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USB Cup Warmer

Plug this mug warmer into a USB port and you'll never again have to experience the taste of cold coffee or tea at your computer!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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29 reviews

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Fast delivery

written by Mathilde Sartow, 23/06/13

I ordered my last afternoon, and received the very next morning. The product was perfectly in order, and was as described. Good service and fast delivery

Misinterpreted advertisement

written by Jonas, 24/06/13

Thought I'd get a cup of coffee to usb heater! It turns out that it is not able to heat the copper that has an edge on the underside, which very many cups have! This product could have been good, ... Read more

It works skuda!

written by Daniel, 23/07/13

So the work better than expected, the coffee is kept warm 2-4 times as long. that costs the next nothing.

Not hot enough

written by Carsten, 31/08/13

I find it somewhat difficult to keep the coffee hot enough. I use otherwise a porcelain mug with big bottom.


written by Lily, 23/09/13

It keeps coffee hot actually slightly longer, eliminating the need to throw out the last shy of coffee is cold. And if we do spend a lot of time and many cups of coffee in front of a computer screen, ... Read more

Does not even warm the cup

written by Sky Captain, 25/09/13

Such a low heat That it does not even keep a ceramic mug warm. I think this was the Designed for a paper cup, although I do not think it would work there either. Waste of money, although I will never ... Read more

USB Cup Warmer just great !!!!!

written by Speckbert, 10/11/13

I ordered for my husband, the USB Cup Warmer and can it only recommend everyone. It is handy and fits on any desktop. The cup warmer is quickly ready for use and heated morning coffee or tea. Furtherm... Read more

Does not like coffee warm on forever ..

written by T, 22/11/13

A really good idea in itself, but did not work as I expected. Keep your coffee warm maybe a little longer .. but yes it on the coffee still pretty quick knit kylmettyy .. probably would work better if... Read more

A successful Christmas

written by Lunderi, 02/01/14

Bought 2 of this, one for each brother for Christmas! They were very satisfied and cup heaters are widely used in studying and surfing the web.

Christmas gift to my office rat

written by Pernilla, 07/01/14

Gave away this Christmas gift to my boyfriend who complained that the coffee was cold during telephone meetings. It works well, I have heard, however, it must be a cup that is as "flat" as p... Read more


written by Wurr, 03/04/14

Keeps unfortunately not what it promises. Provides only lukewarm cup. Better warm than cold cup, but not completely satisfied. Missing information in the order that the cups have to be completely smoo... Read more

For the coffee-lover

written by Tollan, 13/05/14

Have always wanted one like this USB cup warmer, the fact is that if you sit at your computer and plan to enjoy coffee at the same time, then the time it usually become lukewarm and completely undrink... Read more

Delivery on time

written by Christina , 19/06/14

The product was delivered to the promised time. I have not tried the product yet, but it is applicable in proper condition.

Great Christmas gift!

written by Kisa, 27/12/14

Gave this to my mother and her husband for Christmas! Estimated and fun to give! Unfortunately shame not actual cup came with. Alright fast delivery. But otherwise ... Thumbs up


written by Susanne , 04/01/15

My son had wanted this cup warmer for Christmas. Did it quickly on the website. Fine image of a cup standing on a plate with cord and USB connector. Super I think. But the package comes - without cup.... Read more


written by Susanne , 04/01/15

My son had wanted this cup warmer for Christmas. Did it quickly on the website. Fine image of a cup standing on a plate with cord and USB connector. Super I think. But the package comes - without cup.... Read more

Fun, but close to useless

written by MartinJH, 05/01/15

I bought two USB kopvarmere, one for a fun little gift and one for myself. The gift was well received, and people thought it was a fun idea. However, the build quality is extremely low (one of the USB... Read more

Not recommended!

written by N, 09/01/15

I always forget my coffee and thought it might be good with a cup warmers that keep your coffee warm until I drink it. This cup warmer does not. The plate gets a little warm but far from enough to do ... Read more

No reason useful

written by Mari, 19/03/15

Coffee does not stay warm for longer than a cup without a heater. Coffee can also be accessed yes cooling either quite cold. Although the background should be only a small amount of coffee, too, cools... Read more

poor button

written by Sander, 31/03/15

Button to turn on / off the hotplate with work for 4 days. Now that tape on to hold the button, as it does not "click" fast as it should.

Real Hot stuff ...

written by Rüdiger Hölzen, 21/04/15

The two cup warmers are really a cool thing, but find the matching cups to cause problems because, first has to be right, the diameter, secondly, the bottom of the cup flat and must NOT be eroded beca... Read more

Suitable - But !!

written by Beate, 18/12/15

USB Cup Warmer is suitable, but unfortunately the Most data of modern cups do not really fit it. Perhaps the diameter can be adjusted slightly.

really smart

written by Maja , 28/12/15

I felt it Vae really fun to give for Christmas! :) As my parents work so it is very smart to have on the job

Works well

written by SB, 04/01/16

Heats ok although we have ceramic cup, but might fit better with the metal cup? However one may fit your fingers so you do not burn themselves, or forget it in if you do not use it.

USB -hub warmer. "Mug Heater"

written by Jesall, 04/01/16

Perfect to give away to the "data Brownies". Works well. Went quickly and smoothly when we ordered it. Only plus ++ recommended.

lukewarm product

written by Mikael, 01/02/16

Not warm enough to keep the coffee hot. Did not notice that the coffee remained warm any longer. Recommended rather spend the money on a thermo cup or a coffee pot.

For the limited heat capacity

written by Hasse, 03/02/16

Muggens materials and design are far too important. In this case, the cup made of metal and completely flat bottom for any appreciable amount of heat to be transferred. With ordinary ceramic mugs it d... Read more

Does not heat

written by Digge, 13/01/17

For frail. Does not heat at all. Especially not with "normal" coffee cups. They must be on the bottom.


written by Misslyckad julklapp, 15/01/17

Very disappointed in the product, then it certainly was not able to keep anything warm. Do not know if it would work better with a cup of metal, as in the picture. But then it should also be available... Read more

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