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Sweeping Slippers

Does cleaning bore you? You won't need to pick up a mop with these mop slippers. Put on your cleaning slippers and glide around while cleaning the floors!

Sweeping Slippers - Blue (42-45)
Blue (42-45)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Sweeping Slippers - Red (37-41)
Red (37-41)
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

funny slippers

written by Gøril, 15/12/14

Funny slippers that can encourage roomier to wash more often! A hit here at the residence in any case.

dust away

written by Pottittwoman, 15/12/14

Brands not allow the dust to join're at it, but it seems on the floor! Automatic in dusting suits me fine.


written by LVN, 22/12/14

But definitely not very much worth it .. However, the dog is very happy with her new toys and it's probably also worth taking.

I am very pleased

written by Erimoe, 25/12/14

Goods corresponded precisely to the description and was delivered on time. The entire process was prompt and reliable. Thanks and happy again.

cleaning Slippers

written by es, 30/12/14

Fun thing to give away. Do not think they're doing for a wash if one should happen to use them to scrub with.

Funny gift!

written by Carro, 01/01/15

A fun gift for anyone who believes that it has everything :) Functional slipper although I most thought it would be a ploy thing.

Ugly but practical

written by Maran, 03/01/15

Ugly but they work well. Easy to take sole and send into the washing machine. Dries quickly. One trick is to take on the soles when that is a little wet, then stops the dust remains guaranteed.

Super Cool

written by Erica, 05/01/15

I bought respectively pairs to my sister and her husband. When they finished laughing so went the slippers on already at my house. Both I and they were satisfied.

Super Cool

written by Erica, 05/01/15

I bought respectively pairs to my sister and her husband. When they finished laughing so went the slippers on already at my house. Both I and they were satisfied.


written by Jejje, 05/01/15

Fun and practical, the floors have never seen so nice out;) However, I think they are a bit too wide front, my boyfriend has toes off despite the rather large feet. Otherwise totally awesome!

Ha ha ... what a gadget

written by Sverker, 06/01/15

Damn good !!! in the morning to keep you still can not lift your feet so the kitchen will be cleaned on the way to the coffee machine. Damn good!

fun but fluff.

written by miriam, 08/01/15

They are fun and you can go a little skating with them inside. They fluff little but it may go away after washing?

Ultra Slippers!

written by Matleena, 10/01/15

These are really good, I've already washed a few times in the machine at 60 degrees soles and still in good kuosissa. These are easy to wipe the dust off the floor profiles, which is annoying norm... Read more

cleaning Slippers

written by Soledude, 08/05/15

The product suited me perfectly as my partner bears the nickname "dry-wipe". I bought them actually just for fun to her, like that with tongue in cheek, but they proved to be absolutely grea... Read more

cleaning Slippers

written by Hosta, 21/07/15

Delivered without frills, it's a pair of slippers, with flärpar microfiber under the insole. Soft and comfortable, and spill your morning coffee, just shuffling around an extra turn without having... Read more

cleaning Slippers

written by Marylon, 28/07/15

Good cleaning with but more as a complement to remove stains on the floor and can not manage to produce grain and mop. If you have back pain, it is great to not have to bend over and wipe with a cloth... Read more

Fun thing but not effective

written by Robert, 14/12/15

As a fun gadget is good but they do not expect that the apartment will be cleaned automatically just because you have them. Worth thinking about: 1) You touch you normally wherever you want to clean? ... Read more

written by Cassie, 15/12/15

Finally fun to clean!

written by EwaM, 22/12/15

How fun anytime shuffling around at home and get cleaned simultaneously. Bought a pair for myself and the rest as gifts! Clearly affordable oxå !!! Very pleased! =)

Convenient and comfortable

written by Charlotta , 25/12/15

Kanonbra slippers with practical function. Simple to use and clean. Comfortable and affordable. Recommended.

Fulfills its function

written by Else-May, 27/12/15

Bought a pair for myself and three pairs of my sons for Christmas. I bought them the most as a fun thing without all the high hopes. They came after only one day. Tested them directly. They worked rea... Read more

written by Josse, 28/12/15

Very popular Christmas gift! Spray bottle in hand and slippers on the feet so go cleaning a breeze

This year's Christmas gift

written by Birgitta, 28/12/15

This year's Christmas 2015 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Estimated options. Works great as a guest slippers. Now we never clean up after guests more.

Top with slippers

written by Mie, 06/01/16

Doodle Mie am very happy with that mistress dancing around with mop slippers. They recommend to everyone we know also on Facebook, doodle page.

Very satisfied

written by Frøydis, 22/01/16

Cleaning The slippers are in good quality and good on foot. My parents are happy, and each received a color that fits perfectly. My mother got red and wearing a size 37-38. My dad got blue and wearing... Read more

cleaning slippers-do they work?

written by Tofflan, 29/01/16

Really funny gadget at home, which means that we walk around with a smile on his face: D And they actually work, the dust sticks to the;)

Really smart thing!

written by Moa, 07/06/16

These slippers are very comfortable to walk in, and if feet are cold fits them perfectly. You can remove the "rag" and shake out of it or dip it in water if you want it, which is superb! I u... Read more

Good to be / cleaning slippers

written by Ämm-A, 19/12/16

Corresponded to my expectations. Easy to use and gives good results. Leaves you wanting more so I will order more times from you. Thanks!

cleaning Slippers

written by Annika, 06/03/17

It was a good event. Very funny to polish floors nowadays, my husband and I usually dance "trailer foxtrot" :)

Good thing

written by Gustav J, 25/10/17

Bought a couple for dad and he was glad he had talked about similar to cleaning the floor while walking home. Unfortunately, do not get 5 out of 5. Does it mean that the slippers should have been a bi... Read more

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