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Thinking Putty Liquid Glass Clay

Look! I can see you through my lump of clay! What kind of crazy clay is this? Thinking Putty Liquid Glass is made of a unique material that can be kneaded, moulded, cut apart, bounced and split!

Thinking Putty Liquid Glass Clay - Thinking Putty Liquid Glass Clay
Thinking Putty Liquid Glass Clay
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What is this?


written by Ebba, 20/09/17

Certainly a gift worth giving and receiving. Glasses (clearly) can handle their hands for hours and form into many fun things.

Clear glass?

written by Sidsel, 26/03/18

When using the product, it is filled with small air bubbles that are hard to get away. When the mass is filled with bubbles, it does not look like glass anymore. Also, it seems to be daunting in use, ... Read more

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