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USB LED Clock Fan

Combined USB fan clock both cools your brow and keeps track of time as you sit at the computer!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?


written by Jan, 03/01/16

Worked just fine the first time I used it. After that, it began to spin more slowly each time and flickered very much. Now, after having started it about 10 times, it will not work at all. Hard to get... Read more

works superbly

written by Robban, 04/01/16

Easy to use and to set the time. Clearly showed the time as you looked. The only thing I have one complaint is that it flutters to sometimes as the numbers fall behind a little bit, but it's no bi... Read more

Super fast delivery before Christmas

written by Weihnachtsmann, 10/01/16

Thanks to the team of COOL STUFF and DHL. The short-term order before Christmas was delivered super time. Santa could bestow the children so. The children were totally fascinated by USB Fan with LED c... Read more

Cool USB Fan with lamp

written by Cicci, 11/01/16

This was of course a Kanonkop! So super cool and light show every bit as good as the picture. This is highly recommended.

Very good gift for an affordable price

written by Andy, 19/04/16

Gave it away to a colleague at work, and there are many who stay and are fascinated by it. Looking as cool as the movie. Do not run it hard, but worked like clockwork so far. Very good gift for an aff... Read more

As shown in video

written by Superskurk, 26/04/16

This works, providing cred as geek. The only slightly negative is that it is noisy little. Just turn up the volume of the music, so it's no problem. = P

perfect and fast delivery.

written by heike, 22/05/16

I am very happy to order again somewhat. Was really skeptical at first because I did not know the platform. But by the reviews I was then but confident. It also has all worked out to my satisfaction. ... Read more


written by Bd, 20/06/16

It is very silent, fine quality and the clock will be very tydligt even in very bright environments. Provides a nice light breeze is just right when used in the office

Giant from .. recommended!

written by Evelina , 27/07/16

Giant from. Looks just like the video. Really cool!

Nice idea for a LED Watch

written by Gregor, 17/08/16

One could still install a light sensor and movement sensor, for: # illuminates or is always on (as now) # lights up or is on only when it is dark. # Lights up or is on only when someone moves. # Light... Read more

"Nerd" clock = D

written by Masa, 17/08/16

Just an awesome product! forward-looking "geek" clock, which is better than I expected. Works effectively enough cooling fan while playing, easy to adjust, seems to really watch time + secon... Read more

Small but powerful

written by Erbsensuppe1989, 16/09/16

The product arrived quickly and easily to me. Beautiful is just that you can not build or install the fan, but simply has to just connect. It is nice to look at, noise and actually costs only a little... Read more


written by AC, 18/09/16

Gave it away to a colleague in the gift. Maybe not had to use the fan so much but it was a big WOW and many who wondered how it worked. Absout an affordable gift if you want to surprise with something... Read more

A funny little thing!

written by Anne Panne, 26/12/16

USB fan with LED clock is a fun little gadget for us who like such things. The fan works surprisingly well - and at that emerges is impressive for large and small. Recommended!


written by Cola, 13/03/17

Bought this for my son as a gift on he was thrilled. Works great! Would highly recommend this product.


written by mathias, 22/05/17

After I ordered the USB fan with LED watch it came down very quickly for dehumidification. good service. barely so good quality but it can be sensitively repaired.

Very nice and fun product

written by Kamilla, 02/06/17

Works impeccably, easy to use and adjust the time. There is a nice and cool breeze from the propeller. Nothing to complain about.

Super invention

written by Mei, 05/06/17

Really super invented! Drt works as intended. Easy to operate and really nice to look at! We will take it with you when we travel. On a hot day, it will help a lot!


written by Anna, 14/08/17

It was great . I bought for my son and he thought so much about it but we do not know but the clock works. He is happy at least.

Usb fan with clock

written by Adde25, 21/08/17

Good with a fan that can also show the time. The only drawback is that when the fan goes, it's a bit unsteady.

Caught on fire

written by Thomas R, 12/10/17

The product was brand new and began to shine significantly after two days. Informed Coolstuff who offered money back or new product ... Here you have the smoke development: I... Read more

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