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Tassen Emotion Bowls

Which bowl are you today? Spice up your tableware with bowls featuring different facial expressions. Top German quality. As seen in animated films on YouTube.

Tassen Emotion Bowls - In Love
In Love
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Tassen Emotion Bowls - Kissing
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Tassen Emotion Bowls - Happy
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Tassen Emotion Bowls - Grinning
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Tassen Emotion Bowls - Crazy
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Tassen Emotion Bowls - Sad
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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116 reviews

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What is this?

everything perfect.

written by Gabi Berger, 10/07/14

It was delivered quickly. The cup and the cup are processed very clean, amusing design and thus a looker on the table. Quality and wit have convinced me. A great gift for friends and yourself.

bowls with faces

written by Julianne, 29/07/14

Really cozy dishes, which really is a blikkfang.Anbefales really, both for breakfast and small snacks on the table.

The loveliest buns!

written by Anette, 03/09/14

The buns were used as gifts and was great success! Today's hot topic, can recommend the most warmly! I want the whole series!

Bowls that stand out

written by Sussi, 26/09/14

Cute bowls with original faces! You can buy a bowl for every occasion. Fits well with both sweets and peanuts, as well as soup.

A winner

written by Bka, 07/11/14

Well, look at it! It can then only love! And so filled with candy or chocolate ?! I look forward to seeing little girl's face when she packs up!

delightful bowl

written by Yvonne, 08/12/14

Delicious dishes! Bought a Christmas present, but have to buy a Christmas present for myself. Recommended to anyone who lilke to have some fun

So sweet!

written by Ragnhild , 10/12/14

These bowls are super cute! Fine to give away and fine for a self :) I would definitely recommend them. Can not believe some are not satisfied!

Super glorious

written by Karsten, 11/12/14

It melts completely when you see them in real life. They are well made, and will certainly smile.

Super fine

written by Emma, 12/12/14

The bowls were super nice and how happy any time with them! They were the perfect size when it can be used for everything possible. There will probably be a collectors item for me.

Fantastic fun !!

written by Anita, 14/12/14

Must have them, just måååå them !!!! Was first thought that struck me when I saw this! Suddenly I ordered the entire series, including cups :) this would be Christmas gift to me from my loved ones, my... Read more

fast resupplying

written by Bent, 15/12/14

ordered 2 Mood Bowls. The dishes were bad eabaleret and one was broken. A "claim" and a new received 2 days after

Christmas gift!

written by Pottittwoman, 15/12/14

Receiver wants a bland and sad-bowl for Christmas! Good to give something friends anything they want! Besides, I'm excited about what's Up in bowls when I come to visit!

super product at a great price

written by christin, 17/12/14

The bowls are recommended. Exactly as described and good value is absolutely given. Dignity to give each recommended this or for your own use. It is available for each of the appropriate facial expres... Read more

Jättefin !!

written by fn, 17/12/14

Hearty and porcelain with a very cute face on. Thought maybe it would be plastic so it was beyond expectation for me!

Really nice!

written by Fredrik, 18/12/14

Looks much more luxurious in reality than on the computer-made images. Good feeling when you are in them, good weight. Can be used for everything but ideal as breakfast bowls. Perfect Christmas gift f... Read more


written by Jeannette Brink, 19/12/14

Super Sweet dishes that can not be found elsewhere. They evoke joy at each table ... Is very happy with the purchase. :-)

fun gift

written by AKB, 20/12/14

Feeling bowls are both fun to have yourself and give as a gift. Suitable as candy bowl, dipskål, as serving bowl and one can surely eat the soup of the. Facial expressions are easy to recognize and ma... Read more

Praise from here.

written by Rikke, 24/12/14

I bought a Christmas gift for my mother, who came quickly and without problems. Everything was as it should be! And the gift / gifts are intact and as expected. Praise from here! :-)


written by Happy , 25/12/14

Very nice and solid plates. They are reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland;) The plates are heavy and solid, it seems to be good quality. We have not tried to wash those yet, but expect to be washed as o... Read more


written by hpw, 31/12/14

Good quality, and the happy smile is transferred immediately to the / the morning cereal eaters / in. :-)


written by Cornelia Rosemann, 01/01/15

I'm totally enthusiastic. Wind fast delivery, top in quality - I can you know mur.

really cute

written by Veronica, 01/01/15

Maybe a little small in size but incredibly cute and affordable. I gave them away as Christmas and they were very much appreciated!

