy of sushi Bazooka, super easy to use and you get perfect pieces of sushi every time. Highly recommended

Sushi quickly

written by Solrosen, 23/12/15

Easy to use, does not take place in the cabinet, nice rolls, flies and is less messy than other options.

Super Christmas

written by Sarah , 24/12/15

It is the Christmas gift for my friend and it arrived super. The workmanship is good and solid! Let's see when we try it for the first time

Cool part

written by Ute, 30/12/15

Was the Sushi Bazooka not test unfortunately, but am looking forward immensely to the first sushi .... The part looks exactly like the pictures and I think it works fine. Have ordered directly two - o... Read more

Easy and delicious

written by Helén, 31/12/15

Cannon easy and fun to make sushi rolls.


written by Ela55, 01/01/16

After first test: great satisfaction of the recipient; fast delivery - everything went well! Gladly again.

easy to make sushi

written by claes, 04/01/16

corresponds fully to expectations. However, little plasticky. easy to pack with rice and fill with everything gottigt coming on. works for desserts too. sushi fixed in a flash. Recommended!

very happy

written by ulf, 06/01/16

Sushibazookan works great. It becomes even roll into bite-size, and is easy to wash.

Fantastic product!

written by Feffson, 07/01/16

Very user friendly and easy to maintain product. Fantastic result of making sushi with bazzokan. A pure pleasure to both make and eat sushi. Can deeply recommended.

Considered good

written by Tello H., 07/01/16

This review is due to a one-off tests, often I have not yet used the device. Here, the bazooka has however proven. Operation is simple, the guide which is absolutely sufficient. It is illustrated and ... Read more

Good help in the kitchen

written by P-A, 07/01/16

Bazooka works well, worth the money! With a little practice you will become profsig on composing good suchirätter

Sooo happy!

written by Anita, 20/01/16

Simple and make your own sushi at home with the Bazooka. Became a superfine and even roll. RECOMMENDED !!!

Shushi as purchased

written by Vani, 13/02/16

With the Sushi Bazooka can make Super nice Sushi. Very easy of handling - highly recommended.


written by Chanelle, 09/05/16

Sushibazookan's best! Easy to handle and sushi roll is really good. Do not spend money on sushi out now, buy home accessories and drive on.


written by Alan, 09/05/16

I'm happy going to try this weekend and will see how it goes :) if it gets good sushi with this mackapären :)

Works extremely well !!

written by Henrik , 16/05/16

This product really does what it promises! Very easy to make sushi whenever you want.

Very satisfied

written by Mimi, 16/08/16

Can only recommend, made quickly. Fast delivery, all good. Would recommend to anyone the sushi to buy equipment. Am thrilled.

Works great!

written by Sanna, 19/09/16

It is very easy to use and works very well! Good gift to give away to friends. Definitely appreciated!

I have returned the product and waiting for refund !!

written by AM Aslaksen, 28/10/16

The product is not satisfactory. Therefore I returned it and am now waiting for the refund. Please confirm and refund promptly! Regards AM Aslaksen

Good and simple

written by Kerstin, 12/12/16

Very happy with my sushi bazooka. Facilitated considerably for me to make stylish and durable rolls. It is simple to use and you do not mess.

wow! what product!

written by sushimaster, 12/12/16

Yes what can I say what a super simple o good product! Had sushi for 2 days after my first try! 6dl rice became rolls 5-6st


written by Annie, 14/12/16

Sushibazookan works great. Easy to understand, easy to use and easy to clean. A very convenient product to have in the kitchen if you like sushi. The two "tubes" are sometimes apart unfortun... Read more

Works perfectly! Great workmanship.

written by Sun ny, 02/03/17

With the Sushi Bazooka the preparation of maki sushi is easy. The Maki be almost perfect. The manual is written in perfect German and explains the preparation step by step and very accurate. The sushi... Read more

perfect for sushi lovers

written by e, 06/04/17

very handy! you can fill it to the brim and it will be a perfect roll. it is easy to use too: D

makes as it should, but useless anyway

written by barbara, 07/04/17

Sushi Bazooka'en does exactly as bitter grated and works fine - but - the sushi rolls that come out of it is too large, ie too thick. In addition, there must be a proper portion of rice around, th... Read more

Sushi basuka

written by Janni, 28/06/17

Nice and fast delivery. However, requires some practice to apply it. I would also like a slightly smaller model

Sushi Bazooka

written by Lene Ackermann, 05/10/17

Thank you for a great idea. I'm worried if it's durable enough in the hinges, it's easy to walk apart and hard to reassemble without having to grab it and squeeze quite hard before it gets... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Kirsten, 06/08/18

Coolstuff is extremely fast to handle and send the items you order. We have booked with me before. Thanks for good service.

Super fast delivery

written by Birgitte, 21/09/18

Super fast delivery, ordered delivery late in the day and on day 2 from ordering the delivery was delivered to the pick-up point. Delivery meets my expectations

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