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Tetris Lamp

Combine the Tetris blocks any way you like! They light up when you put them together, and switch off when they are taken apart.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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46 reviews

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What is this?

Good meeen ,,,

written by Sebastian B, 19/04/13

Tetris lamp is good but it is very light and unstable, it makes it flashes a little too much sometimes. If the parts were heavier product would be absolutely perfect.

Tetris for real!

written by Goddzilla, 01/07/13

I really loved the Lamp! its not for its illuminating function, but for the educative one; D I would love it even more if it would not feel like plastic, Which it is ofc. But, That would be a class A ... Read more

Cool idea - beautiful light

written by Alice, 06/09/13

The table lamp like it very much. It is nice to look at and fits of size problems on a normal desk. When stacking the individual blocks are, however, merely superposed, without mounting. Therefore, th... Read more

Beautiful, but unstable.

written by PS, 11/09/13

It was difficult to choose between grades 3 and 4. The appearance funfactor is a strong 5. But the structure itself is pretty bad. The lamp is unstable, the portions are very light and difficult to ba... Read more


written by T5, 18/09/13

My friend who got this product in the gift was very pleased when he loves the game. DETR little extra fun with the lamp's ability to shape it as you like. A really fun "game" gift.

Tetris Lamp

written by Sarah, 30/09/13

Stylish and fun lamp! Has received many compliments for the lamp, and I build on it every day! Anyone who was young in the 80s knows what it is and it's fun to teach the young about a truly wonder... Read more

Tetris lamp

written by tameli, 09/10/13

Time poor feel to it but fine than that! Yes blocks are light and slippery, so the assembly must be careful not to lentele floor. Likely to keep buying another so getting bigger and seem to Tetris! A ... Read more

Nörtihtävä a fun decorative element

written by Elsu, 04/11/13

The product is exactly what I expected, that is, each of retro gaming friend must have -sisustuselementti. Stacking blocks is fun and in addition to the lamp is very nice looking - suitably kitch but ... Read more

cool concept

written by Odin Thune, 26/12/13

Amazing concept. The light is great and works fine, only it's something to be said is that the light may be somewhat weaker at the top of the lamp when all the bricks are used. But only this separ... Read more

Perfect Christmas present

written by Sunniva, 28/12/13

Gave this to 17 years old my brother for Christmas. It is usually difficult to find anything to him, but this was spot on! The cord goes into one block and gives it light, and the other has a kind of ... Read more

Really nice lamp

written by MN, 30/12/13

Fantastic cozy lamp, with an emphasis on just snuggle up (it's not made to light up a room). Really nice feeling when you lift the pieces and they will go out and then light up when you build them... Read more


written by Mogens Storm, 01/01/14

Tetris lamp was a gift for a boy of 12 years. And it was a big hit. And indeed the right fun - well made up!

Cool ornament and entertainment

written by Robert, 07/01/14

Tetris lamp was thorough and gave many funny moments, both when it was built, and then watch as it beautifies its place.

Fun lamp, but ...

written by Martin, 13/02/14

It works, no doubt about it. But it is GOOD enough sensitive! Even the slightest vibration - eg. when you walk on the floor near where the lamp stands - can get light in one or more blocks to go out. ... Read more

A lamp for all Tetris lovers.

written by Embla og Marius, 13/02/14

This is really very nice and creative. One can choose for themselves which settings that you may have, so you never get bored its shape. Funny that it simply be connected in series! The downside is th... Read more

Very cool!

written by Mai, 27/02/14

I am very pleased with tetrislampen. It provides ambiance and fun! The parts are loose and the material is very brittle. All parts must be in contact to make it bright. With some sticker and Miss gum ... Read more

The retro gift

written by Mate, 21/04/14

I bought this for her birthday nörttiveljelleni and he fell in love with it. If he would not have liked it, I'd actually have this. Annoying when I ordered two at once. Glad you can self-assemble ... Read more


written by engel, 05/05/14

Fantastic color joy. It is a unique product. The lamp can I take with me everywhere. It's just taking it apart and take it back together. Maria Angélica

Geek Gadget, no reading lamp

written by Gerbil-Fan, 12/05/14

For Tetris fans a must, however, the practical aspect is limited: The lamp looks decorative, but as a reading lamp a bit too dark. Tip: When on / off switch rather use a power strip with a switch, sin... Read more

- Gamer lamp

written by Matiah, 07/07/14

Some brilliant product! The lamp was smaller than I thought, but is a good size. For a night light. The lamp is not very stable, so should preferably be a stable place. And recommend you buy an extra ... Read more

Stylish, but the portions are a little easier.

written by Snille, 12/08/14

Overall I think that the product meets expectations. However, I had given it 5 stars if the parts had had a little more weight and might have been magnetic to stay at his place when building them toge... Read more