Coolest mood bowls ever;)

written by Lene Andersen, 01/01/15

Bought these cool tassen bowls my family of 5 for Christmas;)) hilarious and humorous bowls for both food and snacks !!

Sweet dish!

written by Johanna, 02/01/15

Incredibly sweet (candy?) Dish that I gave my friend a graduation present, and my dad for Christmas. Glad there are more things (eg. Tea cups, egg cups, etc.) In the series! Extra plus it should withs... Read more

Beautiful bowls!

written by M Nilsson, 06/01/15

Very impressed with these bowls! They have a solid, quality feel, a "weight" in them that makes them feel very sturdy. They are perfect for eg snacks, candy and the like. And they are soo ch... Read more

The funny shells

written by Anja, 09/01/15

Product complies with the tender and is made of a thick porcelain. Thus, the bowl is not as fast fragile

feeling Bowls

written by Trill, 12/02/15

This (together with an emotion-coffee / tea cup) was the gift of Mother's Day. Superfine, straightforward to a bowl of cereal, småsnop or maybe crisps / peanuts, or some fruit. Anyway, it spreads ... Read more


written by LoneStar, 16/02/15

A very nice bowl, much better than what I thought, think it could be Christmas gift tip for years. The dish seems very solid, and it puts a little "spice" on the table.

Good quality - and so cute!

written by Zarah, 16/02/15

Bought two of these bowls after practicing a long time ... Became a good gift to her husband - and a matching gift to myself (I'm amazingly generous, this way!;)) Was surprised how heavy and solid... Read more

fine bowls

written by Ladman, 18/02/15

Giant fine ... fine quality and fun to watch them ... to buy Kopper oxå ... happy with my purchase :)

Everything worked great

written by Stumi, 20/02/15

I ordered my 4 cups funny cups here. From ordering everything went well up to the delivery, as one would imagine. The quality of the dishes is excellent. Become repeatedly addressed to the funny mugs ... Read more

wedding Gift

written by Madde, 24/02/15

We are very pleased with the bowls, and recommend them to others! Fun to be able to use the cup to suit your mood.


written by Emelie Englund, 10/03/15

I love these dishes, use them for everything from yoghurt for breakfast and chilli nuts on Saturday evenings. How sweet time! Soon time to buy in the rest of the track tion! =)

Super cute bowls.

written by Tinsemor, 02/04/15

The dishes were gifts. One is given and the birthday boy was very happy. I want them all in the gift. They are super sweet.

great gift

written by Manulein, 08/05/15

Have this dish ordered as a gift for birthday and it arrived super. The dish is very well made and looks really sweet. Can recommend it only.

fight Fine

written by *****, 11/05/15

Incredibly fun and fight fine. Now I have two different bowls, and the deadlines to buy more.

Much appreciated!

written by Lena, 13/05/15

I gave an emotional dish "happy" to my mother for her birthday. It was highly appreciated and she would have to buy more products from the series. The dish is surprisingly heavy and therefor... Read more

Glad lid

written by Sidselbn, 11/06/15

I simply could not help but smile when I got them. I am crazy about the dishes :) They arrived after 2 days and they were neatly wrapped so that nothing will happen to them. Now, the one in the kitche... Read more

Stylish and practical gifts

written by Mikael Bergström, 12/06/15

Gave away some bowls as birthday gifts; it was appreciated. The bowls feels right solid and practical.

Very fine bowls

written by Sol, 16/06/15

Bought these bowls to give as gåve but could well thought me such dishes yourself. Artige cups that ein only is nøydd to like. Very decent str., And suits well as good toast, nuts etc.

The top

written by Ninni, 19/06/15

Fantastic fine bowls in just brilliant quality! Must also praise for the sick fast delivery! Thousand thanks.


written by Anna-Lena, 22/06/15

I am delighted with my bowl. Has been highly praised by my friends, who probably intend to buy one for themselves. Will probably buy more after the holidays.

