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Turn off TV sets wherever and whenever you want! A simple push of a button is all it takes. TV-B-Gone is able to turn on and off virtually all TV sets on the market.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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TV B Gone

written by Sultan D., 22/05/13

Works very well, even on most TVs. The only disadvantage I have noticed with this product is that it can not be best spent through window, making it harder to fool people. Except this, then I am satis... Read more


written by Thomas, 03/06/13

The device is really top and working properly on some TVs it takes longer for other TVs go immediately, until now all TV went out but I think it works only at very many television. I wanted the TV-b G... Read more

can not

written by Simon Johansen, 01/08/13

does not work on TV with DVD player in but otherwise it works ;-)

Excitement is very high!

written by Kim, 19/08/13

The remote control does exactly what it should. I have as yet no TV found she could not eliminate. Sometimes it takes a little longer but that's okay. There is even a "stealth mode" in w... Read more


written by Cheesy Pie, 23/09/13

Distance no device was huge, but a small piece of adhesive tape and foil, it increased by 4 meters, awesome product!


written by Wörn, 29/01/15

Quite nice but "incognito" you can not turn on the devices. The compound has possibly already be maintained during the whole time.

TV-B-Gone, a nice gadget for Dodger.

written by Johannes Anderson , 10/04/15

TV-B-Gone works as expected, it turns off and on almost all television sets. It's really fun to turn off the screens at Harry's, but even more fun to turn off advertising the TV inside the cin... Read more

funkara jalla case

written by jesper, 21/05/15

really quite unnecessary purchases. but fun to have. think it does take a very long time before it finds the correct signal. but worked Jalla case on my Samsung's television sets. maybe a bit expe... Read more

cute fun ...

written by Harry Wolfanger, 29/07/15

at Real.- and Saturn smash hit! 80% of the devices were asleep immediately, the staff of Real.- has long noticed anything, asked only as a customer, at Saturn once an anthill, have never been so many ... Read more

Funny thing

written by BenzFan, 10/02/16

The way other television from any and to turn is quite funny. Works very well with most cheap TVs. With brand quality televisions (eg Metz), it unfortunately did not work. Still, very cool thing

Funny thing!

written by Simon, 16/05/16

A very funny little thing, turn off most appliances regardless of vintage. just takes a little longer on some and varying distances. the device itself is quite large and is not so easy to hide in your... Read more

Disappointment for my purposes

written by Pinge, 20/05/16

My idea was to have a little fun with my kids when they were watching TV. The problem was that the transmitter was so weak that I had to stand near the TV and actually touching the sender receives the... Read more

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