Quick and Easy

written by Per, 25/08/14

Ordered Tetris table lamp, which is a very funny and colorful lamp. Can be combined in countless ways. Both fun toys and good fun light source. Highly recommend it both for the kid and teenager room.

funny thing

written by Kocken, 27/08/14

A fun lamp that receives much attention in my hallway. All who pass by to build on it and play!

so cool

written by Regitze , 01/12/14

The lamp works, and it is so cool, you can easily rearrange the pieces and the lights are all great! But it is very light in weight and can well fall apart or be pulled apart so that the pads stop lig... Read more

Cute but partially badly processed

written by Rhodan001, 15/12/14

Cute design idea. However, the processing is not so great. For me, the on / off switch was not.

Everything was great

written by Martin B., 26/12/14

Goods arrived quickly. The package was a bit poor, but the merchandise was unharmed. The lamp is working properly and is a real eye-catcher. It is nice that you can put together the parts really arbit... Read more

Gorgeous and fun lamp

written by Kati, 26/12/14

We ordered a Tetris-lamp and we have tested the product for over a week now. The luminaire is a really nice, fires, colors are bright and most comfortable is when the luminaire can always build a diff... Read more

Awesome lamp!

written by Erja, 28/12/14

I ordered this ksuniin and colorful lamp, and I'm really pleased. A very beautiful and young people in mind, I recommend! is well suited to his desk, and can change their preferred form of blocks.... Read more

awesome Christmas gift

written by Vinnie, 30/12/14

Acquisition of the lamp package, and it onnnistunut to deceive. Gift recipient was really pleased with the lamp and looked great. Postage was fast so had time to pack well before Christmas, and the pr... Read more

Great light - good delivery service

written by miwi, 01/01/15

Beautiful light, which can be differently composed, with their different colors and form elements. Works well. Cool Stuff had quickly processed the order and sent as in transit remained hanging the pa... Read more

Fed lamp with many possibilities.

written by Christina. , 05/01/15

A huge hit. Absolutely the best Christmas present. Never have been collected so many beautiful combinations of Tetris lamp that was here during Christmas.

Really good deco

written by Nico, 13/01/15

Fits really good close to each F Shui.

So fast, so nice, so great !!

written by miwi, 22/01/15

So the Tetris lamp like it super. It's fun in order to build different lamp models and it works always well - only by successively put the components. But, at this point deserves my big, big compl... Read more

Stuff small and shaky

written by Nicola, 29/01/15

Cool part that is fun and looks good. Lights colorful, you can play with it. Supi.

little bit disappointed

written by Ingvill B, 13/03/15

The lamp itself is überkul but very vulnerable. It can not be "reshuffle" as it really should - in all variations. Some combinations are not light. It is also very sensitive to movement (whe... Read more


written by keijke, 23/03/15

Bought lamp as a present for my daughter. It was highly appreciated even though she is an adult. Suitable for both children and adults thought myself that it is really nice.

Fun for video games nerd

written by Hejs, 24/12/15

Much appreciated gift from my partner. Funny that one can combine the light as you want.

Christmas present

written by Annette, 25/12/15

It was not on the wish list, but I took the chance and my son at 13 was just so happy for her new Tetris lamp, it works fine, gives a really fine hyggelys is nice to look at and enjoyable, you can spe... Read more

Cozy and fun

written by Charlotta , 25/12/15

Super lovely interior detail. Easy and fun to use. Maybe a little too short cord, but is enough to extend. Recommended.

not impressed

written by Tina, 25/12/15

There is nothing to hold together the pieces so that it is not very stable, and the pieces must be very precisely for that "runs" light through from the one piece that has the light source. ... Read more

right fun

written by H. Gun, 25/12/15

Tetris table lamp is total fun for a gaming geek. Each lamp lights when it collides with the blue light. It's pretty cool.

Christmas was well received

written by Claude HOELZL, 28/12/15

The Tetris table lamp came as a Christmas present for my brother very well, not only with him but also with his friends, he has a lot hope so Spaass

one hit

written by Daisy, 28/12/15

My husband LOVES his tetris lamp, though it is slightly unstable. It would have been great if they had been a bit magnetic so they held together better, but all in all a really nice lamp.

Tetris lamp

written by ellirocker , 29/12/15

Incredibly stylish and cool lamp. Each bought a to my adult sons who were tetrisfreakar when they were younger. Perfect Pats and fast delivery ☺

Tetris table lamp

written by Cicci, 11/01/16

Cool light ... once it manages to stand without falling apart. Unbelievably poor composition. It is next to impossible to get it to hold together. Does not work with daub because then it ceases to shi... Read more

as expected

written by vero, 27/07/17

It lights and works exactly as expected. awesome decor in a shelf! might even want a little stronger but it's as it is

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