Emotional Bowls.

written by Sussi, 24/06/15

I was very pleased with the bowls and even my daughter, who got all the bowls in studentpresent..större than I expected and thicker than many other porcelain bowls we have hemma..Ett super buy ..

written by Patricia, 16/07/15

I am sooo happy about the bowl! :) When should watch my heart goes on every time! ♥ The cup is very heavy (compared to similar large shells). She looks / is qualitatively very high-quality and stable.... Read more

very cute

written by Gwill, 02/09/15

There is a bowl. What more is there to say? There is room for things in it. It is made of porcelain. It's funny.

lovely bowls

written by Gro, 29/09/15

Perfect for cereal, soup, fruit etc. Lovely cups that kids have become very fond of! Bought many gifts this year - quick and easy!

Cute and funny little bowl

written by Siggen, 09/11/15

This bowl was fun-filled! Funny faces and good bowl (without my knowing what characterizes a bad bowl). Highly recommended! Coming enough to buy more :)


written by hanni, 12/11/15

The dishes are very nice. Big enough for cereal or soup but also for pastries, they are eye-catching. They are well packed, undamaged and arrived on time.

funny shells

written by axe, 18/11/15

really cool side, super fast shipping Top quality, super gift idea-get always very good at


written by Chica, 19/11/15

The dish is really nice. She has a good size and the workmanship is very good. I had not been in the dishwasher, since it is a gift, but it is there that they are dishwasher safe. Very nice for gift g... Read more

Super cute!

written by Maria, 10/12/15

I have delivered from me two as Christmas gifts this year, and must confess that I would not mind me a way saucer self! It'll be next purchase after Christmas! :)

Mugs Feeling Bowls

written by Tj, 14/12/15

I'm very satisfied with this product, it came fast and everything was brand. The only thing was that I thought it was 6 different coffee cups, but was shown 4, so two of them were shown espresso c... Read more


written by Annette Drejer, 17/12/15

Sweet and funny bowls. Me and my kids are raving about them. Use them to eat breakfast, good as candy bowls

cool shells

written by Steinmetz, 18/12/15

in Cool Stuff I ordered this "funny shells". I must honestly say that it exceeded my expectations. Top quality! looks like in advertising the cups! really great


written by Jane, 18/12/15

These bowls can make anyone completely happy. A glance at these, one can not help but smile. The perfect gift that gives real joy to the recipient. Gets really appreciated as a gift.

Exceeded my expectations

written by Linda, 21/12/15

So fine and solid bowls! Just as fine as on the photo. Had not dared to hope that they would be as generous as they were. Very pleased!

Top Service

written by Kerstin, 22/12/15

I sent after two emotional bowls with various emotional expressions to give as gifts. Unfortunately, it turned out when the item came to be one of the bowls were not consistent with what I ordered. Th... Read more

Quick delivery

written by Daisy, 23/12/15

Very satisfied. Quickly went to get order confirmation. Quick delivery. Can happily recommend coolstuff to others. Enjoyed options with various shipping options .....................

Perfect Christmas gifts.

written by Pea, 24/12/15

Giving something nice for the one you love, then passde emotional bowls perfect. Both donor and recipient are happy when the package is opened .... The fine, expressive, bite-sized dishes fit characte... Read more


written by Casandra, 25/12/15

Bought two bowls to mom and she loves them. They are very sweet and of good quality. Have bought sånna to her before and we use them for everything here at home.

mood Bowls

written by Laila , 25/12/15

Very beautiful bowls and really fast and good delivery. An advice to all try to go to their website and see the little film about how they are produced


written by Doody, 27/12/15

Watched, and paid in 3 days in very good condition, thanks to good packaging receive. Quality of funny shell goods is good, and processing. The original cup is rarely seen on a table. Did ever a fun b... Read more

Grim fine bowls

written by AW, 27/12/15

The bowls are more glossy than the pictures. Good quality, according to me, is a product worthy of the price (be aware that it is a German quality: P).

emotional Bowl

written by Linn, 28/12/15

Kit Fine! Good thickness and perfectly sized. Would love to fill out the kitchen cupboards with one of every emotional bowl.

Substantial o fine bowl

written by Ann-Sofie, 28/12/15

Gave away a sorry bowl to a friend and it was really appreciated! Hearty bowl of a clockwork expression. Fine quality!

fine bowls

written by Mimi, 29/12/15

These bowls're wonderful! The actual design is fun, faces are fun, and the bowls were bigger than I thought, which is good! Suitable for many consumer; decorative bowl, cereal bowl, the candy / fr... Read more


written by AnnaKlura, 31/12/15

This bowl was a great Christmas gift! It was better quality than what I had thought, good size and nice weight.

