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Towel Twister

Gather up your wet hair in a super-absorbent microfibre towel and place it casually on your head! Suddenly your regular towels will seem old-fashioned and uncomfortable.

Towel Twister  - Purple 2-Pack
Purple 2-Pack
6 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Towel Twister  - Blue 2-Pack
Blue 2-Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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60 reviews

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What is this?

Works great!

written by Malin, 15/05/15

Easy on the use and makes your hair dry faster! Unfortunately sits gumisnodden, to attach the end, just too far back so it can not sit on your head as comfortably as you would like. Tested in several ... Read more

Works well.

written by Nanna, 28/05/15

Easy to use and hold. Absorbs well. Works better if you do not have very long hair. Very satisfied.

sitting good

written by Titify, 03/06/15

I do not think the hair dries much faster than ordinary towel, but the cord in the back is very smart. Remains even if one bends forward and so on. Nice to not have towel comes off as soon as you do s... Read more


written by Nisse fra vittet, 11/06/15

According to the wife so does this very well. Sucking water as a jug and holding hair in place. Can obviously also have to network to sleep without it falling off. The Ni! ;)


written by Lotte, 16/07/15

Excellent Cool and practical! Slipper now having a massive towel turban as falling off all the time now. Thought it was one in every package, but was pleasantly surprised that it was 2-pack, when I wa... Read more

Towel to wet hair

written by Marylon, 28/07/15

The package includes two pieces, heavy quality works fine, a minus was that they smelled a little of formalin so beware if you are allergic, but it went away when I washed them and then work ok I am a... Read more

Super good

written by Jessica, 06/08/15

It is absolutely superb, the hair becomes much drier than with regular towel and stuck really good. Read some reviews that complained that it is too small, but it does not then according to me. It cov... Read more

great idea

written by Sally, 10/08/15

The towel-Twister was a gift for a friend who goes on a journey. She has used it for the first time and was very happy, color looks good. Beautiful small and compact to store. Are passionate, very goo... Read more

good buy

written by geochick, 10/08/15

I wish it was a little bigger Because I have a lot of hair and a big head, but it is so much more convenient That wrapping it all up in a big towel. It stays secure and does absorb quite a bit. I am h... Read more

Best towel!

written by Angelica , 15/08/15

If you do not, no you understand why not an ordinary towel will do just as well. Once you have tested a hard urban so regret that you did not test it before. Self, I have given away a bunch oh no one ... Read more

Fantastic .... but

written by Ruth, 15/09/15

These are easy to use and light in weight. They are fast, but maybe a bit small. I have some long hair, so must "unfold" the hair to get everything inside.

Babe passionate nöjd!

written by Anton, 01/10/15

Dom soon becomes Blot (thats good uppsugningsförmåga) so passionate väldigt behändigt att it är två per package so you can byta när the ena är blot! Torkar fast!


written by Johnu, 07/10/15

Really good absorbency. Before buying wondering how good the towel absorbency is. The surprise was great when the first time I used the Towel Twister, which is also very light. Thus, it is also a good... Read more

Super satisfied!

written by Camilla, 13/10/15

I'm so damn glad that I bought this, what a relief it is to be able to walk around without a heavy towel just want to fall off. I will never use regular towels on the head after trying this. Highl... Read more

Smart and simple

written by Kattis, 16/10/15

The idea is super, but for someone with a little more head and quite a lot of hair so it is a bit on the limit of the size of a few centimeters would not hurt :)

Practical and delivers what it promises

written by Jana, 17/11/15

We have discovered us these two, special towels browsing. Since we at least three times a week to wash the hair with normal us and towels always to "fight" have, we thought we try this towel... Read more

towel twister

written by Elina, 07/12/15

The towel is light and easy to flip the hair inside. The twisted towel can be easily attached to a rubber band, which is attached to the back of the towel, and remains very much in place. Dry your hai... Read more

Too thin, too short

written by Anke, 14/12/15

First of you are looking forward yes: two towels in a package for a good price, but the first use, I note that for medium length hair (about shoulder length) is too short, this towel is too small. The... Read more

So good!

written by Cissi, 14/12/15

This product is so good. It is easy to use. The small footprint and fast drying! Great with the small gummiflärpen as attaching with uppsnurrningen.

