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Trolley Bags

No more shopping bags at the checkout! The shopping trolley’s best accessory has arrived! Trolley Bags are easy to pack and easy to carry. Hang them up in the trolley while you are shopping and avoid buying unnecessary bags that just end up breaking.

Trolley Bags - Trolley Bags
Trolley Bags
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Superbra o smart product

written by Jerka, 14/11/16

Bought these to the test, and both me and the missus every super happy indeed. Very smart and good product, I must admit.

Thus far good.

written by Sandra, 04/12/16

Bought to give for Christmas, because it is not yet tested. But I have inspected the product and it seems to be capable.

Digger these

written by Stine, 30/01/17

Ingeniously at great bargain. In the shop I big trade we shop Out, is so facile with these bags! Getting many admiring glances of other customers!

Best tool for organized action.

written by Hedvig, 20/02/17

Really happy with my trolleybags.Handlar often with children. To scan and pack groceries and keep track of lively kids is not always a dream. Now I can just throw the items in the selected bag. Everyt... Read more

It works!

written by Eileen, 03/04/17

The bags fit perfectly in your shopping cart, and in combination with "shop express" it has made ukehandlingen much easier! The bags can accommodate a lot and is much easier to handle than r... Read more

Always prepared Trolley Shop Online

written by Trine, 13/04/17

Glad I could say no bags when I shopped. Linet up all four cloth bags from my trolley shopping bag. Easy to sort everything and they withstood well the weight of it all. Particularly the largest bag g... Read more

My best buy this year

written by Josefin, 24/05/17

Very pleased. They weigh almost nothing, handy portable, easy to fold out and roll afterwards, hold out very much and really fit all the carts even Coop's biggest waggons. Everyday life for a 3-ch... Read more

Trolley Bags

written by Marie, 09/06/17

Bought this product especially to save on the environment. Buying bags and paper bags every time you shop is not a good environmental think and, above all, it will be expensive in the long run. I am h... Read more

Works super

written by Thomas, 03/07/17

They are easy to open and add to the cart. As long as you remember to separate them, they are very good to load into your luggage. A little in the largest layer, and a bit too stretchy / soft material... Read more

Best purchase

written by Line, 31/07/17

We tend to shop big and there are many bags off. Now we have used Trollybags and are incredibly pleased. The action goes simpler and we release all the pockets. Be a little skeptical to buy these, but... Read more

So smoothly!

written by Sid, 03/08/17

Works very well, especially show self-scanning. At reconciliation, the staff praised it as they did not have to dig in the bags to scan them. That said, really satisfied!

So good

written by Maöin, 07/08/17

So good. Fits perfectly in the trolley. Can really recommend this. Easy to store and disassemble.


written by AEJ, 05/09/17

Unfortunately, the store here has changed the wagons to considerably less, so the wicked o became difficult to get in the goods. To big trolleys absolutely perfect!

Shopping cart with defects

written by Skorpan, 23/09/17

The boxes are far too deep can not carry them on the stairs without stopping them for each step. They are soft in the bottom and then they become even deeper when you get in the goods. They are perfec... Read more

Super good!

written by Lina, 05/10/17

Greatly facilitated the storyline! Got many curious looks from other customers. Even though they were super heavy when I finished, I could lift them into the car using the wide bars rather than the ha... Read more

Super Smooth

written by Sanaz, 09/11/17

Mom laughed that I once again bought a silly stuff for her. But at the first shopping round when 6 people asked where she bought the bags, she now has a piece of written in the pocket tha... Read more


written by Anette, 10/11/17

Fast delivery. Perfect shopping bags, very spacious, fit perfectly in the customer watches and are good at the car too.

Trolley bags

written by Jossan, 13/11/17

Great to bring just one or all and good quality. Holds a lot in each box. Easy to sort the foods in from the beginning

Scanning Bags / Trolley Bags

written by Monkan, 12/03/18

I'm so happy about my new nice bags when I go shopping for ICA, COOP or Willys food. Get many comments about where I bought these. They sit up and do not sack together when loading the goods. So e... Read more

Trolley Bags

written by Berra, 05/10/18

Trolley Bags are a good solution so you do not have to waste a lot of bags and always wear them. It does not take any big place either. I highly recommend these stuff.

Love it!

written by Mikaela , 09/10/18

Love it! Make it so much smoother when shopping, and it's also much easier to carry in and out of the car!

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