Cute and funny

written by Nöjd kund., 31/12/15

I ordered two bowls Christmas present for my brother and his girlfriend were very much appreciated. They were very cute and fun and is perfect size for example candy bowls. 3D faces with different exp... Read more


written by Stefan, 01/01/16

The soup bowls were a Christmas present for a friendly family. They are very funny: see the original exactly as published in the photo. Since the supply was fragile, carried an impeccable packaging. T... Read more

Emotional Bowls ♡

written by Ylva Johansson, 04/01/16

So cute & so beautiful ♡ bowls that can be used for anything, when you bought one, when you just want more

Sweet Cheers!

written by M, 04/01/16

A super bowl and it looks better "for real". However, the price a bit expensive too expensive, you do not think it cost so much if you had to guess the price! But do not regret that I bought... Read more

Tassen Mood Bowl

written by Helle, 05/01/16

I purchased an Tassen mood bowl, and it is just so nice. Was very surprised at the high quality porcelain. It is not something thin snalder as you often get when you buy porcelain bowls. So it does no... Read more


written by Cathleen, 05/01/16

I was very pleased with the whole order. Although I thought I had ordered two different dishes at the end it was the same, but I was completely satisfied. Time definitely. So conclusion, at any time a... Read more

Cheers everyone likes

written by Fredd, 07/01/16

Bought this first to a Christmas booty, was made a success. So I also ordered some for myself.


written by Ss, 22/01/16

I love these wonderful dishes! They were a little larger than I first thought they would be, which only made me like the even more. They are really cute, fun, different and practical. Works just as go... Read more

So cute :)!

written by L.sandman, 01/02/16

Really nice and sweet, just the right size! Would that smiling will enter the stock again! Want all :)!

Lekkre bowls.

written by Christina, 08/02/16

I just love these bollene.super quality and hilarious! Sensible alternative to gift for both young and old!

very happy

written by Linda, 24/02/16

Fast delivery and fine products, very happy

sweet dish

written by Soffan, 25/02/16

It is really cute ochvlagombstor to have some sweets or snacks. That it is white makes it fit everywhere.

emotional Bowls

written by Kalle, 25/02/16

Very good dishes. All expectations were really good. Fast delivery so only plus. Warmly recommend this company.

So very happy!

written by Kiki, 26/02/16

Bought this as a Valentine's Day gift to my boyfriend and he was super happy. Great as taco bowls, breakfast dish or snack bowl. Really good quality and they are super charming. Do not regret this... Read more

Quality, quick & easy!

written by Malin Ö, 11/03/16

Ordered goods in the evening, two days later it was waiting to be collected,. Not a scratch on either the package or product, super happy with the product that is of high quality! Very satisfied and w... Read more

really happy

written by Emmaaa, 25/03/16

I'm really happy with my purchase! bowls came throughout and nice in cute boxes. It came with a small patch where one can see several different bowls and cups of the same series. I use them tlll n... Read more

Everything great

written by Nicole , 02/05/16

All super happy again was very satisfied with my order fast handling easy handling

Fine, but the faces are not visible so good

written by Px, 09/05/16

Fine deep dishes but like the "Faces" blend in a little well in the cups, they could have made "faces" more clearly.

Super sweet, fine and fun bowls

written by Holz, 20/05/16

Real fine bowls that are super cute. can be used for many things and have a nice size. .

Very satisfying

written by Margit, 08/06/16

Easy website, overnight delivery and impeccable product. Mood dishes were as expected from the photo on the website. Is extremely satisfied


written by Marshmallow, 11/06/16

it came the day after I ordered it and it was bigger and nicer than I thought it would be.

The funny shells

written by V13, 24/08/16

The shells are made of good Porcelain and the design has us begeistert.Die are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The size is ideal for a cereal or a portion of fruit salad or ... for breakfast.

emotional Bowl

written by , 12/12/16

Good and fast delivery, arrived intact and nice and my sister and nephew loved it! Perfect as a gift

Poor packaging

written by Nicke, 13/12/16

Ordered two dishes, one of which was in pieces. The dishes were quite loose in boxes without packaging against shock. However no problem to contact Coolsuff and get a new one, it came just one day. SL... Read more

Super service

written by Nikki louise, 16/12/16

Super easy website easy to navigate on the page. Easy to read and Inge keep it running ting.hurtig delivery with good packing so things do not go to pieces. However, the little animal with the wrappin... Read more