Works well!

written by Anna, 14/12/15

Like towl twister, works fine on my long hair. Easy and smooth and dry your hair well, and that it remains on the head when twistat to it!


written by Fie, 14/12/15

super soft - works great! very satisfied! : D However, the super LOT and is VERY wet - very fast :)


written by Nöjd kund, 21/12/15

Think it's a good product with super good quality so are really happy, but it could have been a little longer but works anyway. Have purchased the product in the past and was pleased so had to buy... Read more


written by Nöjd kund, 21/12/15

Think it's a good product with super good quality so are really happy, but it could have been a little longer but works anyway. Have purchased the product in the past and was pleased so had to buy... Read more


written by Nöjd kund, 21/12/15

Think it's a good product with super good quality so are really happy, but it could have been a little longer but works anyway. Have purchased the product in the past and was pleased so had to buy... Read more


written by Renée, 28/12/15

Recommend this product strongly! It came in a very cute packaging (with very fast delivery!) And my hair normally very difficult to wipe, now did it much faster! As much simpler and more efficient tha... Read more

Good goods

written by Blomaul, 31/12/15

However, microfiber what many women do not like. But goods well. Thank you very much. Very good idea and good goods. If you times not think of anything then all events on this page go.

Good Christmas gift!

written by Stig, 31/12/15

Gave away for Christmas. Is perhaps a little small, and should have been larger .. The receiver has not yet said anything negative :)


written by Carro, 05/01/16

Do not understand how this could replace a normal towel? Just the same as if you had her hair wrapped in a towel a long time. But it is not as heavy! And easier to have o do with than a big towel. :)

Convenient to carry and easy to handle

written by Ani Eib, 05/01/16

The handling is very simple and the hair can be quickly and easily wrap the towel-Twister "tuck", without falling out or drops that individual strands. What convinced me most: The towel-Twis... Read more

Very convenient

written by zoe, 05/01/16

Have presented with beautiful long hair in the towel to a young girl. It was really good and was tried for the next showers at once. Everything as expected, a very practical part.


written by Barbro, 06/01/16

So convenient to avoid oformbara towels and water flowing down the face and neck! Sitting as a "glove" as long as I want, and the hair is just enough moisture to deal with later. Why has not... Read more

So simple o so good

written by Annnid , 12/01/16

So simple o so good .My daughters got was his package .i retained a self. It was a success. Fun. By chance so popped an ad up on facebook .nappade.tänkte that it was a good produkt.och it was the

Pretty good!

written by Elise, 22/01/16

Excellent Convenient and easy to use! It does not absorb as much water as promised, but as much as a normal towel. But the elastic strap allows toweltwisteren firmly attached to the head, which is fig... Read more

Super convenient!

written by Ferby, 08/02/16

The towel-Twister are super. Beautifully easy on the head and hold great. Have a pack away, the girlfriend is also thrilled. Full recommendation!

Sitting perfectly!

written by Michelle, 10/02/16

It is perfect if you are tired of walking around with a giant towel on his head, as one gets hurt in the neck by. It is easy to make, and it seems as if the quality is really fine. The only drawback i... Read more

Chic outfit after showering

written by Christina, 17/02/16

I ordered the towel-Twister for my daughter. She always wound a normal towel around her wet hair. However, the resulting Turban never held real situation. When I came across this Towel Twister, I knew... Read more

Finally a "turban" does not slip off the head

written by Julchen68, 22/02/16

The towels (each sets of 2) are very absorbent. Of particular note is that they keep turned turban well and do not slip from the top, as before my bath towels. For towel size my hair is too many and t... Read more


written by Blötis!, 29/02/16

Good and smart gadget when, like me, find it hard to walk around with wet hair on the shoulders, or are time optimist when you showered in the evening. However, it is so effective at drying out the ha... Read more


written by Kimbärli, 18/04/16

The towels are OK. had already ordered from other manufacturers which. I like most of the Haarpunzel. This is a little thicker. These towels are the price-performance ratio is also okay, but I had it ... Read more

towel twister

written by Flisan, 02/05/16

Hello thought the towels were thin in comparison to others I had. Will have to do some given away as gifts.