Good but poorly packed.

written by Robert, 28/02/17

The bowls was how nice any time but was unfortunately not the dishes I wanted, ordered three pieces and two I got was wrong, however, was right on the checklist that came with. Otherwise very nice bow... Read more

Well-made and fun

written by Mathilda, 28/02/17

The dishes came quickly in the mail and was both stylish and fun! A really fun gift to give away to someone :-)


written by Hoddel, 06/03/17

Wonderful dishes for breakfast eg, approach to dining is always a fun, friendly conversation. Do not remove them from the range

Super cool and fun bowls

written by René, 17/03/17

Tassen mood bowls are in good kvalitit and really fun to put on the table, both in everyday life and celebration.

Funny bowls,

written by Aachen, 03/04/17

I gave away the shells for collection, they arrived all class. The cups have a very good quality

happy bowl

written by i behov av leende människor, 13/04/17

It will be only happy when you see the bowl. the smiles after the one. fine porcelain that will not break easily. and dishwasher safe.

beautiful and special

written by Mone, 03/05/17

I got the dish some time ago for her birthday. It's great to be 'snogging' morning. My sister liked it so much that they 2 years (!) Has been looking for it and can not find her. Now we ha... Read more

Lovely product

written by Mia, 19/07/17

Lovely product that spreads joy. Good size. A bit more heavy in it than I had expected, but it only indicates that it is a good material.

Super cool bowl

written by Betina E Andersen , 21/07/17

Bought one of the lovely mood bowls and I'm crazy about it, looking forward to serving something in it. It's a solid bowl and it creates a smile.

emotional Bowls

written by Ana, 12/09/17

I bought two big emotional dishes (500ml). They were highly appreciated as a gift. They are unique and charming with their emotional expressions and are of high quality. I will definitely buy a couple... Read more

The funny cups

written by joshua, 26/09/17

Everything went well. Order was immediately recorded and done. Payment was great too. Have ordered more often at COOLSTUFF. Always satisfied. Will order again and again, because I've found great g... Read more

Very nice as a gift idea for girls

written by Kathy, 13/10/17

Cereal bowl and cup with saucer ("happy") bought as a gift for the 18th birthday; Delivery came very fast and well packed; Quality and design very nice; Cereal bowl a bit big and heavy compa... Read more


written by Viola, 23/10/17

I would like to have this one for a while and thought it would be perfect to give away as a gift when my friend filled her birthday because she wanted to bowl! She became very happy and I'm happy ... Read more

Jättefina !!

written by Malin, 09/01/18

Superfina bowls in very good quality !! Has 4 feelings as I love. Really recommend

Jättefina !!

written by Malin, 09/01/18

Superfina bowls in very good quality !! Has 4 feelings as I love. Really recommend

Good product

written by Mein Name, 10/01/18

Good product, fast and reliable delivery. The delivery was well packed. All the best, with CoolStuff gladly again!


written by Didi, 20/01/18

Very nice bowls Somewhat bigger than expected but very good quality Prima worked faces, each slightly sloping upper edges. recommendable

Cute and fun

written by PjWhimsy, 24/01/18

Cozy and polite bowl. May end with everyone in this particular series. Will be a new order for several of the others soon

Tiptop thumbs up

written by Victoria , 30/01/18

So fine Clear face expression, a fine thickness of the dishes! I will recommend these to my friends

emotional Bowls

written by Lena, 12/03/18

Delivery took 7 days. The bowls are nice but different heavy and different sized, though I ordered the same. Otherwise I am satisfied.


written by Hilde, 05/04/18

This was happiness at Easter when they were used instead of Easter Eggs

Good bowl.

written by Astrid, 07/04/18

I've seen such a feeling of emotion a little everywhere. I have always thought they are cute. I chose to buy one and it came to my house quickly and it was top notch! No defects and it worked grea... Read more

Everything went great

written by Matthias Walz, 09/07/18

Everything arrived safely. Delivery was fast. The bowls look great. So I wanted the service. I'm super satisfied.

Bowls with fun design!

written by FrankT, 03/09/18

Just recommend this series by the name Tassen, made in great porcelain. I have 1 big bowl and now 6 smaller bowls, each with their expressive face. The dishes are both and are a pleasure to present. T... Read more

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