Unfortunately useless

written by Kunde, 29/08/16

It is simply far too little. "One size, fits none". Could soon be bought at charity shops in Lillehammer for next to nothing now. Bought 3 packs ...

It actually works!

written by Kunde, 29/08/16

This I had not thought, but it works! Now fold the kids clothes nothing, I nicked still the "old fashioned", but must admit that my count edges are not as nice :-)


written by HB, 26/09/16

Towl twister. Finally, both Mr and Mrs wash get dry hair faster. This I have only seen on film but never tried before. We are very happy with the product. Will probably someone who gets this for Chris... Read more

towel twister

written by Guro, 12/12/16

I am generally satisfied with Towel Twist Erne keg has purchased from you, but they were a little different this time compared to last time I ordered. There is a bungee that holds the towel in place, ... Read more

Smart hårhanduk

written by Malin, 15/12/16

Works really well. Stays in the hair and does not slide off as an ordinary towel. Moreover dries hair faster with the towel.

Towel Twister

written by Nonbo, 05/05/17

Towel Twister has become a big hit for the grandchildren. The girls who have very long hair :)

Towel twister

written by Linnea, 30/06/17

Could have been a little longer otherwise was it good .......................................... ........ :::::: .....

Has both blue and pink ...

written by Linda, 21/08/17

Loves these towels for the hair. Easy to put on, it stays in place and it feels easy and comfortable on the head. Incredibly good thing that facilitates my laundry nowadays. On the other hand, I do no... Read more

Good gear for men!

written by Frida, 27/09/17

Bought for my partner who has long hair. It's an impossibility to teach him to twist her hair into a regular towel, what it's wrong with him, I do not know, but with twowel twister he managed ... Read more


written by Em, 30/10/17

The towel sits well on the head, but preferred a button at the end to attach to the elastic eye. However, it does not seem that the hair dries faster than with a normal towel.


written by Lisan, 09/01/18

Have these before and they are good when you go to sleep and the hair is a little wet. The only thing you could wish for was that they were a little thicker and soaked water better. But they protect m... Read more

Fast dry

written by Långhårig, 15/01/18

The towel works great. Has long hair and it dried quickly! However, I was a little disappointed when I saw it's 40: - cheaper on LIDL!


written by Rebecka, 17/01/18

Works superb! At last, you can walk around for a while with the hair in the towel without losing the towel, or even gaining a neck barrier of the weight. Best buy in a long time, in all its simplicity... Read more


written by Estyrellista, 08/05/18

Works great! A new favorite, I have shoulder-length hair and am very pleased with this product. Possibly the "strut" could have been a few centimeters longer.

good enough

written by E.S, 12/05/18

Works pretty well. The length of what you're spinning should have been a little longer, otherwise it will not be fixed there, and it will lose its function.

Unfortunately, nothing good ☹

written by B-M, 05/06/18

Is difficult to whirl around the hair and does not remain. Unlike the expectations, unfortunately. But I have chosen to keep them and use them as a cloth.


written by Vanessa, 20/06/18

Super good! Do not feel I've done this without all this year. Smooth material that makes your hair dry faster too :)

Towel Twister

written by Moa, 29/08/18

Sovereign! Love it, at last something that's left o The material feels so gentle to the hair! Nice to get two in one package! Rekomenderas

Class invention!

written by Carina, 24/09/18

Practical for school swimming. Hair drying pretty fast. Handy for children to shoot and keeps great.

No more wet hair in your neck!

written by Lilly, 05/10/18

This is great! I do not have to have an extra towel for my long thick hair, I do not have to wrap a half-hearted turban that causes the towel to fall off as fast as I bend down and I do not have to ha... Read more

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